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AutoAlert Knowledge is Power. Timing is Everything

Founded in 2002, AutoAlert leads the automotive industry in data-mining, trade-cycle management, and internal communicaion solutions. Our patented algorithms provide the intelligence that allows our software to discover high-converting, high-grossing opportunites right within a dealership's own DMS. 

By uniting dealership teams in their efforts and keeping them working together on these new opportunites, our solutions offer a strategic business advantage in today's quickly evolving industry. 

 Press Releases

  • Through an affinity partnership with AutoAlert, AIADA’s 9,600 international nameplate automobile franchise members now have unique access to the automotive industry’s top data-mining and communication platforms and other revolutionary software solutions.

    AIADA is the only national trade association representing America’s international nameplate automobile dealers in Washington, D.C., with a goal to ensure that dealer needs are heard by Congress and covered by the national media.

    AutoAlert has been a great partner of Hitchcock Automotive organizations for years now, and we are honored to have them partner with AIADA, said AIADA Vice Chairman Howard Hakes, President of Hitchcock Automotive.

    Backed by patented algorithms, AutoAlert’s comprehensive data-mining and communication solutions provide car dealers with a strategic business advantage in the quickly evolving auto industry, including via data mining (AlertMiner and PandoConnect), marketing (One-to-One Intelligent Marketing), social media (PandoSocial), internal communication and processes (Pando), and more. Opportunities provided via AutoAlert have proved to convert more often than those sourced other ways.

    AutoAlert and AIADA share in common individual partnerships with international manufacturers Audi, Honda, Hyundai, and Kia. Both also have partnerships with other international automakers.

    We couldn’t be happier to provide software solutions for AIADA dealer members, says AutoAlert CEO Mike Dullea. Our tried and proven methods lead to opportunities that increase gross margin, convert more often, and build customer relationships. We’re excited to help them succeed.

    Both AIADA and AutoAlert are dedicated to growing and strengthening the automotive industry.

    We are thrilled to be partnering with an association that is just as passionate as we are about supporting car dealers, said AutoAlert Vice President Kendall Billman. The industry is changing and will benefit from tested, true solutions.

    A pioneer in equity mining and new client engagement, AutoAlert was founded in 2002 and now leads the automotive industry in data-mining, communication platform, and other software solutions. AutoAlert’s technology bridges the communication gap between a dealership’s management, employees, and customers, creating high-quality sales opportunities, increased gross margin, and improved customer retention.

    Visit our homepage to learn more about AutoAlert’s software solutions for growing and supporting dealerships.

  • AutoAlert, the industry leader in equity-mining technology and data insights announces its recent selection as a Hyundai Western Region preferred partner.

    The addition of AutoAlert as a Hyundai Western Region partner was based largely on the ongoing training, support, and sales structure, as well as their commitment to future growth and customer satisfaction.

    Not only will Hyundai Western Region dealerships be able to leverage AutoAlert’s industry-leading equity-mining capabilities, they will also be able to offer cutting‑edge customer experiences by delivering exactly the right messages at the right time—to customers who are able to upgrade to newer models for the same or nearly the same payments. Partnered with AutoAlert, Hyundai Western Region dealers will improve the overall customer experience and increase sales through AutoAlert’s algorithms that monitor and display individual customer shopping patterns, shopping histories, and qualifying factors.

    Kendall Billman, AutoAlert Executive Vice President said, AutoAlert is proud to partner with Hyundai Western Region dealers to deliver valuable and actionable data-driven insights that will directly impact sales and lead to a greater return on investment. We look forward to presenting dealers with targeted leads that will make selling cars easier than ever before.

    AutoAlert is committed to helping dealerships retain existing customers, as well as effectively conquest new customers, and with the latest multi-channel marketing solution developed specifically to pinpoint top opportunities, dealers can look forward to significant bottom-line increases. One-to-One Intelligent Marketing was introduced by AutoAlert as a 360-degree solution that gives dealers a comprehensive view of their existing customers. Every One-to-One Intelligent Marketing Campaign includes precision-targeted emails, individualized mailings, personalized landing pages (p-URLs), as well as call tracking and monitoring. In addition, real-time tracking and reporting allow dealerships to measure the effectiveness of every campaign.

