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Professional Safety Recall Management Solutions

Auto retailers today face heightened safety recall liability, compliance requirements and management overhead costs as a result of the error-prone safety recall information they are forced to use from NHTSA and off-brand OEMs. 

To address this, AutoAp, Inc.,  the industry’s #1 source for accurate and timely safety recall discovery; reporting;  on-demand status lookup and recall management software, has developed advanced data collection, cleansing and status verification processes to correct errors and out of synch safety recall information.

With safety recall management solutions that address before, during and after sale, with informed acquisition; daily inventory monitoring; consumer disclosure reports; recall alerting; and post-sale customer vehicle recall discovery, franchised car dealers can make better business decisions, reduce  their liability, streamline compliance and generate net-new warranty reimbursement revenue, with AutoAp.

 Press Releases

  • Tennessee Automotive Association has entered into a strategic alliance with AutoAp, Inc., and are recommending their industry-leading safety recall management solutions to TAA member dealers, to help them better identify open recalls, assist customers, reduce liability and better comply with the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Recall and Disclosure Law that goes into effect January, 2018.


    Portland, OR (PR Web) November 21, 2017

    Motor vehicle dealers are vitally aware of the impact recalls can have on their business. Looking for ways to help Tennessee motor vehicle dealer members better identify safety recalls and streamline new recall compliance efforts requiring recall disclosure to consumers prior to sale, the Tennessee Automotive Association has entered into a strategic alliance with industry-leading recall management service provider, AutoAp.

    "During our efforts to secure the passage of the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Recall and Disclosure Law, we became aware of the real-life difficulties dealers experience in seeking to identify recalls. We set out in search of a strategic partner to help our members with an effective compliance solution, and AutoAp’s Dynamic Recall Management service does just that." said Bob Weaver, President, Tennessee Automotive Association. "Choosing AutoAp was the right thing to do."

    AutoAp’s suite of safety recall management solutions help dealers make informed decisions at vehicle acquisition, reduce recall liability and streamline recall compliance requirements for vehicles in inventory, and generate net-new service revenue from their sold customer vehicles. Recognized by Automotive News in 2016 for safety recall management best practices, dealers trust AutoAp more than any other safety recall management source.

    "We are honored that the Tennessee Automotive Association has chosen AutoAp. With this strategic alliance, Tennessee motor vehicle dealers are assured of receiving the highest quality and comprehensive safety recall management solutions", said AutoAp’s CEO Mark Paul.

    About TAA []: The mission of the Tennessee Automotive Association (TAA) is to protect, promote and advance the welfare of our members: retail car and truck dealers, valued associate and finance members, and all of our members’ customers. By helping our members speak with one voice, we enhance the effectiveness and success of each.

    About AutoAp, Inc. []: AutoAp, Inc., helps auto retailers reduce their recall liability, streamline recall compliance and generate service revenue with accurate, timely and comprehensive recall management solutions. To learn more about how AutoAp can help your dealership, visit


    Ross Macdonald, Chief Marketing Officer

    AutoAp, Inc. 503-951-6150

  • AutoAp, Inc., the industry-leading provider of highly-accurate, timely and comprehensive safety recall management solutions, has made Galpin Motors the inaugural recipient of their Commitment to Excellence Award, in recognition of their effort and success in managing recalls.

    = For Immediate Release = Portland, ORE September 28, 2017

    Challenge: The safety recall management challenge facing Galpin Motors was similar to other franchised dealers struggling with inconsistency across recall status information sources and the tedious daily effort required to check all new and used, in-brand and off-brand inventory.

    Galpin Motors Inventory staff was using a source that often provided delayed and inaccurate data, requiring them to spend significant time sifting through NHTSA documents for each recall in order to identify FMVSS Compliance recalls. Managing safety recalls had become a full time job across multiple locations.

    With new federal and state laws requiring the grounding of rental and loaner vehicles with open recalls, it was important for Galpin to obtain accurate recall status information and manage it in an efficient and reliable manner.

