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For dealerships who are focused on increasing sales in every department but are dissatisfied juggling multiple softwares and time-consuming processes, Bumper is the Time and Sales Accelerator that gives your prospects and customers a reason to BUY NOW using Data-Powered Targeting and Engagement. It’s a fast, effective, affordable and push button easy way to hit every monthly target! Decrease the time your people spend using software and accelerate their sales in each department.


Dealer operations simplified! If you think all CRM’s are the same, think again. Oplogic is a premier CRM provider offering patented services which enhance dealership performance and customer experience through integrated solutions. We believe the best CRM’s are simple to use and increase dealer profits. We connect auto dealers to their customers, assist in fraud prevention, offer simple mobile access, and make it easy for your staff to generate more sales and service opportunities.

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  • Bring your team together for an online demo of Bumper and receive 10 ballots to win one of five Nespresso coffee machines. Plus, there is a special limited time deal for dealerships that purchase before NADA. You’ll receive all the info at your online demo.

    Learn More at www.vicimus.com/nada

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    Oplogic Astounds Dealers with New Avocado Desking

    DETROIT, MI, December 5th, 2018- Oplogic, a premier provider of CRM and related services for automotive dealerships, said today it has released its Avocado Desking Solution. Avocado Desking streamlines the desking process with seamless integration with OEM data such as General Motors real- time Rates, Residuals, and Incentives along with Vehicle locator. Avocado Desking also provides for a simplified side by side consumer vehicle lease and finance presentation’s with real-time selection and credit application which seamlessly integrates with both RouteOne and Dealertrack.

    John Parent, President Oplogic, states “Our mission is to constantly evolve our product offering to enhance the consumers experience while improving the efficiency of our dealer’s. Avocado Desking with tight integration to GM and other OEM data are great examples where we work with the manufacturer on behalf of the dealer”. Our clients helped to design and test Avocado Desking.  Dealers are excited about this release as we strive to provide solutions to enhance dealership operations and consumer buying experience. 

    About Oplogic

    Oplogic was established in 2000, with its headquarters in Metro-Detroit, Michigan. As one of the automotive industry’s leading choices for a complete retail solution, Oplogic’s core competency provides web-based solutions for driving Sales & Service operations to record profits for dealers. Oplogic’s CRM solution incorporates security and compliance requirements into a robust platform to most efficiently manage sales, finance and service operations. Today, Oplogic has evolved to be one of the leading national auto dealer solutions by providing extremely intuitive tools to authenticate buyers, respond to internet leads within 12-18 seconds, track 100 percent of in/outbound calls and determine real time service customer equity for current and conquest customers.  The tools available in the Oplogic product suite include CRM, ILM, telephony, BDC, inventory, desking, F&I, compliance, equity and training services. These tools standardize and streamline processes which enhance efficiency while building revenue and increasing profits for some of the largest dealer groups in the country. www.oplogic.com


  • Bumper
    Use data-powered targeting and engagement to convert prospects and customers into sales for each department. It’s so push-button easy that you can turn your team into instant revenue heroes with just 30 minutes of online training....

  • For dealerships who are focused on increasing sales in every department but are dissatisfied juggling multiple softwares and time-consuming processes, we provide a Time and Sales Accelerator that gives your prospects and customers reasons to buy now using Data-Powered Targeting & Engagement.

    Unlike other complicated products or ones built for another purpose, Bumper gets the job done fast, effectively, affordably. It’s so push-button easy that anyone in your dealership can quickly learn to use it every day.

    In fact, last year we trained a dealership’s receptionist to use Bumper in 30 minutes. She consistently generates incremental revenue for her store every week of the month!

    Now in its third version, Bumper continues to refine the simplicity of use and the effectiveness of its data-powered targeting and engagement with your prospects and customers; decreasing the time your people spend using software and accelerating their sales in each department.

    Learn more at https://www.vicimus.com/bumper

  • Glovebox CMS
    Easy. Quick. Affordable. A dealership website CMS that you can update on your own in minutes, or call your dedicated Performance Manager to give you a hand. Easy Lead Management. Easy Inventory Management. Easy Build & Price. And more!...

  • If your people have time, digital marketing skills, and your dealership has the money, there are many website options out there.

    If your people are already busy doing their day jobs and you want to manage your budget, Glovebox CMS is a simple-to-update website that always makes you look good in front of your prospects and customers.

    Glovebox is easy.

    Easy Lead Management. Easy Inventory Management. Easy Build & Price. And more!

    It comes with built-in schema markup for effective SEO to get your website noticed on searches. Drag-and-drop editing allows you to add forms, features, pages, special deals, announcements, all with just a few simple clicks. The library makes it quick to pick layouts and edit content, or start a page from scratch if you prefer.

    You also have a dedicated Performance Manager. Reach out to them anytime. They will always be there to assist or take on the work when you’re strapped for time. 

    Learn more at https://www.vicimus.com/glovebox

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