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Dealer-centric solutions. For top-tier results.

Since 2005, AutoLoop has been helping dealers grow their business with user-friendly sales and service process tools and marketing solutions. When we first started, it was with one goal in mind: to revolutionize the way dealers engage their customers. So instead of several disconnected products, we created one seamlessly connected suite of solutions that work better together than any piecemeal product could alone.

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  • AutoLoop Analytics™
    Actionable marketing and data mining...

  • Better open rates, responses, and conversions begin with Analytics, the insightful data solution that helps you identify customers most likely to buy.
  • AutoLoop BDC Connect™
    Intelligent phone call management...

  • No more searching for answers. Give your callers all the data they need to really reach your customers. Access all buyer information and marketing activity from one central location for the most informed and compelling calls that convert more customers. Create and monitor custom call campaigns for sales or service. Prioritize by date or event. Set appointments, update info, see customer activity, and more—all in the same program.
  • AutoLoop Book™
    Comprehensive customer scheduling suite...

  • AutoLoop Book makes it easy for customers to schedule online, driving more appointments and more business for your shop. Personalized service recommendations and automated reminders alleviate your advisor workload while providing your customers with the fastest access to your online scheduler. And a user-friendly, best-in-class system ensures the appointment scheduling process is not only simple for everyone, but more effective as well. Take advantage of intuitive dashboards, single-click filters, and skills and shop‑loading optimization to eliminate downtime and improve capacity management.

    Add-on: AutoLoop BillPay™

    Online service ledger and billing system

    Add-on: AutoLoop Messaging™

    Two-way SMS, email, and internal communication

    Add-on: AutoLoop Open Recalls™

    Seamlessly integrated vehicle recall data

  • AutoLoop Call Center™
    Proprietary voice solutions for sales and service...

  • Release your staff from phone duty: our agents make and receive calls to bring more customers to your dealership. Automatically (or manually) route all service calls to our agents. Track your progress with industry-leading reporting.

  • AutoLoop Conquest™
    Tactical mail and email prospect marketing...

  • Growing your business is easy with Conquest, our innovative marketing tool that delivers exceptional results at a fraction of the cost of other options.
  • AutoLoop Essentials™
    Targeted multi-channel customer marketing...

  • AutoLoop Essentials is the industry’s only all-in-one solution: a seamless platform of sales and service tools to drive customer engagement, backed by 12+ years of exclusive automotive and marketing expertise. As a dedicated partner and consultant, we know what it takes to achieve real results. That’s why we deliver hassle-free onboarding, on-site training, and 24/7 support—something competitors can’t speak to. Take advantage of every opportunity with monthly, quarterly, or annual planning through a built-in calendar. Ensure targeted messaging and maximized response rates with proven list-build recommendations. Reach customers through their preferred channels via responsive emails with available Spanish translation, voice, text message, direct mail, and social media. And most importantly, net a high ROI: in 2017, AutoLoop Essentials sent nearly 200 million communications, driving $1.9 billion in service gross profit and $9.3 billion in sales profit.

  • AutoLoop MPI™
    User-friendly multi-point inspections...

  • Monitor workshop operations and quickly identify every repair opportunity with consistent multi-point inspections tailored to each OEM. AutoLoop MPI delivers vehicle status updates that are instantly visible to all your advisors, technicians, and BDC reps, so your service lane will flow like never before. Plus, an intuitive, user-friendly system and detailed inspection reports make it easy for customers to understand exactly what services their vehicle needs and why it’s important. Advisors can even attach photos and videos to customer records at each service visit—reducing your liability and validating your recommended repairs.
  • AutoLoop Newsletter™
    One-to-one targeted customer communications...

  • Make sure your customers automatically think of you—not your competition—when they’re ready to purchase another vehicle or have their current one serviced. Professionally-written monthly newsletters from your store with intriguing articles, lifestyle stories, and helpful how-to videos catch their interest—and irresistible sales and service offers, personalized for them based on history and current incentives, bring them in. Even better, you can track all customer newsletter interaction through AutoLoop Newsletter’s in-depth analytics—and make the most of each person’s buying behavior.
  • AutoLoop Quote™
    Advanced equity mining and real-time quote generation...

  • Many people think about buying a vehicle. But in sales, it’s not the thought that counts. AutoLoop Quote saves you time and automatically finds your best prospects—your existing customers considering a new purchase or upgrade—by drawing them to your dealership with hard-to-resist equity offers precisely matched to your current inventory. Tap into an additional 50% of your customer database with customized, auto-generated lead sheets right from the service lane. Identify your highest-priority opportunities from intuitive Sales and Service Ledgers. And take advantage of optional email, direct mail, and phone calls to generate more responses— and more revenue. Not only will your customers have the most accurate pricing at every point, your team will have the industry-leading tools necessary to ensure every opportunity is followed through to the sale.
  • AutoLoop SmartLane™
    Mobile check-in and service lane management...

  • Critical data is just that: critical. So access it wirelessly and with a single click. AutoLoop SmartLane houses the information you need right from the service lane to eliminate back-and-forth. And since we know you likely have other integrations—Dealer Tire® and TSD loaner/rental management, to name a couple—we make it easy to access them just as quickly. Explore previously declined repairs, built-in factory maintenance plans, customizable Good/Better/Best menus, and more to make personalized recommendations that will gain you a 44% average increase in RO dollars. Plus, document pre-existing conditions to drive upsell and cover your liability while you’re at it.
  • AutoLoop XRM™
    Fully-integrated CRM solution...

  • Everything you need to get the job done in a single, easy-to-use platform. Consolidate customer and lead management tasks while driving profit, staff accountability, and productivity. Manage customer interactions, accelerate deal processing with available VIN and driver’s license scanning, and complete follow-up tasks—all from your desktop or smartphone. View incentives and factory programs, swap payment options, and generate clean, professional electronic paperwork. Track every sale, keep an eye on all showroom activity—on the floor, online, and over the phone—and maintain consistency with all pertinent information on a single screen. Stay in touch with customers and keep it all organized, ensuring consistent contact with automated reminders. Snag potential deals shopping online—by matching leads against search and shop activity to provide real-time updates and dynamic ROI reporting. Know on the spot which vehicles you have available with our true vehicle inventory management system.
  • Trade-In Valet®
    Online appraisal and guaranteed upgrade offers...

  • Outselling the competition just got easier! Your customers have more options to dispose of their trade than ever before. Your gross profit hinges on trading for the right unit at the right price. Trade-In Valet ensures that you trade for more, you hold the hard deals together, and you’re able to increase gross profit. We have helped dealers from coast to coast build a healthy and profitable preowned inventory mix by trading for more and buying vehicles directly from consumers. No one in the industry is more focused on helping dealers improve their trade-in game. It’s who we are. We put feet on your showroom floor. Today’s consumers demand a more transparent and straightforward sales approach. Dealers who can embrace this will emerge as market leaders. Let us show you how providing your customers with a true guaranteed offer for their trade-in will result in the consumer trust you’re searching for to drive the traffic you need. Transparency = trust and trust sells cars.

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