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612014 Workshop Schedule and Descriptions

The Workshops at the 2014 NADA Convention & Expo are brought to you by NADA University.


Workshops are available to those in the Dealer, Manager or Allied w/Workshop registration categories.

Workshops are seated on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no additional registration and no sign-up for the workshops.

 Dealer/ Executive

Human Resources

Internet & Marketing

Legal and Regulatory


 Sales; Business Office/ F&I

 Service; Body Shop




Meet NADA: Not Your Daddy's Orientation

Don’t just attend the 2014 NADA ATD Convention and Expo--explore it! Meet NADA will be your opportunity to discover the innovative ways you can learn and network outside of the classroom and traditional learning experiences.  We’ll walk you through all the options, and then encourage you to explore the different areas so you can better understand the impact they will have on your NADA experience.  Take advantage of this time on the schedule that does not conflict with workshop sessions or connecting with potential partners in the Expo.  Some of the areas you’ll be encouraged to visit and explore are the Social Connection Zone, Lifestyle, Franchise Meetings, Workshops, and the Expo floor. 

1/24/2014    10:30am - 12:00pm   Room 343 - 345


     Dealer/ Executive


2025 Dealership Vision: What Lies Ahead!

Learn what the industry—and dealership departments—will look like in 2025, including store size, technology advances and changing real estate requirements. Understand key trends and how today’s decisions can become tomorrow’s opportunities.


John Darvish, Darcars Automotive Group, Silver Spring, MD (Sunday only);
Jay Ferriero, Capital Automotive, McLean, VA;
Scott Gorden, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP, Minneapolis, MN;
Jeff Merriam, Key Hyundai, Milford, CT (Monday only);
Karl Schmidt, Morrie's Automotive Group, Minnetonka, MN;
Joe Shaker, Shaker Automotive Group, Watertown, CT (Friday only)

1/24/2014      2:00pm -  3:15pm      Room 260 - 262
1/26/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 208 - 210
1/27/2014     10:45am - 12:00pm     Room 356 - 357


Best Ideas and Practices from NADA 20 Groups

Discover best ideas and practices (as voted on by NADA 20 Group members) for each department—with tips for every dealership, regardless of franchise, market or sales volume.

Brad Lawson, NADA 20 Group, McLean, VA;
Mark Rogers, NADA 20 Group, Ft Collins, CO

1/24/2014       3:45pm -  5:00pm     Room 271 - 273
1/26/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 211 - 213
1/27/2014       2:30pm -  3:45pm     Room 211 - 213


Buy/Sell Dos and Don'ts in Today's Market

Examine the key financial/legal dos and don’ts for a successful buy/sell. Sellers learn realistic pricing and how to be operationally, financially and mentally prepared. Buyers learn what drives financial projections, acquisition financing and ROI expectations.

Erin Kerrigan, The Presidio Group, LLC, San Francisco, CA;
Erin Tenner, Law Offices of Erin K. Tenner, Agoura Hills, CA

1/24/2014       2:00pm -  3:15pm     Room 271 - 273
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 211 - 213
1/27/2014     10:45am - 12:00pm     Room 211 - 213


Conquer Controller's Biggest Challenges

Controllers are the watchdogs protecting dealership assets. Learn how to assess risks and implement immediate controls. Case studies examine how assets can be hijacked.

Christine Andrews, The Mironov Group, LLC, Edison, NJ;
Robert Campbell, The Mirovov Group, LLC, Edison, NJ

1/24/2014     12:15pm -  1:30pm     Room 220 - 222
1/24/2014       3:45pm -  5:00pm     Room 211 - 213
1/27/2014     10:45am - 12:00pm     Room 278 - 280


Create a Superior Dealership-Insurance Program 

Control insurance expenses, manage an effective bid process and identify new areas of exposure that—if not properly insured—could cost your dealership dearly.

Roger Beery II, Austin Consulting Group, Inc., Greenwood Village, CO;
Steven Gibson, Dealer Risk Services, Inc., Melbourne, FL

1/24/2014       3:45pm -  5:00pm     Room 267 - 268
1/26/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 278 - 280
1/26/2014       3:30pm -  4:45pm     Room 278 - 280


Cross-Promotion Events to Drive Immediate Sales

Develop cross-promotional ideas that boost sales and/or service, and see how cross-promotion marketing is an easy—but often overlooked—marketing strategy.

