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Experience what a digitized dealership looks like.

What is a digitized dealership? A dealership that is able to connect all its individual processes to form a seamless digital process that improves efficiency, reduces costs, and creates new opportunities to increase revenue. Reynolds Retail Management System helps you become a digitized dealership.

Customers know more, want more, and expect more. They demand an easy experience from beginning to end. As the leading provider of software, services, and forms, we feature the automotive industry's only Retail Management System - transforming customer experiences and your bottom line. Run your entire dealership with one system.

Why Reynolds?

Commitment. You are in good hands with a company that has over 100 years of automotive retail experience and over 4,000 associates focused on you.

Focus. You care about efficiency and so do we. We continuously improve our software based on your suggestions. When you are using technology designed and built as one, you stop worrying about getting your system to work together and start focusing on your customer.

Support. You have best-in-class support from our Technical Assistance Center, which has earned Lifetime Achievement status from the Software Support Professionals Association.

Results. Your customers’ experience with your dealership is as important to us as it is to you. We have exclusive solutions designed to delight your clients, all while driving significant profitability to your bottom line.

Succeed in this new world of automotive retailing. We will take you there.


The Power of One - Fixed Operations


  • Advanced Service
    Maximize every opportunity by managing upsells, promote employee communication, equip advisors with sales tools, and measure results. Create a closed loop between technicians and advisors to make recommendations matter. For mobile and desktop....

  • Do service advisors recommend everything your technicians find on inspections? It is easy to ignore report cards and the upsells associated with them. Advanced Service forces the service department to procedurally do the right thing, and helps management measure the entire process. After a customer arrives for service and the advisor has performed the initial walk around inspection, jobs are electronically dispatched to technicians based on skill level and availability. In service bays, technicians have the ability to take pictures with Service Snap, a feature built into Advanced Service allowing repair images to be linked to the RO for more transparency and faster customer approval. When technician recommendations (potential upsells) are added to the report card, they instantly receive to-the-penny pricing from Service Price Guides, and are added to the RO as pending services for the advisor to sell. The customer can then be presented with a full Vehicle Condition Report, including the multipoint inspection and any repair opportunities noted by the technician.

    With eApproval, customers can receive details about recommended services electronically so they may approve the work directly from a mobile device. If the customer does not want to perform the services, the jobs can be flagged as "recommended not done" or "done elsewhere". If the work is approved, all parties are instantly notified, and the information is recorded in the system. This allows for follow-up activities to be performed, and for the dealership to maintain an accurate service history for the entire customer lifecycle.

    Advanced Service also comes with quarterly coaching and ongoing support to ensure proper utilization to drive results. Available for mobile and desktop.

  • DigiSales™
    Better manage the car deal from hello. Coach salespeople of all skill levels through this mobile application for Contact Management to more effectively handle showroom traffic and the customer buying experience....

  • Does every prospect on your lot go through the entire sales process? Discover where your salespeople need extra training and support with DigiSales. Track the progress of every prospect on your lot with the DigiManager desktop application. A built-in license scanner makes it easy to collect customer data, and a location-focused up system makes it easy for salespeople to start taking customers as soon as they walk on the lot.

    Salespeople can manage their prospects from anywhere with the application, designed specifically for smartphone usage. On-the-go tools allow them to get their daily tasks done from anywhere, while making it easy for them to be ready for the next customer.

    Available for both Apple and Android devices.

  • ReverseRisk®
    Shorten contracts in transit time for quicker cash flow and increase dealership profits with accurate analytics. Transactional insights help you make better operational decisions and hold your employees accountable....

  • Bogged down by reports? As a web-based tool, ReverseRisk allows you to see what you need, when you want. With hybrid report views, get key information into your dealership's health even when you aren't there. Use the Wholesale Profit and Loss report to see what you're really making on those trade-ins. Set up forecasts, including variable expenses, for true reporting. Check the Finance Summary report to view chargebacks and use the Impact! tool to see what you could be making in F&I. Save time by eliminating the need to combine or modify reports. Find money you didn't know was missing. Coming soon for both iPhone and Android.
  • The docuPAD® System
    Enhance your customers’ F&I experience and increase aftermarket sales with an interactive menu selling and document signing system that is consistent, compliant, and holds employees accountable. Delivering an average of $225 PVR lift on new vehicles....

  • The docuPAD system is an interactive F&I menu-selling and document processing system that allows dealers to electronically record the deal process from start to finish driving compliance. This flat screen display lays atop the business manager's existing desk. Styluses allow both the F&I manager and customer to easily sign forms, select aftermarket products, and interact throughout the entire process. Each choice made by the customer automatically recalculates the payments instantly and accurately. The docuPAD system tracks the amount of time spent on each screen to ensure each F&I manager does a thorough job of presenting products and disclosing information. Every movement made by the stylus is time-stamped and screenshots are digitally captured. It also alerts users to missing signatures and initials throughout the electronic forms. A set of copies is printed and put into a professional deal jacket for the customer to take home. Users can also scan miscellaneous documents to be stored with the deal.

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