Joe Verde

San Juan Capistrano,  CA 
United States

Joe Verde Delivers Results

Now more than ever – dealerships need
professionals in sales and sales management.

In 35 years, through our training we’ve developed more successful salespeople, managers and dealers than most of the other trainers combined.

On JVTN® as of 12-1-20…

38,385,127 Training Chapters

not clicks, demos or freebies – training chapters
have been taken by paid subscriber users.

Problems are easily solved and opportunities
are easily developed with our training.


  • JVTN® … Joe Verde’s Training Network®

    JVTN® offers 24/7 access to 20+ courses for your salespeople & managers, so they can consistently deliver more units with higher profits for your dealership.

    Joe excelled in every subject we teach – from converting initial leads to the lot, to his “New Basics” sales process, closing & working the deal – to finance, service, selling in service & retaining customers for life.

Proof: Your salespeople want to learn more, and about 75% of the 38M chapters were taken by salespeople on their own who want to learn & sell more, too.

  • Open Workshops … Across The US & Canada
    Increase your units, gross, revenue & profits by attending one of our workshops on “Selling More Cars” for salespeople & managers and “Team Leadership: Managing Growth” for managers & dealers. (COVID controls scheduling.)

  • Closed Workshops … In-Dealership Only
    Larger dealerships & groups can take advantage of their size to develop skills & teamwork and lower their costs, by bringing our training to their facilities (must conform to COVID requirements).

  • TOD … Use Training on Demand & DVDs to solve “today’s” problems. Choose from 24 TOD or 8 DVD courses on topics your salespeople deal with daily.
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  • Better Yet … Call us now at (866) 850-3730. We’ll help you select the best training plan to reach your goals and get you started right away.


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  • Visit Our Booth … And get a FREE 1-year subscription to Joe’s monthly newsletters for salespeople & managers.

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