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Virtual Guard, Preventing Crime Before it Happens!

Our company will customize your security system based your individual needs. One of our experts will complete a full inspection of the site to determine the best location to install the live video cameras. Along with the inspection, they will ask a series of questions about high traffic and high risk areas as well as any other security needs you may want to address. Once the camera maps have been drawn out, our field technicians will be responsible for installing the video surveillance system on your premises.

Once installation is complete, the system will be programmed to work at the requested monitoring hours decided upon the customer—typically overnight or after normal business hours. Whenever anyone enters the premises during this time, the system will detect them immediately. The Virtual Guard security system incorporates infrared lights and pre-recorded or live audio messages to warn the intruder. The audio messages are usually polite but assertive, and the intruder will be asked to leave.

If the intruder fails to comply, security guards at the Command and Control Center will use the both high-quality cameras and recorded footage to successfully identify who the person is. This also helps to ensure that there are no false alarms. Once they ascertain that the person should not be there, the authorities are alerted to come to the property immediately thus preventing the crime from happening.

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