Plymovent Corp.

Cranbury,  NJ 
United States

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction - The Clean Air Experts

Plymovent is an ISO 9001:2015 worldwide manufacturer of vehicle exhaust removal systems for various sectors such as indoor fleet maintenance shops, public works facilities, military facilities, automobile plants and more. We can assist you in designing an efficient system which in turn will save energy and reduce your costs. Depending on your needs, we can provide vehicle exhaust removal solutions for small, medium, large and unlimited working size areas. Our goal is to protect workers from the hazards of exhaust fumes.


  • FumeCaddie
    The FumeCaddie™ captures exhaust fumes at the source emitted by any vehicle or apparatus running indoors. Its portable exhaust fan will remove the fumes from the source through a suction hose and delivers them to the outside through the exhaust hose....

  • FumeCaddie™ is available in 2 models

    Both models can be quickly connected directly to a vehicle, SUV, truck, recreational vehicle, motorcycle or any type of engine exhaust tailpipe.

    • Light Duty has a 4 inch hose. Recommended for Sedans and Small Trucks.
    • Heavy Duty has a 6 inch hose. Recommended for DOT Vehicles, Diesel Trucks and Heavy Machinery.

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