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Autosoft is a full-featured technology platform offering Vehicle Inventory Management, Sales and F&I, and a dealer management system (DMS) that has been recognized as the All-Time Most Recommended DMS through DrivingSales. With affordable month-to-month contracts and 35+ OEM integrations, Autosoft’s easy-to-use products improve processes and reduce operating costs in over 2,000 franchised automotive dealerships.

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 Press Releases

  • The Only Cloud-Based Inventory Management Module Built Within a Dealer Management System (DMS) Delivers Powerful Benefits

    WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa., January 16, 2017 – Autosoft, Inc., a leading national dealer management system (DMS) provider, has introduced the second module in their next-generation DMS, Inventory Management, a robust web-based solution that provides dealerships with vehicle appraisal, inventory pricing, and digital marketing and merchandising functionality with mobile capabilities. Dealers can also access auction data from Manheim Market Reports and book values from Black Book®, NADA, and Kelley Blue Book®. The inventory bookout functionality gives dealers instant access to this data from the desking screen in Autosoft Sales and F&I.

    Other highlights include:

    • Mobile capabilities that create powerful efficiencies, like VIN scan, appraisal functionality, and image capture, available directly from inventory records.
    • An inventory pricing review section that lets dealers manage used inventory from both a book and market perspective. Dealers can set and update prices based on the most up-to-date book values, competitor listings, accounting costs, and days in stock.
    • Inventory marketing and merchandising that’s built directly within Autosoft DMS and manageable from one screen. Dealers can update pricing, add and edit images with watermarks and overlays, add detailed descriptions, and export to third-party websites.

    Earlier this year, Autosoft launched their next-generation DMS. On this new cloud-based platform, dealerships will utilize all key solutions from one database, accessed by a single sign-on. Today, the platform offers Sales and F&I, collaboration tools, customer and vehicle records, dashboard and configurable reporting, mobile access, and a full customer knowledge center.

    With the release of Inventory Management, Autosoft is introducing an embedded software applications marketplace that allows dealerships to customize their solution to their specific business needs. Autosoft is also in the process of developing the accounting, service, parts, and CRM aspects of the platform.

    “A single platform has proven to enhance the customer experience as well as improve speed, productivity, and scalability for every department. It enables stronger decision-making since all staff have real-time access to the same data,” said Bryce Veon, President and CEO of Autosoft.

    Additional benefits of a single platform include:

    • Faster transaction times that lead to staff efficiency and a higher level of customer satisfaction.
    • Enhanced communication tools that enable staff to engage other departments without having to leave the customer’s side.
    • Stronger permissions and control over what individual employees can see or do.
    • Easier and faster employee onboarding.
    • Easier-to-monitor work statuses (including task handoff, etc.) of all your workflows.

  • Integration Provides Seamless Connection Between Autosoft’s Dealer Management System and General Motors’ Online Service Scheduling Software

    WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa., April 2, 2018 – Autosoft, Inc., a leading national dealer management system (DMS) provider, announced that General Motors’ Online Service Scheduling (OSS) solution now integrates with Autosoft DMS.

    The new online service scheduling application from GM Certified Service is packed with features and benefits for both car dealerships and dealership customers. For dealership customers, GM OSS simplifies the service process by allowing them to complete all the following actions online: secure an appointment time, select a desired service advisor, learn transportation options, identify desired services, and modify an appointment. GM OSS promotes a consistent experience that improves customer satisfaction.

    For dealerships, GM OSS drives simplicity by offering and booking available appointment times, providing appointment access to service advisors, pushing appointments from GM systems to Autosoft DMS, and integrating with GM Service Workbench. By integrating Autosoft Service Schedule, Autosoft’s improved quick scheduler, with GM OSS, dealerships will also be eligible for GM’s new incentive program, GM PASE (Parts and Service Excellence).

    “We are excited to offer GM OSS integration to our customers and pleased to provide them with tools that will drive efficiency and higher customer satisfaction in their service areas,” said Dale Novotniak, Connect Program Director at Autosoft. “Once our customers have set up OSS with GM, they just need to fill out our online form to enroll in integration.”

  • Dealers using Autosoft’s DMS can choose from over 200 solutions to enhance customer experiences and generate more profits

    WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa., August 16, 2018 – Autosoft, Inc., a leading national dealer management system (DMS) provider, announces the growth of their Connect program with sixteen new third-party partners. Additional partners give dealers more affordable options for integration with their DMS.