    Solution: In April, 2016, Galpin Motors installed AutoAp’s Dynamic Recall Managementsm daily inventory monitoring service for all locations.

    Key Elements of Galpin Motors Safety Recall Management Best Practices:

    •  Documenting the recall status at sale with date and time-stamped consumer vehicle reports.
    •  Daily distribution of identified safety recall status out to individual dealer group locations.
    •  Identifying Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard non-compliance recalls.
    •  Identifying recalls on loaner/rental VINs for Federal FAST Act and California State C.A.R.S Act.
    •  Enabling dealer personnel to print accurate consumer disclosure reports on vehicles in inventory.
    •  Auditing of sold retail vehicles to verify the proper handling of open safety recalls.
    • Providing management insight on the effectiveness of recall management efforts.

    "AutoAp’s solutions are very user-friendly and the only practical way that I am aware of, to effectively manage the various risks and liabilities associated with selling, renting and leasing vehicles that may have open safety recalls." Chris Cleveland, Compliance Coordinator – Galpin Motors

    "AutoAp is pleased to be Galpin Motors safety recall management solutions provider, and is committed to helping them continue to achieve their recall management goals". Mark Paul, CEO, AutoAp

    # # #

    About Galpin Motors

    Galpin Motors is one of the most successful and recognized automotive dealers in the country, and the world leader in volume Ford sales for 27 consecutive years. Their 7 dealerships in California’s San Fernando Valley represent Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, Subaru, Kia, Volvo, Mazda, Lincoln, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Lotus and Spyker brands as well as Galpin Rental and Galpin Auto Sports, their full in-house customizing & aftermarket center.

    About AutoAp, Inc.

    AutoAp, Inc. is the industry’s #1 provider of accurate, timely and comprehensive safety recall management solutions to help franchised automotive dealers make better business decisions at vehicle acquisition; reduce safety recall liability for vehicles in inventory and increase service revenue from recalls identified in their sold-customer vehicles.

    Media Contact:

    Ross Macdonald, AutoAp, Inc.

    503-951-6150 /


    Portland, ORE, September 28th, 2017


    Motor Vehicle Software Corporation (MVSC) has integrated AutoAp’s highly accurate and comprehensive Safety Recall Management Technology into DMVdesk, their industry-leading electronic vehicle registration solution, helping dealers reduce safety recall liability, make smarter acquisition decisions and increase warranty reimbursement revenue.


    Auto dealers can now reduce their safety recall risk inside of MVSC’s optimized registration solution with AutoAp, Inc.’s accurate and timely safety recall technology that adds on demand recall discovery and status verification capability to DMVdesk, the industry’s leading Registration Compliance Solution.  


    MVSC’s DMVdesk revolutionized electronic vehicle registration by providing dealerships with a seamless workflow that simplifies their registration desk — saving time and resources while maximizing productivity.


    While obtaining vehicle history has always been easy within DMVdesk by running KSR and NMVTIS reports, gaining insight to accurate and timely safety recall information has been time-consuming and error-prone – until now.


    “After reviewing potential sources of safety recall information, we found that AutoAp, Inc. provides the highest-quality safety recall information available in the industry. MVSC selected AutoAp based on our strict requirements to provide dealerships the most accurate and timely  safety recall technology available.”   MVSC’s President, Joseph Nemelka told us.


    Under license from AutoAp, MVSC’s DMVdesk solution easily provides dealerships an accurate and on-demand way to know the safety recall status of vehicles they are considering buying. Dealers can check vehicles from within DMVdesk to learn their safety recall status.


    As a result, dealers can make even better vehicle purchasing decisions by knowing the accurate safety recall status of vehicles before acquisition.


    Continuing Market Problem More than 150 Million vehicles have been affected by safety recalls during the years 2014-2016, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). As a result of these historically-high numbers, franchised car dealers have increased liability risk as vehicle safety recalls have gained significant media attention. Although manufacturers and their suppliers are the source of vehicle defects, auto dealers are being held liable for selling vehicles with open safety recalls, which may be the most significant legal exposure that a dealership has today.