    Visit our homepage to learn more about AutoAlert’s software solutions for growing and supporting dealerships.

  • AutoAlert, the automotive industry’s leader in data mining and sales-lead generation, has announced the promotion of two of the company’s senior executives to new leadership roles.

    Lucas Baerg has been named chief financial officer and executive vice president of corporate development, and Meg Stapleton has been named general manager and executive vice president.

    Baerg will be responsible for the company’s treasury; financial reporting and control; and tax, audit, and financial planning functions. He also has responsibility for corporate development and legal affairs. With over 15 years of financial and leadership experience, Baerg has stewarded the doubling of revenue and headcount for multiple companies through organic growth and acquisitions.

    Stapleton will be responsible for overseeing daily operations at AutoAlert as well as for creating and implementing strategy to grow the company through key partnerships and programs. As a senior executive with decades of experience in product and program innovation, Stapleton has succeeded in leading multiple companies in strategy, tactics, and execution.

    Meg and Lucas are trusted and proven leaders with broad experience in automotive software. Both possess ideal skills to lead the organization into our next phase of growth,said Mike Dullea, AutoAlert’s CEO. They understand and will help us achieve our goals to continue to deliver the best solutions in the industry.

    Most recently, Baerg served as executive vice president and general manager for AutoAlert and before that as vice president of marketing and business development. Prior to working at AutoAlert, he was head of finance and business development at VinSolutions and held other financial leadership roles at the Walt Disney Company and Ricoh.

    Stapleton was previously executive vice president of strategic execution and led AutoAlert in its development of products, overall strategy, marketing, and OEM objectives. Before joining AutoAlert, her background includes launching and growing medical device channel sales in Europe and the United States, improving processes at an artificial intelligence company where she served as vice president of operations, and growing multiple companies through her skills in strategic product development, execution, and marketing.

    A pioneer in equity mining and new client engagement, AutoAlert was founded in 2002 and now leads the auto dealership industry in data mining and trade-cycle management. The company’s focus is on helping dealerships identify high-quality sales opportunities, increase gross margin, and improve customer retention.

    Visit our homepage to learn more about AutoAlert’s software solutions for growing and supporting dealerships.

  • AutoAlert is pleased to announce that its new COO is long-time Ford Motor Co. executive Jim Benintende.

    A Ford employee who started on the assembly line, he eventually became the first President of its Middle East and Africa (MEA) business unit. Benintende led that venture from its 2013 inception until August 2016. During that time, he oversaw a business unit made up of 67 countries and 3,800 employees. Over that period Ford’s Ranger truck production spiked by 46% and exports of the vehicle expanded to 150 countries.

    After leading the MEA Business Unit development, Benintende returned to the United States as Ford’s Director of Sales Support to work on and facilitate the restructuring of the company’s U.S. sales and service field force, improve its digital presence, and develop a “go to market” strategy for 2017. He retired from Ford in December 2016.

    “AutoAlert is fortunate that Jim has joined the team,” says AutoAlert CEO Mike Dullea. “His strategic experience will help guide us as we continue to grow relationships with our current customers, and his experience overseas will help propel our rapid growth in international markets.”

    Adds Benintende: “I’m excited to join the AutoAlert team. Its track record of finding a better way to do business, for both dealerships and OEMs, is proven. My background will hopefully expand the reach of its already successful suite of products and services and continue to bolster its loyal customer base.”

    Benintende worked at Ford from the ground up starting at age 20, as an assembly line worker. From there, he held a series of marketing and sales positions domestically until he was promoted, in 1993, as Sales Manager of Export Operations of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. In 2002, Benintende became Managing Director of Ford Middle East and North Africa.

    During his tenure at Ford, Benintende was known not only for his leadership skills, but for fostering the same qualities as a mentor to other employees through integrity, collaboration, respect, courage and overall team building.

    A pioneer in equity mining and new client engagement, AutoAlert was founded in 2002 and now leads the automotive industry in data-mining, communication platforms, and other software solutions. AutoAlert's technology bridges the communication gap between a dealership's management, employees, and customers, creating high-quality sales opportunities, increased gross margin, and improved customer retention.

    Visit to learn more about AutoAlert's software solutions for growing and supporting dealerships.

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