    New Autosoft partnerships include Armatus Dealer Uplift, ARSloaner, Aspire Marketing Services, Auto Data Direct, Inc., AutoLoop, CRMSuite, DealerOps, DealerSync, GoMoto, Honcker, Quality Assurance, SMART Payment Plan, Tail Light LLC, Talk Options, TEXT2DRIVE, and Votenza Systems. All partners offer services and products that help automotive dealers increase profits and efficiencies, and, ultimately, deliver better customer experiences.

    • Armatus Dealer Uplift increases your warranty parts profits with a retail warranty parts and labor reimbursement submission service.
    • ARSloaner manages your loaner fleet, prints all forms, and tracks required manufacturing data with a cloud-based system.
    • Aspire Marketing Services maximizes your closing potential, increases satisfaction, and drives traffic with the right message at the right time.
    • Auto Data Direct, Inc. expedites and simplifies dealer processes, including metal plate issuance and print-on-demand temporary tags.
    • AutoLoop delivers high ROI and more loyal customers with proven dealer-centric sales, service, and marketing solutions.
    • CRMSuite grows your sales with artificial intelligence and intuitive follow up in an all-in-one business intelligence tool.
    • DealerOps is a user-friendly enterprise analytics, data intelligence, and performance management solution that is accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
    • DealerSync increases your leads and conversion rate with a responsive website and Inventory Management Suite.
    • GoMoto streamlines your service lane through check-in and payment processes with customer facing kiosk technology.
    • Honcker lets dealers stop chasing leads and start closing orders with 100% online VIN-specific leasing in just three steps.
    • Quality Assurance manages your service and sales retention with CSI factory score solutions and affordable mail, email, and phone prices.
    • SMART Payment Plan increases sales and finance gross and sells more cars and F&I products with smaller, automated loan payments.
    • Tail Light LLC improves F&I Sales and Management with menu, reporting, electronic contracting, and mobile solutions.
    • Talk Options allows dealers to communicate with customers more efficiently while increasing Repair Order totals and customer satisfaction.
    • TEXT2DRIVE is the most powerful and comprehensive texting platform in the industry today.
    • Votenza Systems is a simple-to-use lead management tool and full CRM with a unique life-cycle marketing and equity tool.

    “Our dealers’ needs are evolving, and we’re excited to continue expanding our partner relationships to give them more options,” said Autosoft Connect Program Director, Dale Novotniak. “Our dealers get deep integration between Autosoft’s DMS and our third-party partners’ solutions. We also remain committed to keeping our third-party integration fees among the lowest in the industry.”

    Autosoft offers complete integration between their DMS and many CRM, Sales, Marketing, Inventory, F&I, Parts, Service, and other third-party solutions. By continuously adding new partners, Autosoft makes it easier to create a more profitable dealership with more satisfied customers.

    Currently, Autosoft gives dealers access to choose from over 200 partner solutions to integrate with their DMS. Dealerships can also ask Autosoft to partner with a new third-party partner of their choice. To learn more about Autosoft’s partners and see a complete list, visit

  • Integration Provides Robust, Seamless Connection Between Autosoft’s Dealer Management System and Xtime’s Customer Retention Solution

    WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa., October 19, 2018 – Autosoft, Inc., a national dealer management system (DMS) provider, announced a new integration partnership with Xtime designed to streamline management of fixed operations and help improve customer service.

    Xtime offers the premier customer retention solution for automotive manufacturers and dealerships. Dealers using Autosoft’s DMS can now automatically manage their shop capacity using the Xtime Schedule product without manual intervention to the Autosoft ledger. This partnership simplifies the scheduling process for dealers by enabling Xtime to effortlessly pull appointments, contact information, and vehicle information from Autosoft, as well as push any appointments created from Xtime’s Schedule solution into Autosoft’s DMS.

    “Our dealers rely on us for an innovative dealer management system. We are excited to add Xtime integration to our Connect program and give Autosoft customers a revolutionary way to manage their shop’s capacity with easy and accurate results,” said Bryce Veon, President and CEO at Autosoft. “The efficiencies from this integration will help our dealers maximize their profit potential and provide a better customer experience.”

