Cross PVD and UV Finishing Corporation

Warsaw,  IN 
United States

We've got you covered!

Cross PVD is North America's most advanced large-scale wheel and engine component coating operation. We are the manufacturer that utalizes environmentally friendly physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology to professionally coat automotive components. Our propriety production process replaces the dangerous technology of hexavalent chrome plating. We offer a wide variety of thin film coatings from cosmetic and powder solutions to protective chemical coatings.  When it comes to tackling automotive coating, trust in Cross PVD to offer quality and reliable solutions!

 Press Releases

  • Send us wheels from either your inventory or from your customer's car and we'll refinish them with our multi-step PVD Process. 

    Our program is simple!

    1. Prep and strip wheels to base metal
    2. Each wheel enters our multi-step cleaning process
    3. Cross PVD coating and finishing
    4. We ship your wheels direct to you!

    All wheel shipments are sent via FedEx both ways. Dealer cost is $1,500 with MSRP at $1,995.

 Additional Info

This company does business in International markets.