Pearl Technology Holdings, LLC  

2701 E. Plano Parkway, #100
Plano,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 4016C

Pearl Technology Holdings - Rethinking Automotive®

Pearl Technology Holdings is an automotive technology incubator based in Dallas, TX. Our mission is to "rethink" automotive and connect our dealership clients directly to the wants and needs of their consumers. 


  • Pearl Proximity
    Want to put a billboard inside your competitor's showroom? Pearl Proximity offers hyper-targeted mobile ad campaigns that targets your competitors' showroom visitors with dynamic mobile advertising....

  • Identify Your Audience

    Dealers can target as many locations or events as they want, with zone accuracy precise to 10 ft. Proximity campaigns can also target specific DMA’s, zip code’s, OEM’s and in-market audiences.

    Self-Optimizing Campaigns

    Proximity processes over 500K ad decisions per second across the internet, analyzing your audience for optimized campaign delivery through numerous media exchanges and publishing partners.

    Intuitive Reporting

    All campaign performance is tracked and available in real-time via our reporting dashboard. Track impressions, clicks and in-store visits from consumers who were at your competition and were targeted for your campaigns.

  • ShowroomXpress
    ShowroomXpress is a 360 degree express retail platform designed for franchise dealers of all shapes and sizes. Streamlines in-store transactions to 35 minutes or less with a seamless online to showroom experience....

  • Streamline in-store transactions to 35 minutes or less with a seamless online to showroom experience.

    - Lease and purchase payments from every US auto lender calculated to the dollar in under 5 seconds.

    - Our flexible platform works on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

    - ShowroomXpress integrates seamlessly with "One Price" or "Negotiation" stores!

    - Allow your customers to start shopping online and pick up right where the left off in the showroom.

  • VehicleXchange
    VehicleXchange stands alone as an intelligent marketing platform that understands, identifies and engages your best sales opportunities in your market with world-class marketing campaigns....

  • VehicleXchange stands alone as an intelligent marketing solution that automatically identifies pre-qualified consumers and engages your best sales opportunities in real time with world-class personalized marketing campaigns.

    What We Do: 

    Conquest Expiring Lease Marketing: Target conquest customers with expiring leases by payment amount, payments remaining, maturity date and more. 

    Customer Retention: Proactively nurture your customer base with automated marketing campaigns that are personalized for each customer.

    Service Drive Marketing - Automatically market to pre-qualified customers coming through your service lanes every day.

    GM DTAP and iMR Turnkey Certified Vendor. 

    Success Stories: 

    “VehicleXchange’s conquest expiring lease campaigns have been a game-changer for us. These campaigns have allowed us to take advantage of the high volume of lease returns in our area and increase our market share at the expense of our competition. Last month we allocated $5,000 towards VehicleXchange campaigns and they generated 30 incremental unit sales for us, with all of them being conquest customers coming off-lease.” - Solomon Faizi - General Manager - Grand Prize Chevrolet 

    "We've been using VehicleXchange for over 18 months now and the program has been a huge asset to our success. We are currently in a challenging market and strongly believe this program has helped us hold market share. It is consistently generating transactions from both a conquest and a customer retention perspective. We are well positioned for short and long-term success with this program in our store" - Steven Zaun - General Manager - Puklich Chevrolet

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