Redline Automotive Merchandising

Haddonfield,  NJ 
United States

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Redline’s SaaS suite includes: Redline Connected TV for CTV advertising; TextUps for SMS lead conquesting; ReelUps for HD Video engagement and enhanced SEO; and TurnACar for interactive 360-degree photo engagement. Redline has won numerous awards including being honored on the Inc. 5000’s ‘Fastest Growing Companies’ list in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Despite these awards we’re most proud of our ~97% customer retention rate since 2007 and a 75+ Customer Net Promoter Score. Redline also provides photo/data collection for 600+ car dealerships in the NE.


  • Redline Connected TV
    Tired of gauging TV commercials by impressions? Redline Connected TV takes the best of TV advertising and the targeting of digital ads. Via partnerships with Hulu & 100+ top networks we put trackable ads in front of people with identified buying intent....

  • TV Ads aren’t just about brand awareness anymore!

    Redline Connected TV (CTV) places commercials on large-screen devices like TV’s tablets and computers. This combines the best of google-like targeted ads with the impact of traditional TV advertising. Redline Connected TV places your commercials in front of customers who are actively shopping for the vehicles in your inventory.

    Our personalised CTV campaigns allow for better targeting, tracking and attribution than traditional TV ads.

    How Redline Connected TV Works
    Intelligent Targeting: Stop wasting money! Redline Connected TV intelligently targets IP addresses with search histories indicating a strong interest in buying vehicles you have.

    Fully Automated Media Buying: Ad spend is adjusted by AI to continually optimize audience targeting AND advertising channel distribution to put the right advertisement in front of the right person at the right time.

    Redline Connected TV Key Features:

    Only Pay For 100% Completed Views

    Household Level Targeting

    Intelligent Ad Buying Between 100+ Networks

    Verified IP-Level Tracking

    Google Analytics Integration

    Reports For Spend & Conversions Per Network

    Custom Conversion Timing Window

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