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Digital advertising that drives results.

You need more than clicks from your digital marketing company—Adpearance delivers digital advertising optimized for qualified leads and sales.

We combine technology that shows your marketing results with services run by dedicated digital strategists who work in your account every day. Whether you need highly-specific PPC campaigns, sales optimization technology, or another tailored solution, we’re relentless when it comes to results.

See how you stack up and get your complimentary digital analysis started today.

 Press Releases

  • Earning the top ranking in search engine marketing, Adpearance wins award in the SEM category.

    Adpearance has received a Top Rated Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Award in the 11th annual DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards. The digital marketing company earned a top dealer satisfaction ranking in the SEM category as determined by reviews from the thousands of automotive dealerships who make up the DrivingSales community.

    “It’s an honor to be chosen as the top rated SEM solution, especially because this award is based on direct feedback from dealers. Reading the reviews, it was great to see how consistently our customers experience exceptional search engine marketing results with visibility from search to sale. And how much they appreciate the personalized management from our tremendous staff,” said Aaron James, Adpearance Co-founder.

    Adpearance is a digital marketing company obsessed with generating quality leads. Combining cutting-edge technology and premium tracking with an expert team to transform business results, Adpearance is trusted by numerous automotive brands as a digital partner and certified program provider.

    “We’re thrilled Adpearance has been recognized as one of the best by the people to whom their services count the most: the dealer community. The Dealer Satisfaction Awards are an accolade we consider to be one of our industry’s most important because it comes directly from auto dealerships,” said Jared Hamilton, DrivingSales CEO and Founder.

    The DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards measure dealer satisfaction with vendor products and services, and are based on cumulative ratings tallied and verified over the calendar year (January – December). DrivingSales Vendor Ratings is the industry’s only neutral, comprehensive vendor rating forum featuring real-time peer reviews and honest competitor comparisons, and provides dealerships with important information from actual customers who have hands-on experience using vendor solutions in their stores. DrivingSales has a dedicated team that goes through each review and confirms that it was left by an actual dealership employee. Full award results are available online at

    About Adpearance

    Adpearance is the digital marketing company obsessed with generating quality leads. Adpearance solutions combine cutting-edge technology, premium tracking, and an expert team to transform business results. Businesses can learn more about Adpearance by requesting a free digital analysis, calling (971) 352-8088, or visiting

    About DrivingSales

    DrivingSales is a professional network serving the auto industry with dealer-driven news and information, online training, and performance data, all to enable dealers to make critical business decisions at their dealerships. DrivingSales’ mission is to connect progressive dealership professionals to the people and information they need to maximize their success. Founded by a third-generation car dealer, and opened up to the industry in 2008, today DrivingSales has registered users in over 50% of new car dealerships in the US and is active in several other countries around the globe. To learn more about the DrivingSales community, training or performance analytics visit, and

  • Maserati has selected Adpearance, a digital marketing company, as a certified provider in the Maserati Digital Program. Maserati dealerships can partner with Adpearance to increase leads and drive exceptional search engine marketing (SEM) results with visibility from search to sale.

    “It’s an honor to work with Maserati dealers as a certified provider. By partnering with Adpearance, dealers can expect to see better lead generation results through ongoing innovation, dedicated support, strong execution, and real-time marketing and sales insights,” said Aaron James, Adpearance Co-Founder.

    As a certified provider, Adpearance can offer Maserati dealers digital solutions and technologies at a preferential price point. Maserati dealers that enroll with Adpearance can expect:

    • Technology-driven solutions: Proprietary inventory ad technologies link online inventory to live ads and personalize the customer experience. User-level tracking provides visibility from search to sale.
    • Targeted advertising: Paid search, display, remarketing, social, and video advertising campaigns prioritize conversions, not just clicks, with the best in both tracking and strategy.
    • Personal attention: Experienced digital advertising strategists work closely with each dealership to track performance and align with sales goals.

    “Adpearance’s white-glove approach and wide range of technology-driven solutions is primed to optimize performance and improve ROI for Maserati dealerships,” James continued. “Our dedicated team of automotive strategists is ready to support the Maserati brand and help dealerships drive digital marketing success.”

    Dealers can request a free digital analysis to better understand their current online performance, evaluate how they rank against market competitors, and discover opportunities within the search landscape. To learn more about the certified digital marketing services available to Maserati dealers through Adpearance, dealers can enroll online, call (844) 309-4692, or email


  • Digital Advertising Services
    Adpearance makes digital advertising feel that simple with search-to-sale reporting powered by Foureyes and exceptional service led by strategists who understand your business....

  • Anyone can spend your money on Google. Get a partner who connects ads to sales, prioritizes performance, and makes it easy for you.

    With more than a decade of automotive experience, we know what it takes to win in a competitive industry. Adpearance offers revenue-driven digital advertising solutions including: 

    • Paid search
    • Display and remarketing
    • Social advertising
    • Video advertising
    • Dynamic technology
    • Advanced reporting

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