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Our tools maximize automotive dealers' profits.

Maximizing automotive dealers' profits with leads, traffic, and sales is what AutoSweet is passionate about. Partner with our experience and tools for SweetResults™.

Why We're Different

AutoSweet is different because we focus on being easy to use, easy to work with, and getting dealers SweetResults™.

Easy to Use

Staying ahead and taking maximum advantage of technology to sell cars isn’t always easy, but it is vital for every dealer who wants to remain competitive. AutoSweet’s products and services make it easy to find insights to make decisions and get the most value out of the latest advances and developments in selling vehicles.

Easy to Work With

We work closely with our dealers to market inventory, analyze results, and continue to increase effectiveness with what we learn together. We have a dedicated, professional team called “Customer Success” and their focus is on you.


Using Google Analytics and your DMS, our Customer Success team and transparent reporting shows dealers results from their email marketing, classified ad posts, website presence, social presence, online reputation, and digital merchandising to continually optimize for SweetResults™.


  • Facebook Marketing
    Facebook Marketing tailored to meet your business goals....

  • Facebook Audience

    Using Facebook’s data, we find in market shoppers in your DMA. We will deliver inventory specific ads while they are progressing through the buying cycle, driving traffic to your website and gaining likes on your Facebook page.

    Facebook Conquest

    AutoSweet will use your DMS to build a customer profile and filter Facebook’s in market shopper data to create a look-alike of your current client base. They will be in market for your vehicles and look exactly like your customer base. After delivering ads for new vehicle specials or specific inventory, we even match those back to purchases, providing you real ROI reporting.

    Facebook Loyalty

    AutoSweet will mine your client base for you, finding your customers with equity or those in need of service. Each month, we will report on the success of these campaigns by telling you how many people saw an ad and then did business with your store.

    Facebook Retargeting

    AutoSweet will identify every shopper visiting a VDP on your website using our ASPixel™ and deliver ads for the next 30 days featuring that same (or similar) vehicle, re-affirming your brand and inventory to an already engaged audience.

  • SweetClassifieds
    Automated posting management for craigslist, Facebook, YouTube, and other outlets....

  • Communicate with in market shoppers and sell more cars by advertising your inventory on Craigslist, YouTube and Facebook. AutoSweet’s ``set it and forget it`` marketing makes it easy to prioritize placing your best inventory in the best markets with adaptive changes to your ads as your inventory changes. You manage the leads, we'll manage the rest.

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  • SweetInventory
    Painless Inventory Administration. Powerful Automation....

  • Save Time and Sell More Cars

    There is increasing pressure to maximize the value of vehicle data for driving leads and sales while minimizing the manual resources required to support it. AutoSweet’s SweetInventory helps you accomplish complex marketing and inventory tasks with just a few clicks. Escape the grind of repetitive tasks and supercharge your efforts with our easy-to-use interface and tools.

    Inventory Tools

    Collect your data, manage it and publish it with tools including:

    • Market Pricing: See your pricing relative to the local market.
    • Book Pricing: From NADA and Black Book.
    • VIN Decode: Add more accurate and detailed information and sell faster.
    • Window Stickers and Buyers Guides: Marketing on your lot.
    • Image Wraps: Brand your inventory photos with text on an image or dealer logo on images.
    • Photos: Coupons, or personal photos for every published inventory item.

    Collecting and Enriching Your Data Made Easy

    With certification and expertise in most dealer systems, collecting data with AutoSweet is easy.

    • Certified DMS Polling from Reynolds and Reynolds™, CDK Global™, PBS, AutoMate and much more.  Trusted integration with your private data
    • Enrich Data with our VIN decode software which provides unequaled accuracy matched with manufacturer specific options, colors, and packages creating the most faithful snapshot of your vehicles
    • Smart Photos fill gaps in your vehicle photos automatically with stock images that are color matched

    Managing Data Made Easy with Integrated Smart Tools

    We bring together a suite of tools to help manage your inventory with insight and automation.

    • Changes made in one place: automatically published to many places (reducing the number of steps and logins)
    • Bulk upload photos or make changes for only one vehicle
    • Reporting that shows you how you are doing with inventory marketing, such as inventory without photos, age on lot, and pricing vs. others
    • Intuitive interface for managing changes to inventory, for example, if you see a high age on lot vehicle you can change the price to move the vehicle

    Publishing Your Data

    Whether it is marketing on your lot with window stickers or marketing on a web page or advertising site, AutoSweet makes it easy to get your inventory out there where it can be seen.

