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Chargeway - EV Charging Simplified

Chargeway's software is the best solution to simplify and improve the EV charging customer experience and close more sales. Dealer sales teams must know how to explain “electric fuel” to help your customers enjoy the purchase of "electric vehicles". Using colors and numbers, Chargeway creates a simple way to explain and see different plug types and power levels on the web, in the showroom and in your customers mobile devices. Chargeway gives your dealership the tools to sell the EV charging experience in a way that is easy for every customer and every EV on the market.


  • Chargeway Beacon
    Chargeway makes EV charging easier for every EV on the market. Our software for dealer websites and showrooms includes a vehicle specific charging station finder, charge time estimator, EV trip planner and incentive data in one simple solution....

  • The Chargeway Beacon is the dealership solution for selling EVs more easily. Our web app for dealership websites, tablet app and our 43" touchscreen kiosk provide EV charging information in a simple way for your sales teams and customers including a vehicle specific charging station map, charging time estimator, EV trip planner and EV incentive information. At the heart of it all is Chargeway's software that simplies EV charging into colors for plug types and numbers for power levels, making EV charging easier to understand and use for every EV on the market.  

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