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See why we are the Leader in the Rental Industry

With close to 100 bus wash systems in the New York City Transit Authority alone, NS Corporation dominates the bus, train, and large truck market both domestically and internationally.  No other vehicle wash manufacturer can match NS Corporation’s experience, quality, or technical expertise in the large fleet and transit authority marketplace.

As resources such as water and power become scarcer, the industry will face intense lobbying to reduce its usage. NS is way ahead of the industry here with solutions that set the standard and continues to blaze the trail in the vehicle wash marketplace.

NS has been designing and building rugged, dependable vehicle wash systems since 1961. We manufacture our state-of-the-art vehicle wash systems in California, and assist in all aspects before and after installation; we have installed over 20,000 systems operating around the world.

Call Today to find out why NS Corporation, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, has been the Leader in the Transit Wash Industry since 1961.

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  • We have installed hundreds of car rental wash systems around the country for less than what just a rollover machine retails. Let us show you our systems with no redundant, unneeded or useless parts that elevate costs with no clear advantage. For $31,500.00 you can get a nice machine that will work relentlessly to keep customers happy.


  • CT-10
    Yes! A full wash for a fraction of the cost of a Rollover or in-bay Automatic!...

  • CT-10

    Drive IN-Back OUT


    Yes! A full wash for a fraction of the cost of a Rollover or in-bay Automatic


    Wrap Around Brushes wash entire profile twice. Once, going in and a second time, after reversing rotation, when vehicle backs out.


    Provides a full wash in as little as 3 minutes; sensors activate as soon as vehicle is in position, soap, double wash and rinse.

    Space Saver

    Designed for convenient use of space that might have gone wasted.  In a space as short as 35 feet you could have the solution to your maintenance problems!

    An automatic aluminum wash system for dead end bays. Vehicle enters and activates machine, soap is applied as it goes thru until the end; brushes stop and reverse rotation, green light indicates back out start; vehicle is washed once more on the way out before final rinse.

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