MOC Products Company, Inc.

Pacoima,  CA 
United States


MOC Products Company, Inc. (MOC®) is a leading provider of innovative products and solutions to the automotive industry. MOC® started manufacturing and distributing a handful of professional car-care products in 1974. Today MOC® maintains and manufactures over 300 products, tools, and customized retention programs. In addition to our corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California, we operate regional facilities throughout the United States and have a network of Distributors covering the US, Mexico, and numerous foreign countries. At the heart of our growth is our constant effort to provide unique and beneficial services to our customers.


  • HEV Performance Service
    Hybrid-Electric Vehicles (HEV) may save you trips to the fuel pump and benefit the environment but to maintain peak engine performance and fuel economy, traditional maintenance procedures may not be enough....

  • MOC’s HEV Performance Kit is specially formulated to give hybrids the special attention they need to perform at their best. Its unique engine cleaner, treatment, and fuel system additive remove unwanted deposits from the engine and fuel system while helping to restore fuel economy, power and lower harmful emissions.

    Backed by the Engine Advantage Plan:
    $6,000 of coverage, if the initial service performed before 50,000 miles
    $3,000 of coverage, if the initial service performed between 50,001 & 100,00 miles.
    To extend coverage, return every 10,000 miles for an HEV engine service.

    Innovative curriculum focused on improving and maximizing service drive productivity....

  • We have developed an innovative web-based training curriculum focused on the core principles of service and communication that benefits both dealership management and their employees while enhancing every customer visit. The training is designed to be a vital part of a dealership’s long-term investment and growth strategy.

    • 2 Minute training modules for beginners to seasoned vets

    • Engaging whiteboard animation videos

    • Quizzes after each module measure retention and learning

    • Helps establish a consistent routine on the service drive

    • Flexible, web-based platform allows training anytime and anywhere

    • Ability to monitor and manage student progress

  • MP Premium Fuel Service

  • The groundbreaking detersive technology of the MP Premium Fuel Service Kit combined with the vehicle monitoring capability of the
    MOC® EDR-3 Fuel Service Machine, can dissolve stubborn carbon, restore performance and enhance efficiency.

    RESTORE® - Combustion Chamber Cleaner, was specifically developed to quickly soften and remove heavy deposits on injector tips, pistons, and other chamber surfaces.

    DISSOLVE® - GDI Intake Valve Cleaner, is specially formulated to quickly dissolve severe carbon and oil deposits valves and ports.

    ENHANCE® - Fuel System Cleaner, with its advanced detergent technology, can rapidly clean up harsh fuel deposits in just one tankful.

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