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Live clean, breathe free...

Bactakleen is specialized in improving the Automotive & Real Estate inner environment.  Everyone talks about dust and pollution in the air but no one talks about known bacteria and fungus in the air especially when coming from the air conditioning system. Bactakleen’s non-toxic proprietary technology is the first in the world to provide an adequate solution to provide cleaner air in an air-conditioned environment. Tested by world recognized laboratories such as SGS , TUV SUD  and FDA approved, Bactakleen’s Ultra Mist solution is proven to kill 99.9% of known bacteria and fungus.

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    1 Bactashield (500 Ml) $25

    1 Odour Killer (200 Ml) $12

    Total Amount $861

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 Press Releases


    Leading public service provider of anti-bacterial treatments, announces the launch of the first of its kind 2-in-1 anti-bacterial treatment system, the Ultra Mist Solution, to the United States market.

    Bactakleen is one of the leading providers of anti-bacterial treatments and solutions across a wide range of applications. Founded by the owners of Excelsia Technologies, Bactakleen has become a leading name in the sector, providing several effective solutions to the challenges posed by bacteria and other such micro-organisms. The company recently announced the launch of its unique 2-in-1 anti-bacterial treatment system in the U.S market by one of its founders.

    Bacteria and germs are micro-organisms that constantly pose health hazards to humans. Found in virtually every place, it is important to ensure that these micro-organisms are killed. Unfortunately, not too many solutions have offered effective anti-bacterial treatment options. This is where Bactakleen’s Ultra Mist Solution is particularly helpful.

    The solution is highly effective for killing known germs and known bacteria, with a reported 99.9% efficiency. The solution is versatile, perfect for killing harmful micro-organisms in the bedroom, vehicle, office, toilet and kitchen. The system, Ultra Mist Solution, kills moulds, fungi and bacteria hiding in deep and far-reaching areas like inside the air conditioning system, ensuring a comprehensive anti micro-organism treatment.

    The launch of the treatment system in the U.S. affords residents a cost-effective and relatively harmless anti-bacterial solution, with the use of nano technology to clean particles as well as a special anti-bacterial spray for contact surfaces like steering wheels, door handles, faucets, and hand rails amongst others.

    Other products from Bactakleen currently available in the United States include the Odour Killer, and BactaShield.

    More information about Bactakleen can be found on Facebook, and Twitter.

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    About Bactakleen BioTech Inc.

    Bactakleen was founded in 2008 by the owners of Excelsia Technologies (Malaysia) & Bactakleen BioTech Inc. The need to improve the hygiene standards in daily working environment, vehicles, homes, airplanes, public transportation and overall protection from harmful micro-organisms gave rise to the establishment of Bactakleen by a team of professionals to provide a synergy of innovative anti-bacterial treatments and advocate the importance of good public health and hygiene standards.

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    Company Name: Bactakleen BioTech Inc.
    Contact Person: Dana Madi
    Phone: +1657-236-4040
    Address:648 North Tustin St, Suite B 
    City: Orange
    State: CA 92867
    Country: United States


  • Bactakleen Ultramist

  • The need to safely and cost effectively treat air/heat duct systems is imperative and needs to be quickly addressed, as most people fall ill due to airborne diseases and viruses without their knowledge. We take for granted the air we breathe in the environments we spend long periods of time in such as our workplace, our bedrooms and our cars. Moreover, most products available to the end consumer are only ‘spray and wipe’ surface applications. These may be easy to apply yet they are only effective superficially, cannot cover hard-to-reach areas and do not protect long term protection. Moreover, if the cloth, sponge or applicator used is not sterile, this will only spread bacteria further.’

    Thus, on a microscopic level, where the majority of the germs and bacteria hide and multiply, there was nothing available that was safe, low cost, easy to apply and highly effective. Hence, Bactakleen is proud to introduce Ultra-Mist Fumigation Technology, a treatment that can be performed quickly and hassle-free to effectively exterminate bacteria in hard to reach places such as air-conditioning systems and where the light does not shine. The uniquely designed fumigation device can atomize the proprietary anti-bacterial solution into ultra fine mist containing millions of “nano scale” sized cleaning particles that can be easily absorbed into cushion seats, pillows, beds, ceilings, curtains, carpet, and clothing. The ultra fine mist is also able to penetrate virtually all areas of the ventilation system.

    Such materials no longer smell of mildew or other odours. Loved ones can sleep easy at night in their bedrooms, or drive around in comfort in their cars, as a result of a sanitized environment 99.9% free of Known bacteria and germs.

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