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As an Automotive Payments as a Service™ provider, Market Scan is uniquely qualified to solve challenges and problems for companies involved in automotive commerce and retailing: OEMs, Lenders, Dealers, Digital retailers, tech companies, Ad-Tech and marketing companies. 

mScanAPI®  Our mScanAPI® solution is the heartbeat within our APaaS™ solutions platform and chosen by industry leaders to power their modern retailing offers. In fact, more than 10,500 dealerships are now powered by mScanAPI®.

mDesking360®  Our “Gold Standard” dealer desking solution enables retail sales executives to present the consumer the best finance and lease options every time.

mDrive®  Our mDrive® mobile app instantly answers the two most commonly asked consumer questions: “What can I drive?” and “What are my payments?”.  Every option presented to a consumer accurately respects the terms and conditions under which the dealer is willing to transact. Management is always in control.

mGauge®  Our mGauge® analytics solution provides OEMs and Lenders invaluable market insight to publish precise, targeted incentive and support programs to compete optimally.

mScope®  We are extremely excited to unveil mScope® at this year’s NADA Convention.  mScope®, our latest OEM analytics solution, is a groundbreaking technology that is unequaled in the industry.  mScope® revolutionizes the method by which OEMs manage incentive, rebate and subvention programs.  It is the only analytics solution in the world that empowers an OEM to design precisely targeted offerings, in REAL-TIME, to influence consumer behavior and gain market share for the exact right price.

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    Market Scan is poised to continue its extraordinary growth through the introduction of the Industry’s first and only Analytics Solution that empowers OEMs to design precise and targeted incentive and rebate programs – in REAL TIME 


    Camarillo, California (March 8, 2022) – Market Scan Information Systems, Inc., an industry-leading Automotive Payments as a Service™ and analytics solutions provider, announced today it will introduce a new OEM analytics solution, mScope®, at the NADA Show in Las Vegas, March 11 - 13. mScope® is the only analytics solution that enables OEMs to create and publish their incentive, rebate, finance and lease subvention programs with scientific precision to achieve the desired sales volume and market share –without overspending.  

    Since formation in 1988, Market Scan has evolved to become a leading provider of Automotive Payments as a Service™ and analytics solutions for companies focused on automotive commerce and retailing. That includes Digital Retailing Technologies, Ad Tech Firms, OEMs, Lenders and Dealers.  

    Over the past 24 months, Market Scan’s footprint has more than tripled and the company now powers more than 10,500 dealerships and calculates, on average, over 200 million payments every day – each a Scientifically Perfect Solution™.  Only Market Scan offers Scientifically Perfect Solutions™ for any conceivable automotive transaction. Market Scan’s extraordinary growth is driven by the indisputable reality that Scientifically Perfect Solutions™ are required in today’s retail environment in order to generate the very best fundable and defendable structure for any conceivable automotive transaction.  

    That is the main reason many leading automotive technologies and retailing powerhouses have selected Market Scan to power their modern retailing needs. Those clients include A2Z Sync, Auto Alert, CDK, Dealer Inspire, DealerPeak, Drive Centric, FRIKINtech, Fuse, General Motors, Mitsubishi, Modal, Motoinsight, Roadster and Tekion - to name a few. 

    mScope® was designed to eliminate a major pain for automotive manufacturers:  how to capture market share without unnecessarily spending tens or even hundreds of millions in incentive, rebate and subvention support. 

    “mScope provides Manufacturers a quantum leap forward in OEM incentive, rebate and subvention management,” said Rusty West, President & CEO of Market Scan. “Educated guess work may feel right when historical data sets are being analyzed; however, the cost to the OEMs of not implementing analytics that combine real-time science, technology and data is hundreds of millions of dollars. mScope® is the only Scientifically Perfect Solution™ that eliminates that guesswork. Instead of looking back, mScope® assesses the competitive position and price for each model variant, in every market - in real-time. mScope® truly is a break-through, first-of-a-kind, analytics solution without equal.” 

    The magic behind mScope® is Target Acquisition® which empowers the OEMs to define exactly where they wish to be positioned in the marketplace. Target Acquisition® enables the user to dynamically adjust the blend of rebate, incentive, rate, residual value and even acquisition fee necessary to achieve their desired competitive position for each model. By doing so, the OEM can, with an extremely high level of granularity, determine the precise structure required to influence consumer behavior and buy market share for the exact right price. 

    Market Scan is exhibiting at the 2022 NADA Show, booth 4941W. 

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    Market Scan is the leading provider of Automotive Payments as a Service™ solutions for the automotive industry.  The company’s proprietary technology and analytics mine value from vast amounts of data to enable efficient, frictionless and scientifically perfect solutions for any conceivable automotive transaction.  Market Scan’s solutions facilitate easier, more complete, competitive and accurate results, enabling automotive dealers, lenders, manufacturers and technology companies to optimize products, improve profitability, gain market share and provide consumers a vastly improved experience. For more information, call 800-658-7226 or go to  





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