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Welcome to the Ultimate in Drying Technology!

With 45 years of experience in the car wash industry, Proto-Vest, Inc. specializes in the engineering, development and manufacturing of drying systems.  As the leading manufacturer of car wash and fluid removal drying systems, Proto-Vest holds over 40 patents on various products with a diverse range of models to meet any budget.  

Setting the standard in noise reduction; energy efficiency, along with customization capabilities, Proto-Vest applications worldwide include designing and manufacturing systems for motor homes, commuter trains, aviation, ocean vessels, freight liners and buses.  With our robust customization division, we now expand our offering to specialty manufacturing industries such as Pharmaceutical Medical Device Applications, Agricultural, Aerospace and Automobile Manufacturing Plants.  

Proto-Vest’s priority is customer satisfaction.  Recognizing that support after the sale of equipment is critical to the success of the customer.  Proto-Vest offers its customers a wide range of services, including engineering support and factory direct aftermarket parts.  Family owned and operated since its inception in 1970, Proto-Vest diverse team and staff members’ goal is to maintain and exceed the industry standard by driving innovation, solutions and service for your business! Let your friends at Proto-Vest take the worry out of your dryer needs!

 Press Releases

  • GLENDALE, Ariz.Nov. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Proto-Vest Inc., with over forty years of experience in the car wash industry specializing in the engineering and development of car wash dryers and industrial fluid removal systems, has announced the appointment of Richard Flores as company President. Richard will be responsible for Proto-Vest strategy and execution, ensuring that business operations are efficient and that the proper resources, distribution and services to customers are at the highest levels

    Richard will succeed Christopher McElroy (CEO), who has worked for the company since 1990. Mr. McElroy will be assuming additional duties as Chair of the Board of Directors, along with existing board members Kimberly McElroy and Karyn Hopp.

    Richard's experience in executing strategic vision will strengthen Proto-Vest's position as the industry leader. With a proven track record for successfully leading large scale initiatives and driving innovation, Richard's leadership skills are well suited to lead Proto-Vest development efforts as we continue our goal to maintain & exceed the industry standard by Driving Innovation, Solutions and Service to your business!

    About Proto-Vest

    Family owned and operated since 1970, Proto-Vest, Inc. specializes in the development and manufacturing of car wash drying solutions and industrial fluid removal systems.  Proto-Vest holds over forty patents on its drying systems.  These drying systems, offering superior, fully-automated vehicle drying while reducing energy consumption and lowering noise levels make Proto-Vest Inc., the industry leader in car wash, truck, aviation, public transportation and specialty device manufacturing markets. More information about Proto-Vest is available at 

    Media Contact: 
    Richard Flores 
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  • WindShear I Dryer
    The WindShear automotive dryer is a stand alone system that is ideal for both conveyor and automatic applications....

  • Features / Benefits

    Patented Touchless Design:

    Pressurized air flows through three (3) patented bags which direct the air to the vehicle’s horizontal and vertical surfaces. It dries the hood, roof, deck, windows, and sides of the vehicle without touching.

    Low Maintenance:

    Other than the blower / impeller assemblies, there are no moving parts to wear-out or break down.
    (Please note that Proto-Vest recommends routine maintenance in order to maximize product life.)

    Line Speed Efficiency:

    As a stand alone unit the “Windshear” will provide an effectively dried car at a wide variety of line speeds.

    Compact / Modular design:

    Designed to fit into limited space as a stand alone or supplemental dryer.

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This company does business in International markets.

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