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The premier sales and management training company!

The Kintz Group mission is simple: to change the retail automotive industry for the better through action, human connection, and a relentless pursuit of continual improvement. We believe unbreakable teams require frictionless processes and fearless leaders. And we know from experience that the old training models—the ones that set your hair on fire for two or three days only to be doused once real-life hits—aren’t enough to make that happen.

We help managers evaluate specific needs and set clear goals. We teach them how to motivate the unmotivated and train the untrained, without wearing their people down. We provide the tools, coaching, and accountability that develop a culture of fun and competition—one that ensures growth will continue long after our time together ends. 

We help sales teams learn the ins and outs of closing and negotiating with today’s customers. Instead of adding more “shoulds” to their plate, we provide the resources and skills salespeople need to turn their job into a sustainable, enjoyable, thriving career.

Every dealership gets a designated Performance Coach who will develop custom training plans and help lead your team. We understand the demands on your store’s time and resources—you spend so much time feeding the beast month to month that there’s very little left over to fuel the future. Everything we offer has been built with that in mind. Whether you need a shot of adrenaline to motivate an unmotivated team or a long-term partner as you build your business, we want to see you step out of survival mode and into a thriving future.

Your store should be more than just a place to work. It’s where one team comes together with one vision, built by one goal, with one unified plan to make it happen. It’s our mission to support you along the way.


  • KintzNOW
    KintzNOW is the only "Mobile First" retail online training program in the automotive industry, built by car people for car people....

  • Created specifically for retail automotive dealerships, KintzNOW is the most relevant and up to date online training program of its kind. Sales and management teams will continually improve and gain full accountability by utilizing over 450+ on-demand lessons pertaining to sales meetings, motivation, testing and certification and more. 

    Give your team the online dealership training they need to become the best they can be.

    Give them KintzNOW. 

  • Lead Converter
    Lead Converter makes sure your Digital Communication processes are followed effectively, thus ensuring accountability and repeatable results that deliver maximum ROI on your advertising dollar.

  • Using a mix of patent-pending technology and analysis from our digital communication experts, Lead Converter makes sure your Digital Communication processes are followed effectively, thus ensuring accountability and repeatable results that deliver maximum ROI on your advertising dollar. 

    Know when your people are doing great, just okay, off-track or skipping steps so you can catch issues early and convert more prospects into appointments who show up! 

    Whether you're in the store, on the beach, in the mountains or Quarantined - our alerts and virtual dashboard give you the real-time insights you need in order to manage and measure your team's digital communication. 

    Simply put, Lead Converter inspects what you expect with accountability, real time coaching, virtual training, monthly report cards and more.

  • ProVideo NOW
    Make a good first impression with ProVideo NOW from the moment your digital inquires open your email. Respond to internet leads with a video email or text introducing yourself and your dealership.


  • ProVideo NOW is the most effective closing tool in the automotive industry and the easiest way to record, send and track personalized video emails and texts so you can stay connected, anywhere. 

    Video is the preferred medium for buyers today, and they rely on it more heavily than ever to get the information they need. By adding personalized video to email it increases open rates by 19%, click through rates by 65% and response rates by 200%. 

    Use ProVideo NOW for:

        *Internet Lead First Response: Respond to leads with a video introduction to make a             

                 great first impression and discuss next steps. 

        *Vehicle Walk-around: Offer customers a 360 degree video of a particular vehicle, 

                 highlighting special features, color and condition or showcase additional inventory on 

                 your lot. 

        *Unsold Follow up: Send a personal follow up to an unsold prospect to see if they’re 

                 still in the market for a new vehicle. 

        *Worksheet Presentation

    Stand out in the inbox and prove your value with personalized video.

  • Workshops
    Kintz Group Workshops are current, informative and effective. Our attendees leave more confident, motivated and having the tools for success....


    Kintz Group brings the most up-to-date automotive dealership training around the world. 


    Our top-of-the-line processes, training techniques and motivational methods are directly inspired by the challenges dealers face on a daily basis. If it matters to you, it matters to us.


    We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk and we provide our clients with a clear roadmap for success that includes specific, actionable goals so they can walk the walk too.


    Why are we an automotive industry must-have? We deliver results by lowering your employee turnover, increasing sales, growing leads, and transforming your dealership management into a team of champions.

    From new sales reps trying to learn the ropes, to veteran sales guys who need to be re-inspired, to sales managers looking for new techniques and dealers looking for an unfair competitive advantage — Kintz Group has a workshop for you.

    Sales Workshops:

    *High-Performance Selling :

    *Close and Negotiate with Purpose:

    *Digital Communication, Customer Retention and Branding

    Managers Workshops:

    *Leading & Managing Unbreakable Teams

    *Train the Trainer

    *Desking & Negotiating for Managers

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