Lotpop Inc.

Olathe,  KS 
United States

Improved used car management processes helping dealers increase their used car operations by focusing on what is happening on their Lot. A lot of dealers just focus on market data but that market data is very inconsistent and inventory management tools use that inconsistent information to drive their market data. At Lotpop we developed a software called LotScore to help you know the Facts of what is happening on your Lot and add that added information to the dealers inventory management market data. It is better to know what the facts are on your Lot to drive decisions, then use the market data to validate those decisions not the other way around. We focus on controlling what you can control and Work The Facts

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  • Take advantage of our huge savings on our LotScore used car management software. Any dealer that receives a demo during NADA will have until the end of February to take advantage of our 50% discount on LotScore AND LotStock tools monthy fee. Our dealers that login 10 times or more per week into our LotScore software are averaging 46% more used car volume than the dealer not using our tool and our top dealers login into our software have averaged 56% more used car volume compared to the dealers not using our tool. And these same dealers are averaging 8% more of their sales coming out of their 0-30 day old cars giving them more gross because they are selling their used cars faster in the cycle.

    This is a one time offer, so please take the time to see if Lotpop can help your store during NADA. We are not a pricing tool we are a Lot Management tool and we work with dealers who have vAuto, MaxDigital/Firstlook, Dealerslink and Vincue as their inventory management tool. If you have another inventory management tool other than the ones listed, please let us know, we can still help your store if we can receive inventory feed/sold data from them. 

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