CP Handheld Technologies, LLC

Fort Lauderdale,  FL 
United States

CPH for your reconciliations, location and future!

Welcome to the CP Handheld Technologies NADA booth.  The best way to understand what we do is to schedule a demonstration at sales@cphandheld.com. But first read our description and then contact us. Reconciliations are burdensome for accounting teams and management because they involve massive amounts of data and are very time sensitive. CPH automates reconciliations and CPH has perfected physical inventory capture. (What is on your lot now!) Best of all, our tools give management 100% confidence that the recs are being done properly and on time. This confidence spills over to auditors too. What CPH automates is the crunching of data and the ease to reconcile. Your team can be trained in one-hour or less. For example, we released our iPhone and Android apps for scanning, rescans, vehicle check-in, labeling, and searching.  Download the app and test it. Our solutions are important because we know the alternative. A slow, sloppy reconciliation is a waste of time and worse, its not used.  We track each exception and the resolution within the software. We call this step trail history. It is audit proof and management can be confident.  Contact CPH to learn more!

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