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Digital Finance for Digital Retailing

The REAL Deal. Digital Finance for Digital Retailing.

DealerCentric Solutions® Inc. (dba eLEND Solutions) is a privately-held automotive FinTech company focused on deal generation solutions that power transactional digital buying experiences for the retail automotive industry.

The platform specializes in digital creditidentity, and finance solutions for remote and in-store shoppers, designed to accelerate conversions of digital end-to-end purchase experiences concluding with fundable, transactable deal structures. By changing when and how the shopper is introduced to realistic payment information and dealership financing options, combined technology and data enables the dealer and the customer to come together much faster, more profitably.

Why eLEND?

1. 180 years combined leadership experience in automotive, finance and technology.

2. We have processed millions of credit apps for thousands of dealers.  

3. We proudly work with 16 of the largest 20 dealership groups, and multiple #1 nameplates

4. Integrations with DT, RO and all major CRM, Inventory and Website platforms.

5. Open architecture, online to in-store workflows.

 Show Specials

  • Schedule and show for a demo @ NADA 2022 & activate a contract on any of our solutions within 30 days of  NADA 2022 Show closing, get 50% off pricing for your first 12 months*   All setup fees will also be waived.

    *Offer valid for new customers only.  Eligible dealers must show for a demo and sign up for their subscription by April 10, 2022


  • CreditPlus | Credit Solutions
    The CreditPlus platform includes (4) integrated hard & soft pull credit solutions - and certified secure, fully connected online to in-store work flows - designed to maximize deal generation efforts with your remote and in-store buyers.

  • For the same price, use one, multiple or all of our Credit solutions as part of a CreditPlus subscription.  No additional setup required.

    Express Credit App: Configurable prequalification quick application delivering instant credit decisions and the highest lead conversion ratios and ROI available in a digital credit solution, all backed by a performance guarantee.

    Digital Retailing Credit App: Configurable hard pull, long-form application with digital signature capture, primarily used for higher intent in-store or remote customers already engaged in the vehicle purchase process.

    Showroom Credit Portal: Paperless, self-service enabled credit portal, allowing customers to securely submit a new credit application or access previously submitted lead/application data, eliminating redundant data-entry and accelerating your sales process.

    PreScreen Express: Soft-pull credit solution only requiring the customer’s name and address, providing you an upfront snapshot of the customer’s credit profile, and insights into their buying power before you start working the deal.

    Dealer Advantages

    More Live Credit Score Leads: >60% Express Credit App 'Form Complete’ ratios [5x more conversions compared to long-form credit applications] Hundreds of dealer customers are averaging 100+ live credit score leads/month.

    Showroom Traffic Builder: Express Credit App generates an average of 36 motivated, down funnel, prequalified leads to your dealership every month.

    Higher Closing Ratios: So much more than just lead generation, >35% of your remote live credit score leads will close at your store within 4 weeks.

    Connected Workflows: Online to in-store credit workflow includes direct integrations with DealerTrack, RouteOne, and all major CRM, Inventory and website providers; API’s enable bi-lateral information exchange with many Digital Retailing platforms.

    Reduced Transaction Times: Showroom, self-service enabled credit workflow – initiated at any point in your sales process - means never leaving the customer alone and saving up to 20 minutes per deal.

    Month-To-Month FreedomWe want to earn your business everyday. No long-term contract to lock you down. Monthly fixed pricing. No hidden fees.

    Performance Guarantee: Implement our best practices and if after 60 days you are not selling more cars, we will credit back last month's fee upon cancellation.

  • DealMaker | Finance Solutions
    Digital finance for digital retailing platform designed to accelerate conversions of digital end-to-end purchase experiences concluding with fundable, transactable deal structures....

  • DealMaker is a Digital Finance platform - used as a showroom pre-desking tool and/or online plug-in - powered by a finance decision engine - returning a penny-perfect, fundable contract at the desk or BDC or Digital Retailing Buying Experience - in seconds. The hybrid digital finance platform includes direct integrations with all major CRM & Inventory platforms, DealerTrack & RouteOne.


    The Real Deal: A vehicle and credit qualified, penny-perfect, deal structure matched to a waterfall of lender programs (including pricing, underwriting and loan advance guidelines) + all applicable taxes (state, county, local) + dealer specific fee structure + and all levels of dealer participation.

    Accuracy: Advanced credit filtering and calculation logic for all makes, all models, new and used, all terms and all credit tiers.

    Quickly Structure All Deal Types: Supports loans, leases and balloon notes, full credit spectrum loan programs, etc. Engine supports an infinite number of lenders, credit tiers, lender pricing, underwriting & advance guidelines.

    Process Streamlining: API interfaces and bilateral API's enable a single dashboard view of all the deal inputs, eliminating switching between multiple systems and screens.

    Multi-Scenario Deal Calculator: Compare multiple retail and lease deal structure scenarios side-by-side to find the options that provide every customer with real choices and maximize PVR for your dealership.

    Adaptive; Rollback functionality allows dealers to work the 4-square simultaneously across all (5) deal attributes, not one attribute at a time. Logic keeps the ‘updated’ deal within the lenders’ underwriting and advance guidelines.

  • ID Drive | Identity Solutions
    ID Drive™ is the most advanced data capture and identification program in the retail automotive industry - and the easiest way to sell more cars in less time as part of a digital buying experience for your remote and in-store customers....

  • No Fakes. No Fraud. No Doubt.

    The ID Drive platform includes (3) integrated identity solutions, direct integrations with all major CRM and Inventory platforms and API's to other Digital Retailing solutions -  designed to accelerate deal generation efforts with your remote and in-store buyers. 

    1. ID Drive: Convenient forensic ID authentication of any government issued Driver License document from the U.S, Canada and Mexico, intelligent data capture, real-time CRM export, and optional soft credit check in less than 60 seconds - at any point in your sales process.  Performance guaranteed.

    2. ID Drive Mobile: Scan and digitize the data from any U.S. Driver license anytime, anywhere with any smartphone,  checks for front-side and barcode data consistency, securely processes the scan results to your dashboard and pushes the lead data into your CRM.

    3. ID Drive IDentify: Layered, multi-factor identity verification solution - replacing traditional out-of-wallet questions and basic passcode number generators – designed to verify the customers identity and establish "proof of presence" in an interaction - and screen against  OFAC and other government watch lists.

    Dealer Advantages

    More Opportunities: Intelligent data capture and real-time CRM lead export takes seconds, ensures you capture and work so many more, often missed, in-store leads.

    Layered Solutions: Multiple enhancement options gives you the flexibility to determine what advantages work best for your store - including optional soft-pull credit enhancements, converting a DL scan into a consumer consented pre-qualification. 

    Faster Transaction Times: Technology automates several manual/paper-based steps in the process, streamlining workflows and reducing average transaction times by 45-60 minutes.

    Sell More Cars: Pre-test drive, prequalified (optional) customers are lower funnel and typically have well-above average credit scores - leading to higher 1st time closing ratios and fewer defections.

    Amazing Customer Experience: Frictionless ID verification, simplified workflows, early realistic payment quoting and faster transitions to and through finance are significant drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Protects Your Dealership: Forensically authenticated ID documents, identity verification and purified information reduces compliance risks, identity fraud threats, and maintains your reputation.

    Performance Guarantee:  If an authenticated license turns out to be fraudulent and results in a stolen vehicle, eLEND will reimburse you for the full cost of the stolen vehicle.

    Month-To-Month Freedom: We want to earn your business everyday. No long-term contract to lock you down. Monthly fixed pricing. No hidden fees.

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