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Your Premier Automotive Design-Build Partner

The Redmond Company - Your Premier Automotive Design/Build Partner

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Redmond is an industry leader and your partner for: Consulting, Real Estate, Brokerage, Branding, Architecture, Construction Services with planners, architects, and project managers all under one roof.

Redmond has over 46 years’ experience. We have worked with over 90 dealerships and successfully implemented the elements and concepts for their Manufacturer’s Facility Standards.

We have utilized cost-saving initiatives, saving dealerships thousands of dollars. Redmond’s early involvement in the design phase ensures all components of your dealership are within brand but also are within your budget and on schedule. Together, we’ll develop a plan that has YOUR interests as priority while also being sensitive to the brand standards.

When it's time for your next facility project, Redmond has the experience, knowledge and skills to help you make the most important decisions with confidence. By blending experience with insight and innovation, Redmond helps clients elevate their efficiency, cost-savings, and impact in the market.  Connect with us today!

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  • NADA 2022 Show Special: Visit us at Booth 3963W -- Ask us about the show discount for consulting services.

    Redmond is an industry leader and your partner for: Consulting, Real Estate, Brokerage, Branding, Architecture, Construction Services with planners, architects, and project managers all under one roof.

    Redmond offers long-range planning and consulting services for evaluation of needs, market demographics, and operations analysis necessary for auto dealers’ growth-based long-term action plans.
    The Redmond Company’s Consulting division offers planning and consulting services such as:
    • Real Estate Analysis
    • Market Studies
    • Location & Site Recommendations
    • Brokerage
    • Due Diligence & Pre-Construction Services
    • Risk Mitigation
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Master Planning
    • OEM Image & Compliance Programs


  • Negotiating variances set by the manufacturer
    UNCOVERING COST SAVINGS - REDMOND will be your advocate to negotiate a functional solution that serves your needs and improves your ROI....

  • The Redmond Team will utilize our relationships with the manufacturer’s facility groups to represent your best interests, helping to negotiate variances with the Manufacturer in the implementation of its brand image - without slowing the process down. It’s our job to know the specifications, standards and incentive programs while you remain focused on your sales and customers.

    Redmond has saved our dealership clients millions of dollars in real estate, design and construction costs, as well as, tax savings. Our extensive 46 year experience working as dealer advocate is evident by a consistent record of winning cost savings variances for our clients, saving them millions of dollars over the years.

    Examples Include:

    1. Cable Dahmler: Redmond was able to get variances from GM that allowed for remodel vs rebuild of dealership saving $75K.

    2. Ettleson GM/Cadillac: Redmond saves Ettleson hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax savings by getting GM to agree to combined GM/Cadillac dealership over two separate facilities.

    3. Fields Auto Group, Madison Project: Redmond saved Fields time and money by getting two different municipalities to combine two properties into one. Completed process within one month.

    4. Fox Valley Volkswagen: Redmond saved Fox Valley Auto Group an estimated cost savings over $1M dollars by repurposing former horse barn/convention center into dealership.

    Let Our Experts Be YOUR ADVOCATE! 

    Visit us at NADA 2022 Booth #3963W and find out more on these projects and many more dealership cost saving solutions!

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