NS Wash Systems

Inglewood,  CA 
United States

Whether you’re a rental car company, local police department, or operate taxis, you take pride in your vehicles’ appearance. Maintaining and washing your fleet of vehicles should be quick and easy, so you can spend more time and energy doing what you do best—serving your customers and your community. If you stock your fleet wash with equipment from N/S Wash, you will get quality products that will keep your system running smoothly so you can focus on more important things.

Explore our ECO Series wash modules for your Fleet operations. Top of the line Eco Wash Modules at prices that will make sense, not making you having to compromise. 

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 Show Specials

  • People wanting to break into the car wash industry might think they need a lot of space or money. That isn’t the case when you partner with N/S Wash. Utilizing our patented innovations we designed a mini car wash system that fits the budget and space other systems can’t: the Mini Express. As a mini car wash system, the Mini Express takes up less space. With a height of 8′9″ and a width of 12′5″, this system provides unmatched affordability and quality in a compact package
    • Designed for dead-end spaces

    Yes! A full wash for a fraction of the cost of a Rollover or in-bay Automatic 

    •  Cleaner
      • Wrap Around Brushes wash entire profile twice. Once, going in and a second time, after reversing rotation, when vehicle backs out. 
    • Faster
      • Provides a full wash in as little as 3 minutes; sensors activate as soon as vehicle is in position, soap, double wash and rinse.
    • Space Saver 
      • Designed for convenient use of space that might have gone wasted. In a space as short as 35 feet you could have the solution to your maintenance problems.

    Automatic aluminum wash system for dead end bays. Vehicle enters and activates machine, soap is applied as it goes thru until the end; brushes stop and reverse rotation, green light indicates back out start; vehicle is washed once more on the way out before final rinse.


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