Roy Bavaro, DCH Auto Group, South Amboy, NJ;
Cheril Hendry, Brandtailers, Irvine, CA

1/24/2014       2:00pm -  3:15pm     Room 206 - 207
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 228 - 230
1/27/2014      2:30pm -   3:45pm     Room 278 - 280 


Healthcare Reform Update: 2014 and Beyond

Beginning in 2014, many individuals will be required to have minimum essential health insurance coverage or pay a penalty (an individual mandate). Evaluate options and determine the best course of action for complying with the the Affordable Care Act .

Anita Baker, CliftonLarsonAllen, Phoenix, AZ;
Robert Davis, Dixon Hughes Goodman, Memphis, TN

1/24/2014     3:45pm - 5:00pm     Room 208 - 210
1/26/2014     3:30pm - 4:45pm     Room 208 - 210
1/27/2014     2:30pm - 3:45pm     Room 356 - 357


Improve Cash Flow and Profits with Green Initiatives

This panel-led workshop focuses on sustainable green initiatives, lighting technologies and financing options to help improve profits and reduce utility costs.

Chuck Golden, Green Dealer Support, Mason, MI;
Andrew Lindstrom, Cree Lighting, Pennington, NJ;
Scott Ringlein, The Energy Alliance Group of North America, Ann Arbor, MI;
Ryan Rodau, GE Lighting, Cleveland, OH

1/24/2014      2:00pm -   3:15pm     Room 220 - 222
1/26/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 228 - 230
1/26/2014      3:30pm -   4:45pm     Room 211 - 213


Seven Habits of Highly Profitable Dealers

NADA academy just graduated its 8,500th student over the past 30 years, and each class has discussed specific dealership processes that maximize profitability. This workshop examines the seven habits of the most profitable dealers.

Les Abrams, NADA Academy, McLean, VA;
Chris Bavis, NADA Academy, McLean, VA

1/24/2014     3:45pm -   5:00pm     Room 203 - 205
1/25/2014    10:30am - 11:45am     Room 203 - 205
1/26/2014    10:30am - 11:45am     Room 271 - 273


Ten Tips for Family Business Success and Harmony

Family issues affect decision-making, taking the focus off performance. Learn how to treat family members fairly, create effective family partnerships, avoid estate-planning mistakes and protect key managers in the succession-planning process.

Jeff Faulkner, The Rawls Group, Roswell, GA;
Hugh Roberts, The Rawls Group, Woodland Hills, CA

1/24/2014     12:15pm -  1:30pm      Room 271 - 273
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 353 - 355
1/27/2014       2:30pm -  3:45pm     Room 203 - 205


The New 360-Degree View of Call Management

Mishandled phone leads can cost thousands in lost sales. Identify profit gaps in your call-management system, improve employee performance, boost customer satisfaction and increase appointments and sales.

Andrew Price, CallSource, Westlake Village, CA

1/24/2014     12:15pm -  1:30pm     Room 267 - 268
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am    Room 201 - 202
1/26/2014      3:30pm -   4:45pm     Room 201 - 202


Think Like a Thief

Inventory theft, cyber theft and employee theft are all on the rise. Assess your dealership’s susceptibility and learn risk-management tactics that reduce your exposure. Think like a thief for 75 minutes, and insulate your store from thieves for good.

Tim O'Connor, Federated Mutual Insurance Companies, Owatonna, MN

1/24/2014     12:15pm -  1:30pm     Room 260 - 262
1/26/2014      3:30pm -   4:45pm     Room 217 - 219
1/27/2014     10:45am - 12:00pm    Room 203 - 205


NADA Human Resources 



New this year:  a special series of three workshops on recruiting, hiring, managing, motivating, compensating, and retaining the best and brightest employees.  Attend all three as they build on each other, or just the ones of most interest to you.  Each workshop will only be offered once.

-  Strategies to Attract Top Talent

Hear success stories and best practices from 30 dealerships that outperform the industry in attracting and retaining women and millennial employees. This workshop is based on an NADA survey of 50,000 dealership staff.

