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InteractiveTel | Complete Communication Control

InteractiveTel was created with one mission in mind, to provide total call accountability for an organization. There are so many different ways an organization can communicate today, phone, email, text, chat and bot, so we built a single solution that can deliver real time accountability from every communication medium. No need to use multiple vendors, to track, record and act upon an occurrence, we are your S.P.O.C. (Single Point of Contact). 


  • Total Track with Analytics
    Total Track is the ONLY complete call recording solution in the automotive industry that works with any existing phone system....

  • Only Total Track allows you to record, analyze and act on every inbound and outbound call in real time. Total Track can analyze every call simultaneously and only routes the “important calls” based on key words that you define with our advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. This allows you to be proactive and rescue sales and resolve conflicts before your customers disconnects. 

    Features Include:


    Key Word Spotting
    Automatically detects spoken words
    and phrases in live conversations
    and converts to text.

    SMS/Email Alerts
    Alerts let you know instantly when a
    call is going badly or if a key word or
    phrase has been detected.

    Live Text Call Monitoring
    View or listen in on any call in progress with automatic key word or phrase highlighting.

    Hangup Notification
    Proactive customer service. Return
    calls after the customer hangs up
    from being on hold too long.

    Call Tagging
    Calls are automatically tagged according to their content.

    Call Scoring
    Calls can be graded and used for learning and assessment.

    Appointment Extraction
    Automatic detection of appointments being made.

    Mishandled Call Detection
    Be alerted whenever a call is being mishandled.

    Missed Opportunity Detection
    Know when opportunities are being missed and save them.


    Recording Disclaimers
    Automatically inform the caller that the call is being recorded.

    Whisper & Barge
    Coach an agent on a live call without the customer hearing.

    Recording Kill Switch
    Stop a call from being recorded.

    Agent Only
    Optionally record only the agent.


    Deliver a call to up to 12 phones simultaneously.

    Deliver a call to one person, if they don’t answer roll over to the next.

    Round Robin
    Distribute calls evenly among a group of people.

    Distribute the call according to the zip code of the caller.

    Route calls to the proper department based on the need of the caller.


    Power filtering, sorting and grouping allow you to view your data the way you want.

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This company does business in International markets.

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