Market Scan Information Systems

Camarillo,  CA 
United States

Market Scan is a leading provider of technology, business intelligence and SaaS Enterprise solutions for the automotive industry. Our proprietary calculation technology and our ability to electronically track and aggregate data from the five critical sectors of the market, that need to be accurately represented and considered in every offer presented to a consumer, are Market Scan’s core competencies. Our analytics and digital retailing solutions enable automotive lenders, manufacturers, technology companies and dealers to improve profitability, maximize their competitiveness and deliver a vastly enhanced customer experience.

Market Scan is uniquely qualified to solve challenges and problems for businesses involved in automotive commerce.

Our mGauge solution affords lenders and OEMs the ability to analyze and assess every lease and retail program offered by competitors at the market level, so they can decide what market incentives and support to apply – based on science.

Our full API solution, which includes all critical data & the engine to calculate an exact and transaction-able consumer payment, is at the heart of our operation. It enables every business vying to achieve their desired share of the market they operate in, to do so with precision, consistency and without paying too much for the business they desire.

Our mDesking360 and mDrive Sync dealer solutions set the industry standard and takes the desking management tool to the next level. They dramatically improve the salesperson-consumer dynamic. With some very basic customer information, the portal within the solution enables the dealer sales associate to immediately showcase a list of available vehicles in the dealer’s inventory that meet the customer’s criteria and answer two key questions, i.e. “what can I drive?” and “what is my payment?”. That information can be shared in person in the showroom, via the mDrive App, or online. With a Payment Value Index (PVI) sort option, vehicles will be displayed and ranked by the best value, and likely include options that the consumer had not considered being viable options. All the dealership’s terms and conditions under which he is willing to transact are taken into account.

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