Las Vegas,  NV 
United States

Top provider of Diagnostic & Key Making Systems

Based in Las Vegas, XToolUSA is one of the leading automotive aftermarket diagnostic solution suppliers, offering various products, from OBD2-Level code readers to OE-Level diagnostic scanners, from easy-to-use maintenance kits to sophisticated programming tools, from consumer-oriented electronic devices to industry-graded telematic package. XToolUSA also sells systems and provides education that allows shops to cut and program keys for their customers while their vehicles are being serviced. We even provide our very own award-winning technical support here in the USA.


  • XToolUSA Complete Key Making System
    The first commercially available comprehensive key making solution will add a brand-new and sustainable revenue stream to your shop’s bottom line. This system was designed by XToolUSA’s team of key making experts and ASE Certified Master Technicians...

  • Make Your Own Car Keys With Ease!

    There has never been a comprehensive key making solution available like this before. Your shop can now easily add a brand-new and sustainable revenue stream to your bottom line. XToolUSA’s key making experts have teamed up with ASE Certified Master Technicians to assemble the COMPLETE KEY MAKING SYSTEM.

    XToolUSA’s KEY MAKING SYSTEM has all of the tools and materials required, including access to an easy-to-use website that identifies the correct parts for your customers.

    The NITROUS KEYS bundle covers a majority of cars on the road, with a special focus on the most popular models, so that you’ll maximize the return on your investment.

    The TRITON is a fully automatic, computerized key cutting machine that will easily cut 100% of the keys offered by XToolUSA. An integrated touchscreen allows the technician or service writer to make the key selection, displays instructions on how to properly load the key, then proceeds to complete the cuts automatically. The Triton will also duplicate existing keys with simplified on-screen instructions.

    The NITRO XT scan tool will quickly program all keys offered by XToolUSA, to any of its supported vehicles. The NITRO XT is a comprehensive, bi-directional scan-tool, ideal for daily shop use. The user interface was designed by ASE Certified Master Technicians for American mechanics.

    This system was designed for vehicles that have been identified as being profitable and time-efficient. Difficult vehicles are best left to automotive locksmiths, with which every shop should have a healthy relationship.

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