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Welcome to ultimate security and key tracking!

1Micro dominated 2021 with an automotive specific solution for your dealership. The KeyMaster is ready to drastically improve key control in your operations, customer experience, and employee efficiency.

KeyMaster: Cloud-based key management with an audited, 4K image of every user accessing your system, including over 100 vendor inventory integrations. Control thousands of keys in one location.

iLot: Know who has the key or where the key is located, right from your iOS or Android device. Locate all of your vehicles with iLot Asset Tracking. Perform inventory audits each month with iLot Inventory Audit.

KeyMaster Lite: Need additional key management in other areas of your business? The KeyMaster Lite control keys in service, rental cars, PDI and more! Starting at 24 keys, up to 96 keys. All the same cloud-based technology, in a smaller sized system.

KeyMaster SOLO: Self-service key management for your customers, employees, or whomever needs to drop off or pick up a key. Single door access allows dropping the keys off for service, or picking up keys for a rental car. No waiting for your customers, and no human interaction needed.

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  • KeyMaster
    Engineered for a vehicle key with the automotive process in mind, the KeyMaster gives you complete control of accountability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, all under the cloud....

  • The KeyMaster gives you total control across your entire dealership operations. Built from the ground up with aircraft grade aluminum in the United States, the KeyMaster stands alone as the most advanced key management system available.

    Don't believe us? Take a look at the incredible features below:

    4K images of every user accessing your keys, returning keys, assigning, or unassigning keys. Timestamped and instantly uploaded to 1Micro's cloud-based website.

    Over 65 vendor integrations across the automotive industry including vAuto, Homenet, Vinsolutions, etc.

    Engineering designed to secure the large automotive-style key fobs for clean and organized storage.

    The ability to secure over 50,000 keys in one KeyMaster, with a modular design to add on more capacity down the road.

    Permission based drawers to secure spare keys, service, and more to managers only.

    Plug and play design for quick installation, training, and usage. No mounting, no wiring, and no hassle!

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