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Recharge Your Referral Program

Your Digital Incentive Platform

Incentivefox makes it easy for dealerships to collect more referrals, increase showroom traffic, re-engage with their customer base, improve employee retention, and build better relationships all with the focus of driving more revenue with less hassle. 

  • 10 - the average number of vehicles an Incentivefox client sells through their streamlined referral rewards program PER MONTH. 
  • 843% - Average ROI for an Incentivefox Client
  • 48 - the number of additional vehicles sold through Incentivefox's Top Client in September 2017

 Press Releases

  • CHICAGO, Aug. 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Incentivefox, which offers a revolutionary offer-and-reward platform where dealerships can easily collect referrals, re-engage with their customer base and improve employee retention, has announced the full U.S. release of their Dealership Automated Referral Rewards Solution. Dealerships today are missing out on as much as 80% of new business that loyal customer referrals can generate due to:

    1. Lack of sales team initiative to ask for referrals.
    2. No time to create an actionable plan to approach and promote to their customer base.
    3. No way to easily collect and track referrals from customers in today’s digital age.
    4. Lack of an incentivizing offer to motivate customers to refer their friends and family.

    According to Nielsen, referred customers are 4x more likely to purchase than any other leads but with the ever-growing focus on SEO, PPC, social media and other digital marketing efforts, referrals have been put on the back burner. The out-dated methods for promoting and capturing referrals in most dealerships have hindered referral optimization…until now.  Incentivefox’s Automated Referral Rewards Program is the solution to driving more quality leads to every dealer’s showroom.

    As a leading provider of incentive-driven solutions, the Incentivefox team collectively brings more than 35 years of automotive and incentive industry experience. Their comprehensive and easy to use referral solution helps dealerships collect more referrals by nurturing their current audiences' word of mouth and then streamlining the entire referral and rewarding process for customers and employees alike. As well as supercharging each dealer's program with complete on-brand customization and quantifiable reporting and analytics through their lead-to-sale matching technology.

    “Our focus is to generate quality leads by leveraging their already loyal customer base. Even the most loyal customers need an enticing reminder to refer,” said Rick Partyka, President of Incentivefox. “The big thing that we want dealers to know is that not only is this solution going to save them a lot of time and headaches, it’s going to foster more frequent, engaging and powerful interactions with their customer base, while simultaneously turning their customers into another revenue generating sales channel.”

    The Incentivefox platform is backed by a powerful incentive that entices and motivates customers to continually engage. A dealer branded Reward Card that is reloadable and can be used across any and all of the dealer’s incentive offers from test drives to employee rewards and goodwill.

    Johnny Martinez1, a Larry H. Miller GM, was able to streamline his referral process and create a community of loyal brand champions. “We had high expectations at Larry H. Miller and Incentivefox has helped us achieve all of them. Based on our experience with the team and product, I would recommend Incentivefox to all dealerships who are looking for a way to drive more quality showroom traffic and improve their current customer/employee retention and relationships.”

    Auto dealers can learn more about Incentivefox by visiting where they can find more success stories and download free eBooks with referral hints and tips.

    Transferred Larry H. Miller locations and is currently implementing the referral rewards solution at his new store.

    About Incentivefox
    Incentivefox (, offer/incentive, engagement and solution platform provider. Boosting referrals, retention and revenue by creating and delivering enticing offers and experiences to your customers, partners and employees. Founded in 2014, Incentivefox solutions are used by dealerships, OEMS and small businesses all over the country.

      Incentivefox Media Contacts  Kristen Tepper, Incentivefox,
  • CHICAGO , Nov. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Incentivefox, a company focused on increasing dealer revenue and sales through engaging incentive solutions announced the release of their latest lead generation program that allows dealerships to turn their website into their most powerful website lead generator by offering enticing high perceived value offers and/or reward cards, all backed by powerful analytics and proof of ROI.

    Incentivefox’s interactive web engagement technology offers test drive incentives and other offers based on a customer’s engagement with the dealership’s website and by utilizing specific Calls-to-Action (CTAs). If a customer has been browsing a specific inventory page or attempts to leave your website, they will be offered an enticing incentive to come in for a test drive. The powerful incentive offers can be embedded within banners, buttons and links on specific pages that will require the customer to input valuable buyer information before being able to receive their offer information.

    “Incentivefox's goal is to reduce your lost sales. We want to grow your market share by going above and beyond your competition” explained Incentivefox President Rick Partyka, “Every dealership has a website and every dealership has inventory and every dealership has reviews. What feature on your website helps motivate your potential customer to choose you over ABC dealership down the street who’s just a mile closer to their home?”