    MVSC’s VP & General Manager CA Operations, Matt Armstrong shared, “Dealers can find safety recalls earlier, which helps increase compliance, make their process more efficient and increases profitability. And, with California’s strict emission laws, dealers can learn if the vehicles they are considering buying have open emission recalls.”

    Current Sources Have Significant Errors – Dealers who use to verify the safety recall status of off-brand vehicles put themselves at risk from missed recalls (“false negatives”) from NHTSA’s site. Vehicle history reports can also have errors, and timing issues between the OEMs and NHTSA create delayed and often inconsistent recall status, which further increases dealers’ liability and reduces consumer safety.

    Mark Paul, CEO of AutoAp, Inc. told us, “Dealerships find it difficult to stay on top of safety recalls, due to the size and complexity of the problem. Worse, they think they’re ‘covered’ with current systems. Our proprietary processes generate the most-accurate, multi-brand safety recall status available, anywhere. We are excited to partner with MVSC, so that we can reach more dealers even faster to help address this significant problem”


    AutoAp’s Safety Recall Management technology can also be purchased as standalone dealer solutions to generate revenue and decrease liability for vehicles in inventory; for sold-customer recall service; or as integrated into third-party dealer service providers like MVSC’s DMVdesk Electronic Vehicle Registration.  

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    AutoAp, Inc., Beaverton, Oregon - Is an automotive software solution provider focused on bringing innovative, patents-pending safety recall management services to organizations involved in vehicle ownership, purchase, sale, service, finance and fleet management. Its flagship product (Dynamic Recall Management), an industry-recognized best-practices solution, is being used by dealerships across the country to save time and money while increasing compliance and reducing safety recall liability.

    Contact: Ross Macdonald, CMO  

    AutoAp, Inc.       



    Motor Vehicle Software Corporation, Agoura Hills, California - MVSC is the leading Vehicle-to-Government (V2Gov) technological innovator transforming interactions between the private sector and government agencies. Focused on developing innovative process management SaaS solutions, including electronic registration and titling (ERT) platforms, MVSC partners with state government agencies and businesses across the United States. Its groundbreaking technology and domain expertise have revolutionized and driven market efficiencies since the company’s founding by Don Armstrong and Kelly Kimball in 2005.


    Contact:  Mike Platteter, Senior Marketing Manager

    Motor Vehicle Software Corporation

    818-706-1949 x7035

  • Portland, OR (PR Web) April 12, 2016

    The California New Car Dealers Association [CNCDA] and the Oregon Auto Dealers Association [OADA] have named AutoAp, Inc. a strategic partner, and will recommend their safety recall management solutions to their member-dealers.

    Franchised auto dealers are looking for ways to increase customer safety, reduce the growing liability associated with selling vehicles with open safety recalls, and leverage safety recalls for net-new service revenue and increased customer loyalty.

    OADA and the CNCDA chose AutoAp for their unique approach and industry-best method of identifying vehicles with open safety recalls. Selecting AutoAp as a strategic partner assures California and Oregon new car dealers that AutoAp’s highly accurate and effective safety recall management solutions have met their strict criteria and have proven value in the marketplace.

    Both OADA and CNCDA selected AutoAp because of its proven ability to reduce dealership liability and generate additional service revenue from knowing the accurate, daily recall status of dealer inventory.

    "Our California dealers are facing increased pressure on the safety recall issue, and becoming more aware of the impact recalls can have on their business,” said Brian Maas, President, California New Car Dealers Association. “They are looking for an effective solution to help them manage recall liability, and AutoAp has a proven proprietary data and technology solution that makes this possible. Choosing AutoAp, Inc. as a strategic partner was both an easy and timely decision.”

    Greg Remensperger, Executive Vice President, Oregon Auto Dealers Association said, "Oregon’s Department of Justice has recently issued new administrative rules for auto retailers, making recall disclosure mandatory at the time of sale. We have been looking for a strategic partner to help OADA members with an effective compliance solution and AutoAp’s Dynamic Recall Management service does just that.”

