Hercules Vehicle Wash, Wax and Sealant Systems

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Huntington Station,  NY 
United States
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Generate $10K in Revenue per Month with Hercules!

Hercules Systems has been showing dealership how easy a Complimentary Car Wash can turn a new customer into a return customer.  Wash, wax & seal more than 100 vehicles per day while generating thousands and extra cash flow with an up-sell of wax/sealant application.

AFFORDABLE: custom made to fit into your space no need to build or renovate! Get a quality wash for a low price! 
SMART: wash, wax & seal vehicles in less than 4 minutes!
SIMPLE: push one button to run the system!
SOPISTICATED: unlike other brush systems no moving parts ever touch the vehicle guarantees no scratches on ALL finishes!

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  • (Dec 21, 2018)

    Receive 50% off Delivery & Installation on your new Hercules Wash, Wax & Sealant System

    Start to generate an additional $10,000 in profit per month

    No need to build or renovate our system is customized to fit into your space

    See a fully operating demonstration of an actual car wash, wax and seal

    BOOTH 2101S


  • Hercules 6000
    1. Wash, Wax & Seal more than 100 vehicles per day in only 4 minutes!
    2. Reduce new car preparation time by 1 hour!
    3. Increase profits by offering valued added services, including up selling the wax/seal option!
    3. Accommodates any size vehicle!

  • Our newest, patented, brushless system, the Hercules 6000 washes, waxes and seals your vehicles in minutes, leaving them shining like when they were showroom new. By covering all 5-sides of your vehicle at once, the Hercules 6000 is truly the “Speed King.”

    Since no moving parts ever touch the car, there can never be damage to the vehicle's finish. Hercules guarantees no scratches on ALL finishes...especially today's clear coat. And talk about speed...one employee can wash, wax and seal up to 50 cars per day...two over 100. And the system is always custom designed to fit within your space constraints and sized to handle whatever sized vehicles you need.

    The operation of the Hercules System is a simple process, with no formal training required and the system is designed to fit into virtually any bay layout.
    With innovative options like a Spot-Free rinse option and a range of water recycling systems, the Hercules System is always a profit-producing solution!

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