    • Unlimited data publishing to 3rd party sources including AutoTrader,, AutoByTel, local newspapers, dealer websites, Google, eBay, and dozens of free publishing sites like AOL Autos, MSN Autos, Yahoo, EveryCarListed, LemonFree, JustGoodCars, and Vast
    • Window Stickers you can print with your own custom designed, high-quality details and QR codes to market vehicles when you’re not with the customer
    • Far-Reaching Inventory Portal can be included in your website, your Facebook page, or mobile site. Change prices, add options or photos and have it reflected immediately in all places.  For example, one click to publish to GM Smart Auction and Craigslist

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  • SweetMail
    Run targeted Conquest or Loyalty email campaigns....

  • Conquest

    Build your brand with targeted prospects that don’t know you.

    • Conquest email gets your brand in front of them.
    • With our opt-in affiliate database and our certified DMS expertise, we analyze and target the best prospects for your brand.
    • Our agency quality design team works with you to build creative that drives traffic to your site.
    • We help you with manufacturer co-op programs.
    • Results are verified by your DMS and Google Analytics


    Grow revenue with your existing customers.

    • They already know you; don’t let them become a conquest opportunity for your competitors.
    • Build a regular communication channel with your customers by sending monthly sales & service specials.
    • Keep your customers up to date with the latest lease specials so that they can reach you when they are ready to buy.
    • Email marketing is an inexpensive way to keep your brand relevant to your customers.
    • Our DMS and Google expertise give you the assurance that your efforts are working.


    Want to increase sales over a 45 day period?

    • Market to a massive audience leading up to your event.
    • Better than direct mail alone because we focus on your audience and then we hit them from every angle:
    • Email
    • Social
    • Direct Mail
    • Measure the success through your DMS and Google Analytics.

    ROI from your DMS

    AutoSweet is a nationally trusted and certified DMS integration partner with certifications from Reynolds and Reynolds and CDK Global.

    • Poll your service and sales transactions directly from your DMS daily so you can track campaign performance anytime and make mid-campaign tweaks. Don’t wait 30 or 90 days to find out how sales are performing.
    • Match sales to your customer marketing list daily and identify if these transactions are from new or existing customers.
    • The ROI comes from DMS data compared to campaign data.

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  • SweetReviews
    Intercept negative reviews and manager your online reputation....

  • Guard Your Reputation

    Intercept Unsatisfied Customers

    Intercept unsatisfied customers before they post negative reviews online. This gives you the chance to correct or rescue an impression. It also gives you insight into things that may not be going smoothly in your dealership.

    Positive Reviews Drive Leads

    Just like negative reviews can harm sales, positive reviews can help.  Online consumers look at review sites like Yahoo, Google+, DealerRater, and before they buy from you. SweetReviews helps build your positive story. We automatically send emails to your sales and service customers to make leaving positive reviews easy for them without you having to awkwardly ask them while they’re at the dealership.  

    Influence Customer Satisfaction (CSI) Scores

    A CSI Score can make our break a dealership. How happy a customer leaves your lot can actually determine the inventory you get. We get you in front of your customers and gauge their satisfaction before the manufacturer survey, allowing you to intercept issues before they can damage your business.

    DMS Integration

    You’ve entered your customers into one system. Why spend time entering their names into another system for follow up? AutoSweet is certified with Reynolds and Reynolds™ and CDK Global™ and that integration makes it less work for you. Our decades of experience mean that you’re working with a trusted partner who values the security of your data.

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  • SweetSite
    Great looking website packages at a fraction of the cost....

  • Responsive, SEO Ready Website Packages


    Performance, looks, and value are three things you’ll get with SweetSite.

    • Great looking and high performing layouts at a great price.
    • Custom websites to fit your dealership’s special requirements for a website.
    • Multiple search tools and navigation widgets.

    Responsive, Speedy, and SEO Ready

    • Responsive so it looks great on any device.
    • Speedy by design.
    • SEO ready to increase traffic and Google ranking.
    • Bright color schemes that are easy to read.
    • Interactive VDP’s and SRP’s.

    Add Ons

    AutoSweet offers powerful add-ons to extend your SweeSite experience with lead generation and sales tools for any SweetSite package.

    For a small additional investment, you can add:

    • NADA and Black Book pricing
    • Testimonials, DIY reputation management, and/or Review Generation
    • Certified DMS integration with Reynolds and CDK


    Our Basic and Pro inventory tools can be bundled with SweetSite to give you the power to merchandise your inventory effectively.

    Collect data from your DMS using our certified interfaces, publish your inventory to any 3rd party, get book and market-based pricing data on your vehicles to see if they are over or under priced, print buyer’s guides and window stickers, and automatically generate comments to improve your VDPs.

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