    “Choosing AutoAp as a strategic partner was both an easy and timely decision.” Brian Maas, President, California New Car Dealers Association

    We are excited that two progressive, forward-thinking auto dealer associations have chosen AutoAp. Both OADA and CNCDA help their members learn about industry-leading solutions that can reduce their liability in the face of more stringent regulation. By combining the associations’ vast dealer operations knowledge with AutoAp’s unique and robust safety recall solutions, dealers are assured the highest quality and most timely safety recall status available, anywhere”, said AutoAp’s CEO Mark Paul.

    About CNCDA [] The California New Car Dealers Association is the country's largest state association of franchised new car and truck dealers representing over 1,100 dealer members. CNCDA members are primarily engaged in the retail sale and lease of new vehicles, and also engage in automotive service, repair and part sales.

    About OADA [] The Oregon Auto Dealers Association advocates for more than 200 members throughout the state to improve general welfare of the local auto industry and educate our members on current events and best practices to propel business towards tomorrow.

    About AutoAp, Inc. [] AutoAp, Inc. is an automotive safety recall management software developer providing highly-accurate, professional safety recall management solutions to help franchised automotive dealers make better business decisions on vehicle acquisition; reduce safety recall liability with daily inventory review and profit from net-new service revenue discovered in their sold-customer vehicles. AutoAp also provides recall management solutions for rental car companies and corporate and government fleet owners. Contact: Ross Macdonald, Chief Marketing Officer AutoAp, Inc. 503-951-6150


  • Customer Recall Revenue
    Sold-customer inventory is a gold mine of potential recall repair revenue! Generate net-new service revenue, increase engagement and CSI with Customer Recall Revenue VIN processing of sold customer vehicles for open safety recalls....

  • VIN processing of sold customer vehicles for open safey recalls with Customer Recall Revenue can generate significant warranty reimbursement service revenue; boost CSI and provide a no-cost to customer, in-store touch point that can be leveraged to upsell additional service products.  Open safety recall rates on consumer vehicles average around 25%, and with the industry average warranty charge back of $325 it's easy to calculate the potential warranty revenue based on the number of sold customer VINs you have in your CRM system.  

    Don't take our word for it - here's what Brad Preble, President, Carr Auto Group, Beaverton, OR says about Customer Recall Revenue:

    “AutoAp identified $73,000 worth of net-new safety recall warranty work on prior customers’ vehicles. This alone has paid for the AutoAp service multiple times.”

  • Dynamic Recall Management
    Dealers can reduce their recall liability with AutoAp's Dynamic Recall Management service: includes daily inventory monitoring and status reports; consumer disclosure printing capability and recall alerting....

  • Dealers put themselves at serious risk of liability when they sell vehicles with unrepaired safety recalls. Dynamic Recall Management takes all of the confusion, guess work and manual effort out of knowing the safety recall status on inventory every day.  Using the Industry’s most accurate, timely and comprehensive recall status information, Dynamic Recall Management monitors and reports status on dealer inventory daily and includes the ability to print date and time-stamped consumer disclosures.  

    AutoAp's advanced data collection, cleansing and status verification processes correct errors and out of synch recall information, recognizing common errors, timing issues, and patterns in OEM and NHTSA recall data to deliver the most comprehensive, accurate and timely recall information in the automotive industry.

    With more accurate and timely safety recall information than NHTSA, vehicle history reports and in some cases even the OEMs can provide, auto retailers can now reduce the safety recall liability associated with selling vehicles with open safety recalls and effectively manage recall compliance across all store locations from a single account.

  • Recall Status Now!
    Make better business decisions by knowing the safety recall status before you buy, with Recall Status Now! - On-demand, accurate safety recall status lookup - mobile and browser-based web app service....

  • Open recalls on in-brand vehicles at acquisition generate net-new warranty reimbursement service revenue. Off-brand vehicles with open recalls cost money & add time getting  front-line ready. Off-brand vehicles with open recalls, when there is no OEM recall remedy available, can sit for months before repairs are possible.

    With Recall Status Now!, you'll know the accurate safety recall status before you buy. 

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