EZ360 Automated Photo Studio and Software

Dallas,  TX 
United States

Bring Your Showroom to Your Buyer’s Living Room!

EZ360 provides the ONLY automated wall-to-wall photo studio with 4K pictures and full-screen custom VDP so you can compete against Carvana.

Display exquisite vehicle photos with our Custom Photo Studio with 300,000 lumens diffused light, 18' Heavy-duty Turntable for perfect spins and the largest trucks, 4K Pictures up to 27 times LARGER than typical pics, and Automation software with Smart Crop & Enhance. See How it works and How It's Built. Ideal for all dealers from large auto groups to used car stores.

Visit https://ez360.tv or call (888) 88-EZ360 (888-883-9360).

 Show Specials

  • (Mar 09, 2022)

    Your photographers shoot vehicle photos at amazing 4K or even higher resolution.  Why are you displaying them as small as 640x480 pixels?  That’s 3% of the actual resolution they were shot in!  You’re throwing away almost all the pixels.  Do you sell your vehicles at a 97% discount?  Of course not.  It’s not right.  

    So we’re doing something about it.  We’re going to make it right so you can show your full pictures in 4K, whether you shoot them outside or in a studio.

    EZ360 makes it EZ.  Send us your raw data feed or upload your actual photo files … just like you’re doing now.  We store your photos on our Amazon servers.  We give you a 4K photo player with full page display and zoom.  We work with your web site provider to display your pictures.  …  We do this all at NO COST to you  …  No strings attached.  … No commitment.

    For 18 years we’ve worked with top industry companies like Dealer.com, vAuto, Dealer Inspire, Homenet, and DealerCue.  Our clients range from Sonic and Lithia stores to independent dealers.  We want to make your online showroom look terrific.  Join us and proudly show your 4K pictures to your web visitors. 

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