    “Since adding Xtime for our scheduling, along with the improved integration between Xtime and Autosoft, our number of appointments has increased, and the time to generate repair orders has decreased,” said Doug Schuett, Service Manager at Hastings Ford Lincoln. “We are pleased with how these enhancements help us deliver the high-quality experience our customers have come to expect over the years.”

    Xtime’s primary objective is to develop solutions that help dealers provide superior customer service to their clients with the intention of increasing client retention.

    “With continuing margin compression and a flattening automotive retail market, dealers must find ways to boost their customer retention to drive profitable growth,” said Jim Roche, Vice President of Marketing and Managed Services at Xtime. “Xtime’s integration with Autosoft is another way the company has simplified fixed operations, allowing dealers to deliver superior client service to their customers.”

    To learn more about how Xtime helps dealers deliver a superior customer experience, dealers can call Xtime at 888.463.3888 (United States) or 877.984.6377 (Canada). Dealers can also email Xtime at  To learn more about Autosoft’s DMS, call 844.888.8200, email, or visit

    About Xtime

    Xtime increases customer retention for automotive dealer service departments by using technology to transform the ownership experience. Improving customer satisfaction and retention ultimately drives dealer revenue and profitability. Xtime is committed to delivering the experience consumers demand – an experience which emphasizes value, convenience and trust.

    Xtime books 44 million service appointments and processes 120 million repair orders annually. Twenty-nine global OEMs have chosen Xtime to drive that same type of success for their businesses, converting $9 billion in service revenue for more than 7,500 dealerships across three continents.

  • Dynatron Software and Autosoft Partner to Bring Dealers Increased Profits and Efficiencies

    WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa., September 25, 2018 – Autosoft, Inc., a full-featured technology platform, partnered with Dynatron Software, the industry leader in fixed operations reporting and development, to offer dealerships a free, no-risk service department assessment that highlighted their department’s areas of greatest potential improvement and profit growth.

    Dynatron Software uses their business intelligence tools, EBIS and ROAMS, to measure, market, and merchandise dealerships’ service departments, which can lead to better customer retention and increased profitability. They have mastered warranty labor rate and parts increase filing at about half the typical market cost. They perform mystery shopping, drive recall business, and implement overall service retention strategies. To maximize service profitability, Dynatron also provides industry-leading fixed operations coaching and consulting.

    Autosoft offers a full-featured dealer management system (DMS) that has been recognized as the All-Time Most Recommended DMS through DrivingSales and includes Sales and F&I, Accounting, Parts, Service, and Vehicle Inventory Management products. Autosoft’s fixed operations functionality allows dealers to optimize scheduling, improve shop utilization, and increase revenue.

    Autosoft and Dynatron Software partnered to provide dealerships a service department analysis highlighting customer pay (CP) services compared to the same brands, in the same region, and in similar size.

    Dealerships were able to see if their performance was above or below the group average for high-level metrics such as CP labor gross profit percentage, CP labor revenue per repair order (RO), and more. The analysis also showed how dealerships compared to the group by service type. Dealers were able to review effective labor rate trends in service categories and receive a comprehensive warranty labor rate analysis.

    Participants saw an average of over $125,500 in annualized net profit per rooftop, along with positive changes in their warranty labor, compliance, and CP services.

    “Partnering with Dynatron Software for this free service department analysis shows our dealers that Autosoft is committed to being more than a DMS provider, but also a trusted partner in their business,” said Autosoft product manager Jason Baab. “Their success is our success.”

    Dealerships can take advantage of Dynatron’s complimentary analysis offer by calling Rob Melaris at 702.279.1310. To learn more about Autosoft, dealerships can call 844.888.8200.

    About Dynatron Software

    Dynatron Software is the premier provider of automotive fixed operation data analytics, business intelligence, and pricing optimization. Our solutions provide quantifiable and substantial ROI with the least amount of managerial effort to over 1900 automotive dealerships nationwide. To learn more about Dynatron Software, call Rob Melaris at 702.279.1310, email, or visit

  • GoMoto Drives Profitability and Improves Customer Experience With Streamlined Dealership Operations

    PHILADELPHIA, Pa., July 17, 2018 – GoMoto, a developer of progressive technologies for automotive service lanes and showrooms that modernize the dealership experience and drive customer engagement, proudly announces that their Virtual Service Advisor Platform has been certified to integrate with Autosoft, a leading dealer management system (DMS) provider.

