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Dealership IT Audit | Cybersecurity | IT Assurance

With dealership management pressures on the rise, margins tightening, data privacy regulations changing, and technology advancing rapidly, the demands on auto dealers are at an all-time high. Therefore, it is imperative that you have established and implemented accurate internal controls and operational processes to avoid mishandling of sensitive customer data, meet the requirements of new data privacy laws, and reduce the risk of control deficiencies.

Our dedicated team of IT Audit & Security specialists can help.


  • FTC Safeguards Compliance Package
    The FTC Safeguards Rule is now in effect and the clock is ticking for dealerships to get in compliance. The FTC Safeguards Compliance Package from OCD Tech ensures that dealerships with be fully compliant while saving thousands, & avoiding complications....

  • • OCD Tech will be the dealership's Qualified Individual and facilitate the compliance program
    • Maintain a written InfoSec plan (WISP)
    • Perform a risk assessment
    • Periodically review access controls
    • Manage data, personnel, devices, and facilities
    • Maintain a secure software development lifecycle (SDLC)
    • Actively oversee managed service providers (MSPs)
    • Establish an incident response plan
    • Implement multifactor authentication (MFA)
    • Maintain a data retention policy
    • Perform continuous monitoring or penetration testing
    • Maintain policies and procedures
    • Establish security and awareness training

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