National Credit Center  

7373 Peak Drive
Las Vegas,  NV 
United States
  • Booth: 2516C

Welcome to the 2018 NADA! Visit us in Booth 2516C.

NCC is a data driven company leveraging credit and financial attributes that fuel customer decisioning and acquisition for retail automotive.


  • AimLogic
    Target Marketing strategy driven by data science technology....

  • AimLogic, NCC’s target marketing solution, identifies, predicts and engages with in-market shoppers who are actively looking to make a vehicle purchase – your brand- allowing you to match back every marketing dollar you spend to vehicles sold.

    Not Your Average Digital Marketing Solution

    AimLogic’s approach to target marketing is how we leverage our Data Science.

    Led by our in-house Data Scientist, the NCCDi data platform analyzes vast amounts of financial touchpoints to create actionable insights and custom profiles that we incorporate into our proprietary algorithm LogicTargeting™ for predicting who is actively to make a purchase within 120 days or less. 

    We can identify based on your brand, best brand conversion and buyer preferences. – Our approach is based on data science, not guess work!

    Competitive Advantage

    1| Customer Profiles     2| Unique Proprietary Data      3| In-market shoppers only      4| Exclusive Territory

    Be Present When it Matters Most

    We’ve identified your target audience, now it’s time to engage!
    AimLogic uses a multi-channel approach with consist messages to deliver success to your dealership.

  • Credit Reporting
    Cost saving credit reporting with Experian, Equifax and TransUnion....

  • NCC is the largest credit report reseller, providing retail automotive credit and financial data to dealers for 21 years.  Leverage our transaction volume and strong partnerships with Experian, Equifax and TranUnion to reduce your credit and compliance spend.  Our credit reporting is integrated with our new NCCDi Data Science Platform that incorporates credit and financial insights along with the industry first data science driven customer profiles; and AimLogic NCC's target marketing solution. 
  • NCCDi Data Science Platform
    NCCDi Data Science Platform delivers: Credit and Financial Insight Reporting, Compliance Documentation, Targeted Marketing and introducing the industry first data science driven Custom Customer Profiling....

  • Fuel Customer Decisioning and Acquisition
    NCCDi is a the industry’s first Data Science driven Platform for Credit Reporting, Marketing and Profiling. 

    Insights - Credit report data tells a story that guide the sales conversation so customers can get the car the want. NCCDi delivers full credit reporting address loan affordability.

    Know - As a big data platform, our internal data scientist has developed data analytics that provide detail customer profiles. NCCDi processes vast amount of data to create customer profiles based on garage data, credit and financial attributes, demographics, life events and behavioral. 

    Engage - NCC’s data science identifies and predicts active in-market buyers, targeting the right customers based on make, model to create campaigns success and drive revenue to your dealership.  Dealers are empowered with the right info to know who is active, ready to buy within 30-120 days. 

    Power - NCCDi offers more than just credit reporting and customer match back information.  Be insightful, NCCDi empowers a stronger customers understanding.  Accessing customer profiles enables positive customer engagement to drive higher sales.

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This company does business in International markets.

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