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Get the best mileage from your digital advertising

Fluid Ads is an Adtech award-winning lead-to-revenue Creative Intelligence Platform.

Our easy to use platform enables any user to create beautiful ads through a feed, and target the location of your customers with a personal message. The benefits are greater ROI on your advertising spend from using one simple platform, and outstanding beautiful ads to promote your business and brand.

Automotive brands and Dealers of all sizes across the globe can improve their digital advertising with Fluid Ads.


Add us to your exhibitors to come and have a chat on booth 7445W to learn more.

 Show Specials

  • In this data-driven show and tell we’ll provide real-world results as to how actual car dealers have halved their advertising spend whilst achieving the same results.


    PPC Advertising is a highly contested area and as a result can be pricey. With the right targeting tactics, you can achieve the same results with traditional display for half the spend.


    We’ll cover tactics like Geotargeting anyone who has visited your dealerships, your competition, banks and mortgage institutes. Also included is inventory driven advertising tailored to your audience. These advertisements are then targeted to them on the basis of their search history, identifying people in the market for your cars.

  • Come to booth 7445W to experience a fun interactive demo where we will show how a dealership from the audience can get started with inventory driven advertising in 100 seconds.


    All you need is the name of your dealership and you might have the chance to get selected for the demo. We’ll then set up inventory driven ads (using your actual live dealership inventory) ready to be flighted in less than 100 seconds.


    Inventory-driven ads are a proven way to double the output of your display spend and we’ll show you just how easy it is to get started.


  • Fluid Ads Platform
    An easy-to-use platform enabling users of any skill-set to create and deliver beautiful digital display ads through our rich features and functionality, all from one simple platform. Click more info to see details on the features we’re sharing at NADA19....

  • Dynamic Ad Feeds

    Deliver the right ad to the right person. Make your online ads deliver more leads by leveraging Fluid Ads Dynamic Feeds. Connect your vehicle inventory to your ads, so you’re only advertising your current live inventory. No integration or tech skills required


    • Stops wasting budget advertising cars that have already been sold
    • Increases conversions by showing the product in your ads that are relevant to the viewer


    Find the perfect audience using Geo-location, allowing you to target and fence individuals that enter defined locations. Target audiences that have visited your dealerships, or your competitors, and then market to them anywhere they go around the web.


    • Find more in-market customers
    • Re-engage offline customers through online channels

    Ad Builder

    Quickly create multi-shape, on-brand, omnichannel ads using dynamic content, all with no creative or coding skills required. The Fluid Ads ad builder allows you to massively reduce ad production costs so you can spend more on revenue-driving activities


    • Quickly and easily produce on-brand, dynamic, ad content
    • Stop wasting marketing budget on creative production


    Maximize ad ROI and reduce production costs through Fluid Ads’ Facebook tools.  Create display and Facebook ads at the same time with consistent messaging that advertise your live car inventory to a larger audience.


    • Improve brand performance by maintaining consistent messaging across Facebook and display ad channels
    • Massively simplify the cost and effort in maintaining dynamic content across channels

    Deep Insights Reporting

    Deep Insights Reporting gives you a detailed view of who your audience is, their interests, when you should message them, and which segments are converting. Moving beyond clicks and impressions helps tailor messaging and get the most out of your ad spend. A full 360 view of your campaigns


    • Understand who’s viewing your ads and who’s clicking
    • Better tailor messages to specific segments
    • Learn how to maximize your ad ROI

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