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The KeyMaster: The Most Advanced Key Machine

In 1992, 1Micro was born into the automotive market with the solution to every dealer's pain: frustrated customers, replacing keys, wasted time searching for keys, and even losing customers because you can't find the key to a car. This solution was and still is the KeyMaster.

Currently in 2019, 1Micro's solution dominates across the US, Canada, and South America dealerships who have the same issues today as they did years ago. Additionally, 1Micro has innovated on its solution to bring even more value to the dealer that encompasses the KeyMaster with iLot, the most efficient and secure way to access your keys, as a complete inventory solution. 

KeyMaster 4.0 - The only Cloud-based key machine is engineered specifically for a vehicle key, designed to give you many years of use, and accurate results to better your business. For every transaction, a 4K definition image is captured of the user accessing your keys to maintain accountability for your staff and vendors. For every key assigned into the system, an automatic key and vehicle label is printed. It doesn't stop there - the KeyMaster gives you the ability to secure spare keys down to a manager only and even license plate control! Over 65+ integrations such as vAuto, Homenet, Vinsolutions, etc.

iLot - The most efficient tool that you can use with the KeyMaster can be done right from your phone with iLot. Available for iOS or Android devices, iLot gives your employees real-time information and the most secure way to access your keys from their phone. You can search who has the key, or which KeyMaster the key is in as well as where the vehicle was last parked with the geofencing capabilities of iLot. Additionally, you can perform physical inventory audits with iLot in real time with either one or multiple users.

 Press Releases

  • January 18, 2019 - 1Micro, a leader in the automotive industry for key control, is poised to bring effective solutions to the 2019 NADA Show, located in San Francisco, California. With the two hottest products in the automotive market, KeyMaster and iLot, 1Micro adds another cost-effective solution: KeyMaster Lite. With the same advanced technology as other products that 1Micro currently offers, the KeyMaster Lite brings even more control for the areas that a dealer will need for an efficient operation. Stop by Booth 4043N to learn more!

    Click here to learn more about the KeyMaster Lite: http://www.1micro.com/keymaster-lite/

    Click here to schedule a demo in our booth: http://www.1micro.com/nada-2019-demo-scheduler

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  • iLot Asset Tracking
    Using our Geofencing technology, you can create customized fences for the locations that your vehicles are parked. iLot will show your employees who has what key and where the car is parked, right from their mobile phone!...

  • Now that you have your keys, where is the car located? iLot Asset Tracking will track your vehicle’s locations, all from your mobile device. Customize as many geofences of your lots near or far from your dealership. Update the locations of these vehicles in a variety of different ways. Don't have a KeyMaster yet? No problem - you can still use the iLot™ Asset Tracking solution to track your vehicles. Coming soon… tracking the test drives and securing that data to our cloud-based platform.
  • iLot Inventory Audit
    Put an end to the old fashioned way of your physical inventory with a paper and a pencil and upgrade your process. Create more efficiency with the iLot Inventory Audit Tool with unlimited user audits, GPS location updates, and more....

  • Are you performing a monthly physical inventory each month by handwriting a stock # or VIN? How much time do you waste during this process? Audit your vehicles with iLot™Inventory Audit from one or multiple devices in real time. Upload your inventory file and start scanning your vehicles. Scan 500 cars in 30 minutes. Reconcile your data on our cloud-based website, locate the vehicles, and print to a file format of your choice. No expensive scanners, hand written reports, or time consuming endeavors. It's all from your mobile device. Don't have a KeyMaster yet? No problem - you can still use the iLot™ Inventory Audit solution to audit your vehicles.
  • iLot Mobile Transactions
    iLot's Mobile Transactions are designed with one thing in mind: SPEED. Bottlenecks occur in many parts of a dealership today, especially with your keys. iLot improves your team's efficiency right from their iOS or Android device....

  • Find who has the key checked out or where the key is located, all from your mobile device. With triple layer security, iLot is the most efficient and secure way to access your keys. Scan your transactional QR code at the KeyMaster and get a key in less than 5 seconds. No standing at the kiosk or waiting in line to get keys. Do you have multiple keys you need to take out of the system? Simply scan vehicle VIN’s or type a batch of cars into iLot and execute the transaction to get all your keys at once. It’s that easy.
  • KeyMaster
    Stop wasting your customer's time, replacing keys, and losing deals because you've got the wrong key management. The KeyMaster is proven to give you results for improved efficiency, reduced expenses in labor/replacing keys, and ultimately a positive ROI....

  • The KeyMaster is the only Cloud-based key machine on the planet engineered specifically for a vehicle key or fob. Every transaction records a 4K image of the user accessing your keys. Which inventory vendor would you like to integrate with? The KeyMaster has the ability to customize your own integration, or set up a feed with over 65+ integrations across the automotive landscape such as vAuto, Homenet, Vinsolutions, etc.

    Want to learn more? Visit our website and submit a contact form to start your first step towards saving money: http://www.1micro.com/key-master/

  • KeyMaster Lite
    The same advanced technology with a cost effective design. Add even more control to your operations!...

  • Control your keys for: an Off-Site Location, After Hours, Rental Vehicles, Valet, Spare Keys, Fleet Vehicles, High Value Assets, License Plates, New Car, Used Car, PDI, Desktop Key Assignments, Body Shop, Reconditioning, Wash, Cashier, Subscription Service and more.

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