Ted Kraybill, ESI Trends, Largo, FL

1/24/2014     3:45pm - 5:00pm     Room 217 - 219


- Manage a Multi-Generational Dealership

Learn simple yet crucial strategies to bridge the generation gap between boomers (1946-1964), Gen X-ers (1960s-1970s) and Gen Y millenials (1982-2000). These groups have vastly different expectations of themselves, each other and you.

Jon Goldman, Brand Launcher, Baltimore, MD

1/26/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 206 - 207


- Strategies for Retaining the Best Employees

Learn best practices from the NADA Workforce Study, such as boosting your “hiring closing ratio,” improving dealership culture, implementing low-cost/high-yield training, increasing productivity/retention and creating job-specific hiring templates.

Gil Weiss, NADA Academy, McLean, VA

1/26/2014     3:30pm - 4:45pm     Room 206 - 207



Preserve Dealer Wealth Through Creative Solutions

Financial experts discuss wealth preservation and intergenerational wealth transfer through captives, retirement solutions for owners and key personnel (via executive deferred compensation plans) and healthcare exchange insights and strategies.

Robert Buss, Wipfli LLP, Green Bay, WI;
Jon Hess, NADART, McLean, VA;
Anne Towle, Willis Global Captive Practice, Chicago, IL;
Tracy Watts, Mercer, Washington, DC

1/24/2014     12:15pm -  1:30pm     Room 281-282
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am    Room 217-219


Structure Your Pay Plan for Success

Develop effective pay plans that reduce employee turnover, improve performance and align with your dealership’s vision statement. Also, learn how to avoid common pay-plan mistakes.

Bill Adkins, NADA Academy, McLean, VA;
Scott Gunnell, JM&A Group, Deerfield Beach, FL;
Rob Neri, JM&A Group, Deerfield Beach, FL

1/24/2014     2:00pm -  3:15pm     Room 281 - 282
1/26/2014   10:30am - 11:45am    Room 217 - 219
1/27/2014     2:30pm -  3:45pm     Room 281 - 282


Internet & Marketing 


Advanced Internet Performance Strategies

Examine advanced online strategies by leading dealerships and dealer groups, such as digital marketing essentials/differentials, performance tactics, search enhancements, recruitment/compensation and social media and reputation management.

David Kain, Kain Automotive, Lexington, KY

1/24/2014     2:00pm -  3:15pm     Room 348 - 349
1/26/2014   10:30am - 11:45am     Room 201 - 202
1/27/2014    2:30pm -   3:45pm     Room 271 - 273


Be Anti-Social...And WIN!

Beware of social pundits who spout results in industries that are miles from the auto industry. Discover how to navigate the minefields of social media messaging, marketing and costs.

Brendon Mendelson, Monroe, GA;
Todd Neidorf, Ross Media, Inc-Ross Direct Digital, Roswell, GA

1/24/2014     3:45pm -  5:00pm     Room 260 - 262
1/26/2014   10:30am - 11:45am    Room 356 - 357
1/27/2014   10:45am - 12:00pm    Room 208 - 210


Digital Retailing Secrets of the Top One Percent

Learn how today’s progressive dealers are leveraging digital retailing workflows to drive consumers into the sales, trade-in and finance process before they walk into the showroom.

Ali Mendiola, Dealertrack Technologies, Lake Success, NY

1/24/2014       2:00pm -  3:15pm     Room 356 - 357
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 220 - 222
1/26/2014      3:30pm -   4:45pm     Room 356 - 357


Ladies and Gentlemen: Meet Your Customer

Discover the six types of car shoppers and how dealers who deliver tailored shopping experiences—combined with appropriate triggers, online merchandising and communication —can enhance shopper engagement and boost sales.

Alan Smith,, Atlanta, GA 

1/24/2014       3:45pm -  5:00pm     Room 220 - 222
1/26/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 348 - 349
1/27/2014     10:45am - 12:00pm     Room 352

Online Reviews Drive Sales and Service

Examine how some dealers are capitalizing on their reputation by instilling an online-review culture in their sales and service departments. Learn techniques, tools and marketing approaches that ensure reputation ROI for both your dealership and employees.

Heather MacKinnon, DealerRater, Waltham, MA
Jeff King, Bozard Ford Lincoln, St. Augustine, FL

1/24/2014     12:15pm - 1:30pm     Room 348 - 349
1/24/2014      3:45pm -  5:00pm     Room 348 - 349
1/26/2014      3:30pm -  4:45pm     Room 267 - 268


Online Strategies for Winning Gen X and Gen Y Buyers

Today, 63 percent of new-vehicle buyers are Gen X and Gen Y, which is more than twice as many “boomer” buyers. Learn the digital-shopping behavior of Gen X and Gen Y consumers—and how to win them over online.

