Angel-GUARD Products, Inc

Worcester,  MA 
United States

A complete line of snow rakes for commercial use.

Get Out From Under Winter

Brands: SnoPro; SnoBrum; ProEdge; RoofBrum

SnoPro, the original foam snow rake, enables your team to push snow off the entire surface of a vehicle without harming the finish. First in quality and the longest lasting snow rake in the industry. NEW "Mobile RoofBrum" is ideal to clear box trucks, high roof vans, trailers, etc. The supersized foam head, along with the 12' handle will reach and completely clear the roof of a UPS truck while the user stands safely on the ground. Our Roof Reach attachments allows the handle to bend at an angle to clear the roof of trucks, vans, and trailers.

The SnoBrum, with telescoping handle, is a great addition to your parts department and offers great sell through for additional profit dollars.

Come check out our complete line of snow rakes for your team to use or resell. Your customers will love them.

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This company does business in International markets.