Metairie,  LA 
United States

Sometimes One Simple Idea Can Change Everything!

This is an entirely new product concept as well as a unique, multi-faceted, marketing concept all built around one simple idea.

And it's right here, all at the perfect time!

For the consumers, your customers, an EZ-Wagon is a great idea who’s time is now!

We have already proven that demand for our EZ-Wagons is very high.

For a dealership, that is one of our Exclusive EZ-Wagon Dealerships, it represents much more.

We are moving into an era when a buyers can sit at home and order a car on the internet and that car will be dropped in their driveway the next day. 

You might even be the dealer that sold them that car.


  • They didn’t meet your salespeople.
  • They didn’t get into your service department.
  • They didn’t shop through your parts department.

Are they really your customer, or just someone who happen to hit the shopping cart on your website?

Six weeks later, they may even have forgotten which dealer delivered the car.

If your auto dealership is also an Exclusive EZ-Wagon Dealership, customers will be excited about coming to “your” store where:

  • They will meet your salespeople.
  • They will meet and appreciate your service department who will do the installation.
  • They will look for accessories at you parts counter.
  • It will give your people the opportunity to turn that buyer into a loyal repeat customer!

Now there is a concept!

And we haven’t even mentioned:

  • the Gross on each EZ-Wagon  (average $750.00 plus in the front and installs in the back). 
  • our marketing program drives customers to your store.
  • creating unique marketing opportunities for your dealership group brand.
  • broadens the market area from which your dealership draws buyer.

How do you make it happen?

Remember, there will only be one Dealership group in each major market area that can distribute our EZ-Wagons.

We are taking applications now.  Once a market is gone, so is the opportunity for those who hesitated. 

There is no commitment until a contract is signed but for those who request an application before the end of the show we are offering a nice incentive.

Learn more at www.EZ-Wagon.Com.  ezwagonsales@gmail.com  or call (504) 400 1622

 Show Specials

  • (Jan 18, 2021)

    Most dealers know and enjoy working with dealers from other parts of the country.

    Tell a friend about us and if they contact us during the show and mentioned that they heard about us from you, we will offer you free frieght for up to six months on all regular shipments. 

  • For any dealership requesting an application up until February 28, and signing on with us prior to April 15, 2021 we will include free frieght

    anywhere within the continental US on their initial order.  This is an average of $2,400.00 across the country. 

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