Pat Ryan, MAX Digital, Chicago, IL

1/24/2014     12:15pm -  1:30pm     Room 352
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am    Room 267-268
1/27/2014      2:30pm -   3:45pm    Room 352


People-Driven Marketing Will Drive Your Sales

Examine Facebook’s data-driven insights of automotive consumers and how the use of first- and third-party data to execute marketing campaigns helps boost revenue (both in sales and service) and improves customer loyalty.

Kass Dawson, facebook, Menlo Park, CA

1/24/2014      2:00pm -  3:15pm     Room 208-210
1/25/2014    10:30am - 11:45am     Room 260-262
1/27/2014    10:45am - 12:00pm     Room 348-349


Sell More Cars with Google Analytics

Some 80 percent of dealers have Google Analytics on their websites, yet less than 30 percent of dealers actually use it. Learn to leverage Google Analytics to get more out of digital marketing, vendors and your online staff.

Chris Deringer, DealerOn, Inc., Rockville, MD

1/24/2014     12:15pm -  1:30pm     Room 201 - 202
1/24/2014      3:45pm -   5:00pm     Room 201 - 202
1/26/2014     10:30am - 11:45am    Room 267 - 268


Structure Your Store for Lasting Internet Success

For dealers who want to lead and govern their Internet operations from the top, learn how to hire, compensate and develop a stellar online staff and have a sustainable digital strategy—with a focus on the four critical practices of top-performing stores..

Jared Hamilton,, Sandy, UT

1/24/2014     12:15pm -   1:30pm     Room 208-210
1/26/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 260-262
1/27/2014      2:30pm -   3:45pm     Room 348-349


Tap Into Mobile to Reach New Car Buyers

Learn how mobile technology applications are being adopted by dealerships in sales, service, parts and the business office—with surprising effects on customer satisfaction, employee retention, compliance, and operational processes.

John Hanger, Contact At Once!, Alpharetta, GA;
John Reed, Dominion Dealer Solutions, Norfolk, VA

1/24/2014     12:15pm - 1:30pm     Room 278 - 280
1/24/2014      3:45pm -  5:00pm     Room 278 - 280
1/26/2014      3:30pm -  4:45pm     Room 271 - 273


The Digital Crisis That is Killing Your Dealership 

Discover the six crucial steps a dealer must take to not only survive but also dominate the digital marketplace. Real-life examples, Internet search data and movie/TV clips are used to show how your dealership must adapt to succeed in the future.

Kevin Frye, Jeff Wyler Automotive Family, Milford, OH

1/24/2014     12:15pm - 1:30pm       Room 356 - 357
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 208 - 210
1/27/2014     10:45am - 12:00pm     Room 201 - 202


The Fan Factor: Sell More Cars with Social Media

Learn how to create a simple but powerful social media strategy, with content that clicks with your target audience and a fan-centric culture that results in referrals both online and offline.

Meredith Oliver, Creating WOW Communications, Raleigh, NC

1/24/2014      2:00pm -   3:15pm      Room 278 - 280
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 278 - 280
1/27/2014     10:45am - 12:00pm     Room 271 - 273


The Holy Grail: 21st Century Media Technologies

Case studies are used to help you understand media options, how to go to market and what media should be considered to drive the most sales.

Steve Lanzano, TVB, New York, NY

1/24/2014       2:00pm -   3:15pm     Room 352
1/26/2014     10:30am - 11:45am      Room 352
1/26/2014      3:30pm -   4:45pm      Room 220-222


Website Grader Specifically for Automotive Websites

Learn how to improve website functionality, see how your website ranks locally/nationally and determine what kind of detailed plan you need to increase website conversions.

Kendall Billman, Auto Web Support, Edmond, OK

1/24/2014     2:00pm -  3:15pm     Room 267-268
1/25/2014   10:30am - 11:45am     Room 352
1/26/2014     3:30pm -  4:45pm     Room 352


Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Get Your Brand Out There!

