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How myNADAplanner works

myNADAplanner is a free service that automatically matches and selects the best possible connections for you based on the information you provide. It allows you to schedule meetings before, during and after the show, search for products, create a personalized, printable show floor plan and more!

  • Expand Your Network of Contacts: Search, match and connect with your peers and colleagues
  • Begin Connecting Today: Start networking before the Show begins!
  • Schedule Times to Connect: Plan meetings at the show with exhibitors
  • Build Business Relationships: Grow your network of industry contacts

Access to myNADAplanner is available to all registered attendees and exhibitors. You will need to use your registration ID that was emailed to you in your registration/housing confirmation email.

Can’t find your Registration ID? Click on the arrow on the Attendee login and enter your email address. Be sure to enter the email address you provided during registration.

Not registered yet, but would like to build your Expo Plan and Itinerary? Click here to create your profile, and login as a user.

Note: Creating your profile does not designate you as a registered attendee in the system. Advanced networkNow features are available only to registered attendees.

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