ASI Doors Inc

Milwaukee,  WI 
United States


High-speed overhead doors from ASI Doors feature an innovative design that eliminates the need for roller wheels, belts, cables, extension springs, and other high wear parts. Available in a broad range of styles and options, these doors are engineered and manufactured to provide exceptional performance under demanding conditions across a range of industries. For auto dealerships, parking garages, commercial and retail buildings – any application requiring quick access and reliable operation.


  • Model 209
    Full Vision High Speed Roll-Up Doors...

  • Under the clean, contemporary style of the Full Vision Roll-Up Door, are all the rugged and practical features you’ve come to expect from ASI Doors. From its fast, high cycle operator, to weathertight gasketing and a digital display with self-diagnostics, the 209 delivers outstanding performance.

    Our patent-pending, No Metal-to-Metal Contact design ensures quiet operation and reduces wear, preserving the clarity of each vision slat. With no roller wheels, belts, pulleys, springs, hinges, or other high wear parts to replace, the 209-V out-performs the competition. No more routine parts and service calls to schedule.

    With its trim profile, the APEX accommodates tighter clearances. Full-width vision slats from the bottom to the top, provide an unobstructed view and extra measure of safety.

    Also available is the same aesthetics and performance with no, or reduced number of vision slats.

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