Gen Y’er John Moore—who has helped USA Today, Best Buy and others with marketing/branding—explains how dealers can follow the Starbucks and Whole Foods playbook to build endearing and enduring branding and word-of-mouth marketing.

John Moore, Brains on Fire, Greenville, SC

1/26/2014     3:30pm -   4:45pm     Room 260 - 262
1/27/2014    10:45am - 12:00pm     Room 260 - 262
1/27/2014     2:30pm -   3:45pm     Room 208 - 210


    Legal and Regulatory 


Dealer Data: Protect Yourself and Your Valuable IP

Participate in an in-depth discussion of third-party access to dealer data.  Learn about what you must do, pitfalls to avoid, and best practices to protect yourself and your blue sky!

Brad Miller, NADA Legal and Requlatory Affairs, McLean, VA

1/24/2014       3:45pm -   5:00pm    206-207
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     206-207
1/27/2014      2:30pm -   3:45pm     228-230


Explore Hot Tax Topics with Industry Experts

NADA attorney Paul Metrey moderates a panel of senior CPAs who discuss federal income tax updates affecting dealers, such as the Affordable Care Act,Tangible Property Regulations and IRS guidance on tax treatment of OEM imaging payments.  

Buddy Dearman, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP, Memphis, TN;
Joe Magyar, Crowe Horwath, LLC, Tampa, FL 
Paul Metrey, NADA Regulatory Affairs, McLean, VA;
Dan Thompson, Boyer & Ritter, Camp Hill, PA

1/24/2014       3:45pm -  5:00pm     Room 214
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am    Room 265 - 266


Federal Regulatory Update for Car Dealers

Learn the recent regulatory developments affecting dealerships, such as mandates from several agencies (FTC, CFPB, DOT, EPA, IRS). Suggested compliance strategies also will be discussed.

Doug Greenhaus, NADA Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Mclean, VA;
Paul Metrey, NADA Legal and Regulatory Affairs, McLean, VA

1/24/2014     2:00pm -  3:15pm     Room 214
1/26/2014   10:30am - 11:45am    Room 265 - 266


Power of Paper: Compliant, Consistent, and Confident

Examine best practices in document creation/review, focusing on common mistakes with home-grown or customized forms, the transition to electronic forms, strengthening F&I form procedures, ensuring compliance and tips for audits and legal discovery.

Terrence (Terry) O'Loughlin, Reynolds and Reynolds, Kettering, OH

1/24/2014     12:15pm - 1:30pm       Room 214
1/26/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 214
1/27/2014     10:45am - 12:00pm     Room 265 - 266


Who Let the Data Out? Avoid Security Threats!

Learn how to reduce risks—or any issue that can compromise your data—involving vendors, employees, networks and others. Examine critical policies/procedures that every dealership should enforce, regardless of your dealer management system.

Devon Bryan, ADP, Roseland, NJ;
Russell Grant, J&L Marketing, Inc., Louisville, KY

1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 214
1/26/2014      3:30pm -   4:45pm     Room 214
1/27/2014      2:30pm -   3:45pm     Room 231 - 232




Market Beyond the Ordinary with Accessories

Discover new strategies for leveraging accessories as a retention tool and even turn customers into dealership groupies on social media. Also, learn how marketing accessories can help dealerships leap up the Google results ladder.

Sidney Haider, izmocars, San Francisco, CA

1/24/2014       2:00pm - 3:15pm       Room 224
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 281 - 282
1/26/2014       3:30pm - 4:45pm       Room 281 - 282


Market Parts and Services to Today’s Online Customer

Today, vehicle maintenance queries on are increasing 38 percent year over year with 43 percent of drivers turning to search when deciding where to service their vehicle. The first part of this session will focus on driver behavior and trends as they relate to fixed ops. We will then turn our attention to tactical solutions dealers can implement to enter the consideration set and drive more sales for the dealership.

Peter Leto, Google, Inc., Birmingham, MI

1/24/2014    3:45pm – 5:00pm    Room 353-355
1/25/2014   10:30am – 11:45am  Room 271-273
1/26/2010   10:30am – 11:45am  Room 353-355

Part Success = Specific Processes and Formulas

Examine the latest processes/measurements to define and improve parts availability to technicians and outside customers.

