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KINTZ | Modern Sales & Management Training
Join us and thousands of other dealers, managers and sales people who have discovered the game changing power of KINTZ. Unleash your potential, take control of your future and enroll in the program that’s right for you.


Tailor-made solutions for your store. Speed up the sales process, develop a new department, enhance the customer experience, boost sales. We roll up our sleeves and work side by side with you to move the needle.


Highly interactive live classes with realtime feedback and hands-on role play for skill development and immediate improvement. Experience Kintz Training at a North American venue near you. 


The most relevant on-demand training program on the market. KintzNOW contains 450+ lessons for skill development, motivation, meetings and accountability to ensure your team improves continuously. 

Sales games to drive favorable outcomes, enhance skills, and bring good ol’ fashioned fun and competition into your dealership. Sales gear that makes you proud to be in the car business!  


  • 1.Active Recall: Skills Drills Flashcards
    Tabletop flashcards with an accompanying pocket book that help you learn the right words to say so you can close more deals....

  • Designed to simulate a number of common customer interactions, Active Recall Cards work to prepare you for the objections, closes and opportunities you’re bound to encounter on the job. No longer are you left fumbling over what to say to your customers. Active Recall Cards give you the tools you need to respond on a dime.

    Each set includes four tabletop, partner games as well as four pocket guides (not pictured) for when you want to practice alone. Quit coming up with excuses and get to practicing. You’ve got customers waiting for you!

    Each piece of the set: 

    • Bypassing:
      You’ve learned what the customer wants and found them the perfect car—until everything comes to a halt when the customer starts asking tough questions. Instead of getting stuck, bypass those questions by learning to answer with the right phrase on instinct. This set of Bypass Active Recall Cards helps you practice and memorize key responses to common objections so you’re never left at a loss for words.
    • Closes: 
      The right response at the right moment can make or break the deal. With the Closes Active Recall Cards, learn the best way to close in any situation, so you’re prepared no matter what a customer throws at you. This card set emphasizes one of the biggest problems of the closing process: negotiating price. Learn how to maximize your profits while successfully closing your sales.
    • Questions: 
      Getting a customer to say yes is any sales person’s goal. When they’re happy, you’re happy. The Questions Active Recall Cards will teach you the right way to ask questions to help you nail those answers every time. Steer the conversation so you’ll succeed!
    • Feature Advantage Benefit (F.A.B.s): 
      There’s no better way to grab a customer’s interest and get them excited about the product than by appealing to your product’s features, advantages, and benefits. In this card set, practice how to paint a mental image for the customer that hits on the F.A.B.s they’re most concerned with. Finally, follow up your pitch with a closing question that seals the deal.

  • 2. Vegas Line Volley: Skills Drills Game
    A game designed to improve sales reflexes and prepare your consultants to close even the toughest deal....

  • Spike your profits and your skills with the Vegas Line Volley Game. Designed to keep your team on their toes and combat any "no" a customer might come up with, this set prepares your sales consultants to close even the toughest deal. 

    Drawing its name from the volleyball play in which someone spikes the ball hard enough to break through an opposing line of blockers, scoring a point; this skills drills practice set is the perfect tool for salespeople to practice bypassing questions, handling objections, closing techniques and other obstacles blocking them from the close. 

    Each set includes:

    • Objections Ball: Objections are inevitable and eventually predictable. Stay on top of your game and ready to address any objection your customer may have.
    • Questions Ball: There are good and bad questions to ask during a sale. Practice the questions that will land you a "yes."
    • Bypass Ball: Like objections, customers will always have questions. Come to expect the tough questions and learn to bypass them with ease.
    • F.A.B. Ball: The best way to get a customer excited about the product is to share it's features, advantages and benefits. Practice painting mental images so the customer can see themselves driving away in a brand new car.
  • 3. Build or Burn Sales Competition
    A weekly sales competition designed to improve your team's closing ratios....

  • Build or Burn encourages everyone on the team to work harder to move more metal. The 2.5 lb. golden “Relationship Builder” dumbbell serves as the trophy everyone is gunning for, while the 11 inch charcoal “Burning Through Ups” extinguisher is the one they’re trying to avoid. 

    Each week the trophies change hands. The golden dumbbell is awarded to the salesperson with the highest closing ratio and the charcoal fire extinguisher is given to the one with the lowest. The fire extinguisher should never land in a permanent home, as the salesperson who finds it in their hands will quickly improve so it doesn't stay there long. At the end of each month one hard working salesperson will rise to the top, with the best overall closing ratio they will claim the gold permanently as their own — and a new golden trophy will be ushered in and up for grabs. How many can they collect?     

    By leveraging both the carrot and the stick (positive and negative reinforcement) Build or Burn is a fun and low cost way to ensure that all your bases are covered in improving closing ratios and making sure every opportunity is maximized. 

    Build or Burn Bundle includes two (2) Relationship Builder (aka: Strong Closer) golden dumbbell trophies; one (1) Every Customer Counts (aka: Burning Through Ups) fire extinguisher trophy; one (1) set of game rules and instructions; instructional video on implementing the sales game in the dealership. 

    Relationship Builder Refill includes two (2) Relationship Builder (aka: Strong Closer) golden dumbbell trophies

    Every Customer Counts Refill includes one (1) Every Customer Counts (aka: Burning Through Ups) fire extinguisher trophy

  • 4. Heavy Hitter Sales Competition
    A sales competition designed to boost gross profit and promote and fun and competitive work environment....