    GoMoto’s Virtual Service Advisor delivers kiosk technology for the service lane that provides streamlined, self-led customer check in. GoMoto kiosks significantly reduce the customer’s check-in time and high labor costs while providing a consistent experience that improves customer satisfaction. GoMoto’s turn-key cloud-based hardware and software solutions can be dynamically tailored to any dealership process or operation.

    With Autosoft’s fully integrated DMS and GoMoto’s service lane solutions, dealers can optimize their customers’ experiences and reduce the workloads for service advisors. Dealers can open repair orders, update customer appointments and information, offer vehicle trade appraisals, and upsell every customer.

    GoMoto has seen tremendous success with 85% of customers stating that the kiosk made check-in easier and faster, 81% of customers preferring a kiosk-based check-in experience over the employee-led check-in, 13% of customers self-selecting an upgraded or add-on service recommended during the check-in process, and 7% of customers opting-in to explore the trade-in/vehicle equity review offered upon check-in.

    “Automotive dealers are looking to improve the consumer journey and deliver the dealership experience of the future,” said GoMoto CEO, Todd Marcelle. “Consumers are used to self-service technology across many other retail environments and expect the same from the automotive industry. Bryce Veon and his team at Autosoft have continually pursued progressive integrations to ensure their dealers are able to adopt the latest technology to maintain a competitive advantage.”

    “Our dealers rely on us for a complete end-to-end dealer management system that allows them to run their business seamlessly, efficiently, and profitably,” said Autosoft Connect Program Director, Dale Novotniak. “With the integration of GoMoto’s self-service kiosk, our dealers can maximize their profit potential with an innovative, cutting-edge service lane solution.”


    GoMoto was started by seasoned automotive and technology entrepreneurs with a simple passion to develop and deploy the dealership experience of the future. GoMoto creates comprehensive dealer-focused solutions that drive sales and provide customers captivating interactive technology in-store. Their flagship product, The Virtual Service Advisor, is indoor and outdoor Kiosk technology that streamlines service check-in and increases profitability by intelligently offering customers vehicle-specific product, service, and trade equity offers. For more information about GoMoto or about the Virtual Service Advisor please visit or call 773.844.5382.

  • Autosoft, All-Time Most Recommended DMS, Secures Silver Stevie® Award

    WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa., April 10, 2018 – Autosoft, Inc. has received a Silver Stevie Award for “Contact Center of the Year” in the 12th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service Excellence.

    Established in 2002, the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service are the world’s top honors for customer service, contact center, business development, and sales professionals in more than 60 nations.

    These awards were presented during a gala banquet on February 23rd in Las Vegas, Nevada, with over 600 executives from around the world in attendance.

    A panel of 150 professionals determined the finalists out of over 2,500 nominations from organizations of all sizes in almost every industry. Entries were broken down into 149 different categories ranging from Senior Sales Executive of the Year to the Award for Innovation in Customer Service.

    Autosoft President and CEO, Bryce Veon, was elated with news of their Contact Center of the Year silver award but not entirely surprised.

    “Here at Autosoft,” Veon commented, “we pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service. Our ultimate goal is to provide a product and service that will improve your dealership, and this award is confirmation that we are meeting that goal.”

    He explained, “I see our teams’ hard work every day, so it is no surprise to me that we received this award. I commend our customer support staff for their dedication to our customers and congratulate them for a job well done.”

    Last year, Autosoft received three bronze awards for Contact Center of the Year, Contact Center Leader of the Year, and Front-Line Professional of the Year. This year’s silver award marks another step forward for Autosoft.

    Details about the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service and the list of Stevie winners in all categories are available at

    About the Stevie Awards

    Stevie Awards are conferred in seven programs: the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, the German Stevie Awards, The American Business Awards, The International Business Awards, the Stevie Awards for Great Employers, the Stevie Awards for Women in Business and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Stevie Awards competitions receive more than 10,000 entries each year from organizations in more than 60 nations. Honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind them, the Stevies recognize outstanding performances in the workplace worldwide. Learn more about the Stevie Awards at

    Sponsors of the 12th annual Stevie Awards include HCL Financial Services, Rant & Rave, Sales Partnerships, Inc., and ValueSelling Associates, Inc.

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