Mike Nicholes, Mike Nicholes Capital Management, Inc., Portland, OR

1/24/2014       3:45pm -  5:00pm      Room 224
1/26/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 281-282
1/27/2014     10:45am - 12:00pm     Room 281-282


Sales; Business Office/ F&I


CPO Science

Learn how to sell used vehicles for a premium, lower your carry costs and increase gross profits, with tools that help move used inventory 7-14 days faster. Residual-based lending opportunities offer greater turn velocity and customer retention.

Rob Mudd, Mudd Advertising, Cedar Falls, IA

1/24/2014     12:15pm - 1:30pm     Room 228 - 230
1/24/2014      3:45pm -  5:00pm     Room 352
1/27/2014      2:30pm -  3:45pm     Room 217 - 219


Create a Powerful and Fully Integrated BDC

Examine a proven, step-by-step process that integrates service, parts and sales to improve lead volume and customer retention.

Joni Stuker, Owner Connect, Hoffman Estates, IL

1/24/2014     12:15pm - 1:30pm     Room 263
1/24/2014      3:45pm -  5:00pm     Room 228 - 230
1/27/2014      2:30pm -  3:45pm     Room 206 - 207


CRM Ninja Skills Unleashed!

Understand key strategies to make money using the telephone and your CRM. Includes a game plan to take your dealership to the next level by maximizing your CRM capabilities.

Jerry Thibeau, Phone Ninjas, Charlotte, NC

1/24/2014       2:00pm - 3:15pm       Room 228 - 230
1/26/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 203 - 205
1/27/2014       2:30pm - 3:45pm      Room 220 - 222


F&I and the Internet Customer

Learn how to do an online F&I presentation, when F&I needs to reach out to customers and how to increase your store’s online F&I reputation, sell F&I products online (or in person) and close/negotiate with the online customer.

Tony Dupaquier, American Financial and Automotive, The Woodlands, TX

1/24/2014     12:15pm - 1:30pm     Room 206 - 207
1/26/2014      3:30pm -  4:45pm     Room 263
1/27/2014      2:30pm -  3:45pm     Room 263


Financing and Subprime Credit: Catch the Wave!

Examine current and relevant lender programs, subprime credit tools/processes and how to effectively handle subprime customers to develop an extremely loyal customer base and increased profit opportunities for finance products and penetrations.

Gary Dirstine, Auto Credit Training Solutions, Sun City West, AZ

1/24/2014     12:15pm - 1:30pm     Room 217 - 219
1/24/2014      3:45pm -  5:00pm     Room 263
1/27/2014     10:45am - 12:00pm    Room 263


Leverage the Power of an iPad to Sell More Cars

Today’s customers are digital and frequently know more than the sales consultant. With retail going mobile, customers are beginning to expect it. This session will give you the “how to’s” for creating an iPad sales culture, along with a case study of a dealer that increased their appointment show rate 26 percent and their sales 54 percent using iPads.

Jim Hughes, IntellaCar, Thousand Oaks, CA;
Bruce Polkes, IntellaCar, Thousand Oaks, CA

1/24/2014     12:15pm -  1:30pm     Room 203-205
1/26/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 220-222
1/27/2014     10:45am - 12:00pm     Room 220-222


Phone Strategies for Today's Internet-Savvy Customer

Bolster your current phone-call process with modern techniques—such as creating a positive image of the salesperson and dealership, building rapport/trust and attaining multiple-vehicle options—for more on-time and successful appointments.

Jennifer Suzuki, e-Dealer Solutions, Inc., Aventura, FL

1/24/2014     2:00pm - 3:15pm     Room 217 - 219
1/26/2014     3:30pm - 4:45pm     Room 350 - 351
1/27/2014     2:30pm - 3:45pm     Room 350 - 351


Special F&I For The Normal Guy

Learn how to turn a special finance prospect into a satisfied customer. Understand the true value of a credit-challenged customer, as well as the solutions to make this a simple and successful process.