  • Welcome to the Big Leagues! 

    Grow your grosses with the Heavy Hitter Game – a competition bound to knock the deals right out of the park. Heavy Hitter arrives to you in a sleek, black case. Inside you'll find three custom Heavy Hitter bats, an instruction manual, two sharpies and three scrorebooks.

    Each of the three bats embodies a different level of success: good, great and exceptional grosses. As your team members close good, great and exceptional deals, they'll autograph the corresponding bat and add to its overall value. The values of the silver Home Run bat, gold Grand Slam bat and black Cycle bat will vary based on your dealership, but each lingers in the six figures at the end of every season. 

    To begin, you'll want the starter set which includes a Home Run, Grand Slam and Cycle bat. Once the game is in full swing, you can purchase additional sets of three as you need them.

  • 5. Quarterly Sales Playbook for Professionals
    A quarterly sales planner that improves productivity, boosts confidence and tracks success....

  • The Quarterly Sales Playbook for Professionals is the ultimate tool to make and keep your business successful. Divided into four sections, a goals and commitments section followed by three individual months of tracking and goal tackling, it declutters your mind and workspace and allows you to achieve your personal best by improving your habits.

    A section dedicated to your personal and professional goals allows you to prioritze your life and see what it is you're interested in accomplishing. By using your specific stats and desired improvement, the Quarterly Sales Playbook then helps you create a plan of attack tailored to you. We all know we need to sell 12 cars to meet our 12 car goal, but how do we do that? The Playbook allows you to calculate how many calls you need to be making, how many appointments you need to be setting, even how many emails you need to be sending to make sure you hit your number. On top of that, it helps you keep track of all of these numbers day in and day out. 

    With 300 pages of material, daily motivation, quarterly goals and metrics, charts for daily and monthly progress tracking, success formulas and more, it's no wonder people are calling it "the BOMB."

    If you want your business to be successful you have to develop habits that get it there. Successful people have routines, the Quarterly Sales Playbook can be yours. 

  • 6. KintzNOW Online Training
    The most relevant on-demand training program on the market....

  • For managers, there's rarely enough time in the day to do all the stuff that needs to be done. For salespeople, there are dead zones when traffic is light and the phones are quiet. No more. Salespeople turn downtime intro practice time with KintzNOW on-demand mobile first training from their smartphone. There you can practice with Tim instead of on your customers. Managers gain full visibility, accountability and tracking. As a manager you also get ready-to-deliver sales meetings, motivation and training sessions. 

    KintzNOW contains 450+ lessons for skill development, motivation, meetings and accountability. Covering topics from handling objections to bringing the fun and competition back into your dealership, it's your on-demand key to success.

    For a list of available courses and future ones, visit

  • 7. Onsite Training
    Tailor-made solutions for your store....

  • The Kintz Group will develop a training program built just for your dealership. Need to focus on management training? Sales training? Whatever your training needs, the Kintz Group will create a specific plan and strategy geared towards your dealership. 

    For more information, visit our booth or contact us at 888-512-2299.

  • 8. High Performance Selling Workshop
    An interactive course meant for salespeople who want to build upon their skillsets and experience, and are committed to becoming the best of the best....

  • This two day workshop focuses on your success as a salesperson and gives you the tools you need to further that success. It incorporates multiple breakouts and role play sessions to advance your knowledge into hard wired skillsets. You'll learn to speed up the velocity of the deal without sacrificing the integrity of the sale, maximizing every opportunity. When you walk out, you'll have the confidence and competence to handle any customer scenario from the biggest laydown to the most challenging grinder. 

    Workshop Details:

    • 2 Days
    • Breakfast and Lunch 
    • 9-5 Daily
    • Workbook, Notepad and Pen
    • Sales Games and Competition
    • Sales SWAG
    • Topgolf venue where possible
  • 9. High Performance Management Workshop
    A course meant for automotive managers who want to transform a rag-tag group of average sales prevention people into a team of top producers....

  • This two day workshop focuses on making you an effective leader. It incorporates multiple breakouts and role play sessions to gain buy-in, advance knowledge and create action. You'll learn to develop a culture of accountability, prioritize your day, grow and retain your people, and use competition to bring the fun back into selling. When you return to the store you will have the skills, knowledge, tools and confidence to create separation and dominate your market. 

    Workshop Details:

    • 2 Days
    • Breakfast and Lunch 
    • 9-5 Daily
    • Workbook, Notepad and Pen
    • Sales Games and Competition
    • Management SWAG
    • Topgolf venue where possible
  • Train the Trainer Workshop
    A course meant for sales managers and trainers who want to create a culture of continuous improvement in their organization....

  • This 'DO-shop' isn't for the faint of heart. It's comprised of education, role-plays, drills, practice and applications to transform great sales managers into great sales trainers. You'll push beyond your comfort zone and plan, prepare and execute a number of skill-based training meetings in front of the class. You'll receive coaching, feedback and positive reinforcement following each mock meeting. When you return to your store you'll know how to develop training sessions that create buy-in, increase learning retention and affect positive change. 

    ***Offered once a year in combination with a Super Bowl Party.

    Workshop Details:

    • Topgolf Venue
    • Super Bowl Party on Sunday
    • Food, Drinks and Unlimited Golf
    • Training on Monday and Tuesday 9-5
    • Breakfast and Lunch 
    • 9-5 Daily
    • Workbook, Notepad and Pen
    • Management SWAG

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