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At TrueSpot, location is everything. It’s how we help dealers find, track, and map their critical assets and processes. Here’s a video highlighting how our solution impacts customer service at an auto dealership:

US retail auto dealers spend more than $325 million per year to replace lost keys and lose another $3 billion a year in frontline inefficiency and wasted time tracking down assets. This can translate into tens of thousands of dollars per month for a single rooftop, not to mention fueling an environment and reputation of frustrated, waiting customers, walkways, and lost revenue.

TrueSpot’s new platform dramatically reduces or eliminates these costs, while adding new capabilities that boost productivity and sales performance. The solution integrates dealer back-office data with geo-intelligence and location data to streamline and automate workflows. For the frontline, this is Lot Management 360™ and for the recon process, this is TrueRecon™, which geo-automates reconditioning activities, enabling time-consuming recon activities to be placed on ‘autopilot’.

The platform also enables mobile phone access to vehicle features, options, and prices, as well as car and key location, to ensure sales staff are always knowledgeable and fully sales-ready as they walk the lot. TrueSpot was founded in 2017 by a collaboration of mobile technology insiders and auto dealership owners and operators to invent a better, more robust dealer asset management, workflow optimization, and efficiency-driven suite of solutions to encompass key pain points across dealer operations. TrueSpot is the industry’s first solution for real-time inventory location data. TrueSpot partners with key technology and industry players, with integrations with well over 20 DMS and Inventory Management systems.

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