Mike Tamas, The Automotive Training Academy, The Woodlands, TX

1/24/2014     12:15pm - 1:30pm     Room 265 - 266
1/24/2014      3:45pm -  5:00pm     Room 281 - 282
1/27/2014      2:30pm -  3:45pm     Room 214


Strategies for Effective Sales Training

How to train sales staff to reinforce—not erode—your dealership’s marketing message with every transaction? Develop sales training that involves all levels of management and keeps training fresh and relevant on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Matt Woods, Service Group, Austin, TX

1/24/2014     2:00pm -    3:15pm     Room 211 - 213
1/26/2014     3:30pm -    4:45pm     Room 228 - 230
1/27/2014     10:45am - 12:00pm    Room 217 - 219


Use RFID & IGR to Improve CSI, Retention, and Sales

Learn how to use Instant Guest Recognition (IGR) and RFID technology to create a highly personalized service experience for each customer, as well as boost CSI, retention and sales.

George Cresto, MyDealerLot, Roswell, GA

1/24/2014     12:15pm -   1:30pm     Room 211 - 213
1/24/2014       3:45pm -   5:00pm     Room 265 - 266
1/27/2014      10:45am - 12:00pm    Room 214


What's Next for Your Sales Department?

Examine the attributes and performance of three types of sales manager: entry level, average performer and experienced top performer. Then—using real-world processes and best practices—discover how each sales manager can boost profitability.

Jim Phillips, NADA Dealership Operations, McLean, VA

1/24/2014     2:00pm -   3:15pm     Room 265 - 266
1/26/2014     3:30pm -   4:45pm     Room 348 - 349
1/27/2014    10:45am - 12:00pm    Room 350 - 351


Winning Leadership Skills and Used-Car Strategies

Learn several powerful leadership skills that maximize used-car strategies. The emphasis here is how there needs to be a commitment to develop used-car leaders, not just managers.

Tommy Gibbs, Tommy Gibbs & Associates, Treasure Island, FL

1/24/2014      3:45pm -    5:00pm     Room 356 - 357
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 356 - 357
1/27/2014      2:30pm -   3:45pm     Room 265 - 266


  Service; Body Shop


Grow Your Body Shop Profit Center

Learn how to overcome stumbling blocks, boost profitability and improve each component of your collision center, with facility updates, technology enhancements, reduced cycle-time, performance-based pay plans and DRP marketing.

Gary Edwards, Edwards and Associates Consulting, Charlotte, NC;
Scott Rome, Rome Technologies, Inc., Pasadena, MD

1/24/2014       2:00pm - 3:15pm     Room 203 - 205
1/26/2014     10:30am - 11:45am   Room 263
1/27/2014     10:45am - 12:00pm   Room 206 - 207

Proven Digital Strategies that Increase Fixed Ops 

Learn digital strategies to offset the millions spent by Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube and others to advertise on Google, Bing and local directories. Bolster your website/mobile marketing and leads, and measure the results of your digital fixed-ops efforts.

Jeff Clark, DealerOn, Inc., Derwood, MD

1/24/2014       2:00pm -  3:15pm      Room 263
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 350 - 351
1/27/2014      2:30pm -   3:45pm      Room 267 - 268


Retention, Retention, Retention!

Follow an in-depth review of the tactical methods to increase retention and net profit in your dealership. The focus is on eight components a dealership must get right to increase customer retention and net profit.

Lee Harkins, M5 Management Services, Inc., Pelham, AL

1/24/2014       2:00pm -  3:15pm      Room 201 - 202
1/25/2014     10:30am - 11:45am     Room 263
1/27/2014     10:45am - 12:00pm     Room 267 - 268


Service by the Numbers: Seven Benchmarks of Success

Discover the seven benchmarks for service department growth and implement strategies that capture missed revenue opportunities. A simple yet powerful one-page, service-analysis report lets you compare your performance with auto-industry targets.

Charlie Polston, BG Products, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK

1/24/2014     2:00pm -   3:15pm     Room 350 - 351
1/24/2014     3:45pm -   5:00pm     Room 350 - 351
1/26/2014     3:30pm -   4:45pm     Room 265 - 266


Ten Ways to Enhance Service Retention and Profits

Learn best practices used by service departments nationwide to improve revenue and customer satisfaction—such as effective service  and hours, seminars for new-vehicle owners—and why customers do not return to the dealership for routine maintenance..

Robert Atwood, NADA Dealer Academy, McLean, VA;
David Martin, The Mar-Kee Group, Daphne, AL

1/24/2014     12:15pm -  1:30pm      Room 224
1/26/2014     10:30am -  11:45am     Room 350 - 351
1/26/2014     3:30pm -    4:45pm     Room 203 - 205



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