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Workshop Overview

Accelerate your growth


There are over 55 workshop topics, 159 workshop sessions and 7 different tracks which offer topics suitable for any persons working in your dealership. Workshops are led by NADA University approved experts and guarantee that you will go back to your dealership with innovative ideas and new practices.


90% of attendees that filled out the 2012 survey said that they thought the workshops selections were excellent and 90% approved of the workshop speakers.


Workshops are brought to you by NADA University


Workshop Tracks

  Executive Leadership:  Executive Leadership contains education solutions exclusively for the Executive. Workshops range from legal and regulatory matters, to managing multiple locations, tax and succession planning, fraud prevention, etc. Though all other spokes are available to the Executive/Dealer, dealership personnel below executive level do not have access to the training in this spoke unless permitted by the Executive/Dealer.


  Human Resources:  Human Resources contains training on recruiting, hiring, retirement plans and "soft skills"


   Legal and Regulatory: Legal/Regulatory contains training specific to legal and regulatory issues, such as cash reporting, OSHA compliance, Red Flags, UNICAP, HAPs, and FMLA.


  Internet Solutions: Internet Solutions trains on Internet marketing for both variable and fixed operations, including online actions, social media, and video search marketing. This spoke also contains training on computer policies and selecting IT vendors.


  Sales, Leasing and Finance: Sales/Leasing/Finance delivers training on legal matters, advertising and marketing, new and used sales—including trade appraisals, CPO programs, leasing, and auctions—as well as F&I, inventory management, automotive CRM, and more.


 Parts and Accessories: Parts contains training specifically for parts managers and employees, and includes such topics as inventory control, Hazmat transportation regulations, and service and parts communication.  


  Service and Body Shop: Service delivers training specifically for service managers, service advisors, and technicians. This track covers such subjects as technician retention, ROI analysis, performance analysis, and absorption.

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your schedule to fit your needs.

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