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Smart, Easy, Profit Driven Solutions.

There are 4 main drivers a Service Department can use to generate additional revenue.  Do you know what they are? Talk to us today to learn more.

“We are confident that dealers who engage with Dynatron on price optimization and

warranty filings will see sizable revenue returns.”

- Kevin Keefe, CATA Chairman

Dynatron Software is the premier provider of automotive fixed operations data analytics software, comparative insights and expert coaching that drive quantifiable and sustainable ROI. 

We are your Service Department's secret weapon.


  • FileSmart
    Warranty Labor Rate Increase (WLRI) & Warranty Parts Markup Increase (WPMI) Submissions with Dynatron

  • In the past few years, few opportunities have presented themselves to US dealers where they can increase revenue without significant investments in marketing, people, inventory or facilities.  But due to recent laws in almost all 50 states, dealers now have a new avenue to recover lost revenue when dealing with warranty labor and parts reimbursement. 

    With over 24 years of experience, thousands of dealer partners, and tens of thousands of successful submissions - Dynatron is the leading provider of Warranty Labor and Parts increase submissions.  We are the experts, so you don’t have to be!  With proprietary machine learning technology, we help dealers select the optimal RO data set to maximize your potential revenue with each filing.  

  • MarketSmart
    Marketing Services for your Service Department - Drive Awareness and New Customer Traffic to your Dealership Service Department...

  • Dynatron Software Marketing Experts work with you to:
    • Execute strategic marketing initiatives to extend your reach and drive awareness to prospective customers
    • Use deep analytics, big data and demographic heat-maps in prospecting your service area
    • Create targeted mailing lists to win-back lost souls
    • Tailor offers, coupons and campaigns that drive new customer traffic to your service lane
    • Leverage OEM safety recalls to motivate customer behavior
    • Differentiate your dealership service department from the competition
  • PriceSmart
    Price Optimization for Your Service Department - Continuously assess and optimize your Fixed-Ops pricing and ELR compliance to drive additional revenue....

  • Price Optimization is the economic intersection of pricing that is not too low that you are losing margin, but not too high that you are driving away customers. Dynatron's PriceSmart solution helps Service Department drive new revenue by focusing on 3 major areas:

    1. Price Optimization: Establish and maintain Perfect Pricing for retention & profitability

    2. ELR Maximization: Easily control labor sale amount and flat rate time

    3. Warranty Labor Rate & Parts Margin Filing: We file the best data set each year on time!

    Outcome: Average ELR increase of $14/hr An increase of over $200K in annual near-net fixed ops profitability

  • SellSmart
    On-Site Service Advisor Training for your Service Department. Increase Your Hours and Dollars Per Repair Order....

  • Service Advisor sales training is commonly overlooked and underfunded as part of the overall health in Fixed Operations.  Addressing widespread underperformance and inconsistencies can have huge impacts on your hours and dollars per repair order (RO) and therefore your profit margins.


    In addition to being overlooked, dealers often don't have the internal resources (skills or time) to properly train, measure, and easily manage their Service Advisors. Those that do take the time find that after sub-par training concludes, bad habits continue once no one is looking. 

    Dynatron’s SellSmart solution is a customized, dealer specific, sales training program for your Service Advisors and their managers.  Based on athletic behavioral training principles, Dynaton uses a mixture of onsite and offsite training, and continuous data analytics and consulting improvement to drive increased revenue through hours and dollars per RO.

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