    Incentivefox is allowing dealers to enhance their website conversion rates through test drive incentives and customizable offers that enhance customer motivation. The high perceived value gift cards are an effective low cost option for dealers.

    Varying from similar tools on the market, when a dealership chooses to use the Incentivefox Visa Prepaid Card option for rewards, this card can then be used across all of the dealership’s other retention and rewarding strategies such as Direct Mail, In-Store Events, Referrals, Contests, Customer Goodwill and Employee Rewards. When a client signs up for the Referral Program, Incentivefox is including the Offer Overlay technology at no additional cost.*

    The result of using a reloadable reward card is the ability to provide customers with a fully branded journey that will create meaningful engagement opportunities for years to come. From their first test drive interaction to receiving thank you reward dollars for referrals right on their personalized reward card, the Incentivefox Visa Prepaid Card becomes a tool for the dealership to create worthwhile and frequent customer engagement opportunities that outshine their competition.

    About Incentivefox
    Incentivefox (, offer/incentive, engagement and solution platform provider. Boosting referrals, retention and revenue by creating and delivering enticing offers and experiences to your customers, partners and employees. Founded in 2014, Incentivefox solutions are used by dealerships, OEMS and small businesses all over the country. Incentivefox was recently highlighted in Automotive News. You can CLICK HERE to read the feature post.   *For a limited time only.

    Incentivefox Media Contacts
    Kristen Tepper, Incentivefox,


  • Incentive Marketing Platform-Referrals & Retention
    Referral Rewards. Employee Rewards. Service Rewards. Gamification programs. Goodwill. Contests. All focused on driving more referrals, retention, loyalty, and revenue....

  • Referral Rewards:

    Collect and track referrals with less hassle to build better relationships and increase revenue. Incentivefox client's collect up to 70 additional vehicle sales PER MONTH through their referral rewards program. 

    Incentivefox allows dealerships to invite, track and reward their customers and employees for successful referrals through powerful promotions and easy-to-use tools.  Learn more about how the Incentivefox referral solution works by CLICKING HERE.

    What else can you do with the Incentivefox Platform and your reloadable Visa Prepaid Card? Create unparalleled loyalty. 

    1. Employee Rewards and Spiffs - You're already spiffing and rewarding your employees and sales team now track all of your rewards and top performers will driving more local brand awareness. Your employees will be out on the town using your custom branded reward card.

    2. Service Rewards - Create a loyalty program that creates real retention. A program your customers will actually enjoy and use. For every customer who spends over $XX you can give a percentage back onto their reloadable reward card.

    3. Website Engagement Offer Overlays and Follow-Ups - Website Overlays with a major twist. Offer your enticing incentive up-front or offer incentives to warm cold leads up or to thank a lead for showing up for their test drive!

    4. BeBack Program - Do you have an indecisive customer in your store? Give them a beback reward card and let them know if they find a better price and come back to your store and tell you where, even if they don't end up buying from you, you'll load the card with real reward dollars. They'll beback and be ready to purchase.

    5. Employee Referral Program - referrals are hired 55% faster than candidates from a career site and 25% faster than candidates from a job board. Optimize on your already trusted team to find great new hires with less hassle.

    6. Point of Sale Offer Tools - Use the incentivefox platform to close more deals by offering enticing monetary incentives. According to Incentive Magazine, "Cashback works: Shoppers would rather receive $750 on a prepaid card at the time of purchase than a $1,000 discount off the price of the car."

    7. Contests - Drive customer engagement and share power by offering a "Guess the Score" Facebook contest. Ask your customers to guess the score of the local or city game and share your post. Whoever guesses correctly wins $50. You can then fulfill the reward with 2 clicks through the Incentivefox Platform. 

    8. Goodwill - We've all had upset customers before - now you can turn their frown upside down by offering a simple yet powerful reward card. Load $10 onto a reward card as an apology and they'll show their appreciation by returning again. 

    9. In-store Promotions and Event Promotions - Drive traffic to your store with the chance to win a $1,000 reward card. You can even give out smaller reward card offerings with $5 on them to surprise and delight the non-winners. Clients also use these reward cards to give out to local teachers and organizations as thank yous!

    10. Direct Mail & Test Drive Offers - Enhance your direct mail by adding an enticing incentive offer. Our most popular is the test drive offer. 

    11. Create your Own - got a reward program in mind that you don't see here? Let us know and we'll be able to work with you to create a program fit for your dealership's needs.

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