Dealership For Life

Boonsboro,  MD 
United States


Since 2004 Dealership For Life has assisted dealers in creating custom programs to brand their businesses, administrate their program, train their staff and produce retention and sales/service profits that set new standards in the industry. Dealership For Life is your one stop shop with a proven record and over 1500 dealers in North America. We operate on the the 5 pillars of success for our dealers

This program was created to drive retention throughout the entire customer
buying and ownership experience. From the loyalty anchor product to the
rewards points in fixed ops, DFL gives the consumer a reason to buy and
then return for service. This leads them right back to the dealer for their next
vehicle purchase as well.

Branding, Graphics & Digital
All DFL dealers receive full access to our in-house graphics and digital
content creation teams. From customized marketing materials and unlimited
email campaigns to a one-off Dealer Branded App we supply the dealer
everything they need to brand and market their program.

DFL provides the dealer with no cost Variable and Fixed ops training. This is
provided in house, online and offsite to make sure your dealers staff is full
educated on the program.

What truly separates this program is the level of administration provided to
the dealer. From a fully DMS integrated program to full administration of the
Rewards, Recognition and Loyalty programs through propriety software.

Is the purpose of this program and can be realized as soon as month one
through a comprehensive upsell program. Long term sustainable profits are
realized on the fixed side through increased customer pay RO numbers and
increases in dollars per RO.

Increase your retention everything else comes together. 


  • 5 Pillars for Success
    Five Pillars for a Succesful Program

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  • Five Pillars for a Succesful Program

    1. Retention
    2. Branding
    3. Training
    4. Administration
    5. Profit

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