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Joe Verde Sales Training: #1 In The Car Business

Joe Verde is the recognized leader and your industry partner in sales and management training. We help dealers improve sales and increase their net profit and after workshops and online training programs to develop high achievers sales and management.

Stop by Booth #2883C to meet Joe Verde and our trainers – Sean Gardner, Doug Christiansen and Eric Edwards, and pick up a copy of Joe’s NEW book for dealers, managers and salespeople – it’s FREE at the show!

 Show Specials

  • Stop by Booth 2883-C and get your free copy of Joe's new book for dealers and manager, "Growth - High Achievers vs Amateurs - Volume 1 - Your People"...If your goal is growth, then you need the right people, better skills and effective processes. Joe's new book will show you how to develop high achievers and grow your dealership just by making minor improvements that will generate more gross profit in 2018.


  • Joe Verde Management Workshops
    Joe Verde’s 3 Management Workshops provide common-sense solutions to every challenge that dealers and managers at every dealership face right now to sell more vehicles, earn more profit and retain their customers for life....

  • 3 Management Workshops For Every Manager In Your Dealership

    Our 3 Management Workshops will help you control and increase sales, plus improve your gross this year…

    • Managing For Growth & Profits
      The skills of your managers directly affect your sales results. Our “Team Leadership” workshop is the critical workshop managers can’t afford to miss on “Managing Salespeople and Profits”.  

    • Hold Effective Training Meetings
      Your salespeople are individual gold mines, but they need your help to produce more. Attend this workshop and turn your ‘sales meetings’ into “Training Sessions” to increase your sales.

    • Working Deals & Negotiation
      Improve your sales, gross and CSI with Joe’s easy 20-minute, customer friendly, 3-step Process.

    Visit the Joe Verde Training Team at Booth 2883C
    for more information to sell more cars and improve gross profit in 30 days!
  • Joe Verde Sales Workshops
    Joe Verde’s 3 Sales Workshops help salespeople sell more now! In this changing market, salespeople need to develop their skills to sell to the traffic on the lot, close in the negotiation for higher gross and build their customer base....

  • 3 Different Workshops, 3 Ways To Grow…

    Joe Verde develops high achievers and pros in sales with a deliberate, effective and proven process salespeople can follow every time, with every buyer. Workshops are held across North America and there’s something for everyone in sales…

    • How To Sell A Car, Stay Off Price & Close The Sale
      Want a 20% boost in sales and gross this month? This workshop focuses on the selling process, how to handle objections and close the sale.

    • Internet & Phone Leads
      For your sales & BDC staff: Dealerships miss 8 out of 9 deliveries from these lead sources. We fix that in this workshop and help you build a solid customer base to rely on in any market condition.

    • How To Close, Overcome Objections & Negotiate
      Tired of missing deals that should be deliveries? Get to this workshop on the closing and negotiation process and sell more cars, instead.


    Stay sharp & sell more!
    Stop by and meet the Joe Verde Training Team Booth 2883C for more information.

  • Joe Verde Training Network® – JVTN®
    Every sale counts right now! Bring Joe and his trainers into your dealership with JVTN® to sell more cars with online sales training courses on: Professional Selling, Overcoming Objections, Closing/Negotiation, Customer Retention, Internet/Phone Training....

  • JVTN® In-Dealership Training Made Easy

    With NEW content added every week, Joe Verde’s Training Network® (JVTN®) helps dealerships grow, and is known worldwide as the best online training resource to teach your salespeople how to sell more cars with good gross and great CSI.

    How can JVTN® benefit our dealership?

    That's easy, you'll make more money and:

    • Put more internet & phone leads on the lot
    • Sell more units each month
    • Increase gross per unit
    • Lower sales turnover
    • Improve CSI
    • Retain customers for life

    Sales courses cover how to:

    • Sell more cars – new & pre-owned
    • Close the sale
    • Overcome objections
    • Negotiate a win-win
    • Handle internet leads & incoming calls
    • Follow up sold & unsold prospects
    • Set goals & personal development
    • Plus hundreds of sales topics
  • Joe Verde’s Books
    Every sale counts right now! In this changing market, the more education you and your sales team have about controlling the sale, the more vehicles you’ll sell. Don’t miss out on Joe’s books to help improve your sales and profit!...

  • Joe’s Books To Grow Your Dealership

    Stop by the Joe Verde Booth #2883C and pick your FREE book…

    • New For 2018: Growth High Achievers vs Amateurs
      Get your free copy of Joe's new book for dealers and managers, "Growth High Achievers vs Amateurs - Volume 1 - Your People"...If your goal is growth, then you need the right poeple, better skills and effective processes. Joe's new book will show you how to develop high achievers and grow your dealership just by making minor improvements that will generate more gross profit in 2018.
    • Get Everything You Want In Sales – Goal Setting For Salespeople
      In this market, you have to set goals to drive your success.
    • Top 7 Revenue & Profit Sources
      Find your dealership’s real potential, and follow these steps to control your sales and gross.
    • A Dealer’s Guide To Growth
      Get the book that changes lives! Read Joe’s common sense, step-by-step process to grow your dealership in any market condition.
    • Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars Every Year
      Make good times great! A salesperson may get lucky and $10,000 in one month, but it takes more than luck to earn $100,000+ in a year – that takes skills and a plan.
    Pick up your free copies of Joe’s books at Booth 2883C
  • Joe Verde’s Weekend Game Plan
    Joe Verde starts your selling weekend right! Get your sales team pumped with Joe’s online Weekend Game Plan – featuring Joe and our trainers Sean, Doug and Eric. They’re weekly video clips for your salespeople....

  • Joe’s Weekend Game Plan Video Series

    Looking for that extra shot in the arm to get your salespeople pumped up to sell more this weekend? Check out Joe’s Weekend Game Plan series – a short, weekly sales training video that brings Joe’s sales trainers into your dealership and helps get your salespeople ready to sell.

    Here are 10 recent top picks…

    • They Came Back In – Now What?
    • Traps That Cost You Money
    • Get Them In The Office and CLOSE!
    • Easy Ways To Sell More
    • Just Do This One Thing…
    • Your Hottest Customers
    • Sell 20+ Cars a Month
    • Urgency Sells!
    • Almost everyone’s going to buy!
    • Enthusiasm Sells!

    Stop by the Joe Verde booth to meet Joe, Sean, Doug and Eric – they’ll show you how easy it can be to boost your sales and improve gross!

    Booth 2883C

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