Bitimec Wash-Bots Inc.  

15 Putnam Av. (#290)
Greenwich,  CT 
United States
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Van Washing Made Easy by Portable Battery Washers.

Van Washing Made Easy!

Washing vans, especially high roof models, is a thorn in the side of many dealers. Our machines make light work of washing large vehicles which do not fit in conventional Carwash systems. We have Electric plug-in models ideal for fixed wash-bays, and Battery 'portable' models, ideal for 'wash-anywhere' convenience.

- All-stainless-steel construction

- 'Brush-only' inclination (washes better)

- Twin Controls

24 months warranty

- Take-up only 14 square feet of floor space

- Super-Simple to operate

- Save Time, Water and Soap!

Car wash equipment, van wash systems, bus wash systems, truck wash machines, RV washing


Bitimec Wash-Bots Van Wash


  • Battery Pow'd Car Wash & Van Washing System
    A high-tech PORTABLE battery powered car-van-bus washing machine on wheels for wash-anywhere convenience. Wash Faster, Smarter, Cheaper! Show Special $27,500.00 plus freight... FULLY LOADED!...

  • The 626-EZ is a 'portable' vehicle washing machine on wheels. Four deep cycle batteries provide 24Volt power; enough to wash 40 vans on one charge. The unit is operated form either one of two controls, each have push-button soap, water, brush-wash and brush tilting functions. The operator simply 'drives' the self powered unit around the vehicle. First applying a presoak for one lap around the vehicle, then providing a friction wash and rinse. Two minutes of machine time on a van does the work of 15 minutes for a detailer.  Features include:

    • All stainless-steel chassis (with a lifetime warranty against corrosion or weld failure)
    • Power: 24 Volt power with four, 6Volt deep cycle Trojan T-145 Batteries
    • Fresh Water: 112 gallon water tank for washing and rinsing (will do 6+ cars/SUVs)
    • Soap/Presoak: Separate 13 gallon presoak tank with independent pump and 3rd. spray bar with ceramic tipped nozzles. FREE with show order
    • Wheels: Extreme service caster wheels with double bearings and grease nipples
    • 'Brush Only' inclination system
    • Twin controls for better results and maximum maneuverability Second cotrol FREE with show order
    • Patented central traction wheel
    • Brush Fibers: Upgraded all-closed-pore-foam brushes - FREE with show order 
    • Warranty: Upgraded 24 month parts warranty, 5 years on brush driveline, lifetime on stainless steel chassis. FREE with show order

    Over 20 years we have perfected our 'portable bus-wash' concept, selling our machines on 5 continents through over 30 distributors. We truly have a 'world-class' model in the latest 3 series top-of-the-line 626-EZ! Our NADA101 Show Special is a deal not to be missed. 

  • Electric, Fixed Bay Car and Van Washing Machine
    Starting at $14,750.00, the electric 101-BB is an ideal machine for fixed wash areas. It is installed with a trolley line (festoon) to keep electric cable and hose overhead and out of the way. Wash faster, affordably!

  • The all-stainless-steel frame and spray system are corrosion-proof.

    The 'brush only’ inclination helps with hard to reach areas.

    Operator controls are located on both sides for operating the machine in 2 directions.

    The 220Volt feed is stepped down to 24Volts for the operator 'safety' controls. 

    Also Includes:

    220Volt Single or 3 phase electric motor with direct-drive sealed and lubricated reducer

    • 24 Volt (stepped down) operator controls
    • Patented Bitimec 'brush only' inclination system
    • Stainless steel adjustable spray pipes
    • All hardware for trolley line installation between two anchor points is included.
    • Customer has to position water and electric services and two anchor points for wire rope.

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This company does business in International markets.

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