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Since its inception in 2010, Rapid Recon has been the #1 Time-To-Line (T2L) reconditioning software for new and used car dealerships and dealer groups. The company’s benchmarks and best practices help Fixed Ops Directors, GMs, Used Car Managers, and Service Managers fine-tune their reconditioning processes to achieve faster inventory cycle times. Rapid Recon is a win-win for all dealership departments; not only does it reduce a dealer's Time-to-Line (T2L) resulting in more inventory turn, more sales and more gross profit, but it also creates efficiencies in the dealer's fixed operations resulting in more labor hours and parts sales.

This easy-to-use cloud-based workflow platform is 100% customized for each dealer to automate measurement, management, and communication across workflow processes. In today’s competitive and volatile market, time is precious, margins are compressed, and there’s little room for error or waste. Rapid Recon provides the data-driven metrics that allow dealers to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and always know where their cars are in the recon process.  It also provides through instant digital communication via SMS, email & its mobile application the transparency and accountability to reduce friction between departments and personnel and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Based on the results from 10,000 users, dealers and dealer groups and 5 million vehicles through recon, Rapid Recon maintains that a dealers T2L should stay under 5-days, and without a Rapid Recon system, most dealers are between 10 to 12 days.  With so many Dealerships and Groups using its recon workflow software, Rapid Recon has a treasure trove of best practices to share for a wide range of dealerships structure, existing processes and management styles.

From the very first day, one of Its Process or Group Performance Managers works with dealer and/or dealer group management and staff, including vendors and subs, to make sure the system design and user interface meet the dealer’s specific requirements. Rapid Recon provides training and feedback in weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings to help dealers and groups respond to the dynamics of a constantly changing retail automotive business and still work closer to their target T2L.

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